Dragon Ball Super

Verdict for the Top?


Is Dragon Ball Z the most alpha anime of all time?

I can't believe Heroes spoiled once again.

Toppo is a fucking jobber

Who's most pathetic (in the anime, at least) Toppo or Sidra?

Aw lol. I thought they were gonna try to go with the idea of goku and Vegeta teaming up for once for the final fight, but I guess that'd be too difficult to get out of the comfort zone of Goku . Oh well

Goku and Vegeta have teamed up loads of times. The fuck are you on about?

Never in canon. Never.

Vegeta will win this tournament and Goku will pass him the torch for the next series. Vegeta will be the next MC, just you wait.

Apologize. I told you Heroes spoiled the final three.

Caulifriends assemble!

The fact that the spoilers don't say anything about Frieza while 17 and Vegeta has theirs yet Goku apparently masters UI, practically ensures that Jiren doesn't get defeated. They are going to win this through numbers.

>Super has not had a single definite win against an antagonist in their respective arc
And you wonder why people are getting bored and pissed off.

Why would they say it and not keep it a surprise?

So now that the show is ending and it doesn't seem like Vegeta is getting UI, it's time to tell us your favourite transformation/powerup in Super!

SS God and Rose
UI is nice too. The rest is shit

The one where they all cease to exist in episode 131. As the Joker said "Watch me make this series disappear!"

Still time for an upgrade to UI.

>Goku goes full power UI
>gets the upper hand on Jiren

>Jiren powers up even more and Goku is on the ropes
>Freeza out of nowhere shoots a beam up Jiren's ass
>gives Goku an opening to knock out Jiren

>wish and ending

I mean Goku.

The same way they hyped up Toppo and he ended up being a disappointment, the same is going to happen with Jiren.

Who cares


>GoD mode

Not new.

>still LSS but controlled
Not new.

Filler and not a new form.

>SSGSS but pink.
Not a new form.

>SS Asspull

Not new.

>Golden Freeza
Not new.

Not new.

UI Signs is the only new form.


These are your final 3 fighters for the ToP. Say something nice about them!

>The only correct Dbs power levels
Monaka > Jiren > UI Goku > Kefla > Anilaza > Bluer Vegeta > Toppo > Golden Frieza

Prove me wrong.
>protip:you CAN'T

It'll be the last I have to see of them after the ToP is over.

No. That would be JoJo's Bizarre adventure

Kaioken isn't a transformation

>it's time to tell us your favourite transformation/powerup

>watching shonen kiddie anime

you know it's true

>bronies of the anime community

Dyspo: Donkey of Destruction form

I won't miss vegeta either and his kawaii uguu form and O MY CABBA

Can't everyone just get deleted and eliminated in the next episode and we spend the rest of the episodes watching Goten, Maron and Trunks play with Kitaro in youkai hunting hijinks? March 25th is too long to wait for this series to end.

I seriously see no reason as to why people give their ass away for Toei.

For the record i don't really mind that Goku wins, i don;t mind if frieza won and we got a cliffhanger, i wouldn't mind if X or Y character won. But this ToP has been the pinnacle of people writing themselves into a corner and just pulling the shittiest plot devices out of their ass to get to the ending, everyone knew was coming.

They did a 180 on Jiren's character at the last minute. because they forgot to develop him enough to make the last 2 episodes cathartic in the least. Vegeta followed the formula: "Big Win", Job. There has been no believable reason for 17 to stay in the tournament, all we have is pure headcannon because these people give no exposition or development.

I'll admit, i got into Super for pure nostalgia but i know that's the only thing that kept them afloat. Good riddance.

I only liked SS God and Legendary Kale. The buildup to SSG was cool and Kale was a nice way to make Broly canon.
Comes out of nowhere, isn't explained, and devalues the previous form instantly.
>Golden frieza
The idea was cool but it is just regular freeza with a coat of paint, very disappoing after previous freeza transformations.
The most stupid and disappointing shit, makes no sense and even loses on it's own debut episode.
>Kefla, Toppo, Brianne
All look terrible, should have just stayed in their regular forms.
Not new;

Herms translation of episode 128 summary.


How i feel after watching this crap. In angel form. literally the only interesting, redeeming factors of this series were the angels and we got nothing from them.

>Goku will master UI and beat Jiren for Vegeta

>Jiren will defeat Vegeta by kicking him in his Saiyan Pride


>have all the necessary buildup for Jiren vs incomplete UI Goku & Vegeta, which would make perfect sense in terms of power levels, fighters' skills and consistency
>have Goku master the most difficult martial art that wasn't perfected even by immortal gods personally trained by angels for millennia in one fucking minute and send Vegeta home with a consolation prize filler form instead
And the saddest part is that I don't even feel disappointed.

japan doesn't care about spoilers

I would unironically prefer island filler over the current ToP

Caulifriend/kalebro here!

Good to see you

>Tfw CHADhan remains the only non-Goku character to defeat a main villain
Tough luck, Vegetafags.

I've seen/read my fair share of interviews. Their grasp of the series and what it takes to make a compelling story is like explaining Quantum physics to 10 year old.

What's up with Jap's insistence on spoiling the entire episode on the episode's title?


There's a track on the to-be-released soundtrack called "The Boys’ Adventure", it's order is within the other ToP tracks so I presume they actually planned Goten/Trunks stuff but then they had to rush the ending.

>all those eliminations
She didn't eliminate a SINGLE person you retard

Kawaii desuneeeee~

Good to see you too.


Where are you perpetual losers hiding now? What about him taking center stage? What about him winning instead of Goku?
Was it a p-psychological v-victory again?

Remember, in Goku's shadow FOREVER.

Trunks vs Fusion Zamasu?
Everyone had a go at him, much like Cell, but it was Trunks who actually scored the kill.

everyone knows what's going to happen regardless of the title
also it gives you something to look forward to, wondering how it will happen

>didn't even eliminate a single fighter.
>got a pointless transformation
>was eliminated in only half an episode by vegeta.

Yeah, he went out like a chump. This fight was so rushed, I don't even know why the first half of that episode needed to be filler. What a disappointment Jobbo turned out to be.

Boring Man and Other Boring Man do a double knockout. Frieza points and laughs, then wishes for the franchise to end. How's this for the last eps?

>Where are you perpetual losers hiding now? What about him taking center stage?
How didn't he take center stage?

>yfw Goku mastered UI still jobs to Jiren
I'll be seeing your tears soon enough, Gokufag.

Kefla concept.

>Everyone had a go at him, much like Cell, but it was Trunks who actually scored the kill.
Only against his physical body. Zamasu himself was only defeated by Zeno-sama because of his OP bullshit at the end.

She's Caulifla+Kale you absolute fucktard

>but they didn't eliminate people in their fused form!
That's why fusions have a different color so you can ignore it if you are using that logic you morron


literally means nothing other than shitty writing. Even Gokfags know its a massive asspull to appease the status Quo. Vegeta's victories in this arc were meaningful. Goku is only this far into it because plot armor, no other reason. It's like being a Yugi-fan or a Luffy fan, to an extent. Its the most beta thing to go for the character everybody knows is going to get all the spotlight since Ep 1 of this series.

Trunks defeated Imperfect Cell, 17, 18, Frieza, Friezas dad and minions and Goku Black.

I prefer her final hairstyle, it's so cute.

>hurrr muh fusion has special snowflake tier where she gets all the knockouts
Neck yourself retard, Kefla didn't eliminate a SINGLE PERSON

>UI goku jobs to Jiren in the final seconds
>Jiren thinks that he has won
>GP declares a tie
>Freeza emerges from his hiding under a rock.

This needs to happen.

Even tho caulifla, character-wise, is so unlikeable because she's nothing short of a spoiled brat. I've come to like her purely because She has been the antithesis of all the predictability that has doomed this series.

The version of Cell Trunks defeated was a minor character in the narrative, Frieza stopped being the main antagonist once Namek ended. And he never beat Black, it took Zeno to put Zamasu down.

Goku's not going to get the win over Jiren anyway since they're keeping Frieza.


Vegeta is out and Goku is the only one to take on Jiren?? predictable garbage lol desu I'm not really mad that Jiren took out Vegeta because logically he should take out everyone in the tournament including Goku. it never fails each time Vegeta gets a chance to shine they let him take a fall not long after. What is the guys issue with Vegeta?? He let Yamcha have a win and even Gohan was the hero against Cell, would it be so big a deal to change up the direction of the show a bit, heck let Piccolo and Tien have more to offer, there's so much room for character development and characters to have larger bits of the spotlight, sigh......
either way at the end of the day im hoping that all it says is that vegeta falls. He will lose to jiren but I doubt he’s gunna get knocked off he will most likely be knocked out. Then he will wake up again even stronger and finally fuse. I’m honestly glad this fucking show is ending dog shit writing dog shit animation. I used to love goku but at the end of the day he’s a piece of shit main character with no development other than plot and I can’t wait for this to be over.

Kefla was bad, they should just have Caulifla go 3 or Kale get even madder.


I wanted at least the fight to be good, intense, them exchanging fiercely punch n shit, a close fight where Vegeta actually have a reason to sacrifice himself...it really was underwhelming.
And honestly, should have raped both Freeza and 17, with 17 out at least.

Hey Genius.

1. All other eliminations by merged characters is divided between the respective individuals.

2. "Kefla" did not eliminate anyone in the fused state to begin with. Caulifla eliminated some and Kale eliminated some.

3. They did so with the help of the other so like the U3 robots, their respective eliminations should be shared and "Kefla" shouldn't be counted as a character with eliminations.

(Ex. 18 is divided along the 4 different parts of Aniraza)

'Kefla' has no eliminations.

Careful user. The Cuckgetafag mod might delete your post because he can't handle his manlet Prince jobbing like he always does.


>fusion has special snowflake tier where she gets all the knockouts
Are you shitposting or is your reading comprehension this bad? The entire point of the different color is to make her easily distinguishable from regular fighters. Do you think Kale+Caulifla's eliminations aren't Kale's eliminations and Caulifla's eliminations? Then ignore her, the chart literally makes it easier for you

I always thought Caulifla was so contentious as a character not because she's a spoiled brat but because she's supposed to be fiesty, strong-willed, bitchy Saiyaness. We've been told time and time and time again that Saiyan women are not wildflowers like human thots for the most part. Since we never had recurring Saiyan girls before now I guess it'd make sense no one seriously thought how that would play out to audiences. Just like how any normal person would have slipped rat poison into Chichi or Bulma's tea long before now but Goku and Vegeta are turned on by them when they're at their bitchiest.

It'd have been real cool if the series were in an actual writers hands so we could really drive home how alien saiyans are compared to humans despite looking like us. Blue and orange morality I think it's called.

BUT NOPE. Fuckiyama doesn't give a goddamn and the greasy faced Asian dagowops at Toei think writing like they're in hardcore pre-K special ed is a "faithful recreation of Toriyama's style" so we'll never get anything coming close to exploring that.


17 was actually too fast for a GoD-tier character to hit.

how? people pulled ALOT of headcannon just to make him blue tier. How can we, for a second, even think that he can consistently outrun a GoD.


Take your nigger-speak elsewhere, Jerome.

I didn't know they allowed women on the internet

>"Oh no Vegeta has expended all his energy!"
>goes SSMoe next episode

With how fucking retarded and ignorant of previous episodes the writers at Toei are I'm fucking amazed someone who has already been knocked out hasn't shown up in a subsequent episode because the writer couldn't be arsed checking the previous ones.

no racism in blue boards

You are very welcome to use "bitch" or "whore", you know, words made by normal people, not twitter subhumans such as yourself.
Nobody likes hearing ebonics.

17 just got ultra strong because of his intense training on his island. He must have had to face some pretty strong poachers...

>so we could really drive home how alien saiyans are compared to humans
Humans are weak and pussies, Saiyans are like gods compared to them.
That's it.


That Twitter ebonics shit only ever happens in fucking DBS threads, it's a good thing this shit is ending, it really brings the worst of people to Sup Forums.

>The entire point of the different color is to make her easily distinguishable from regular fighters.
So a special snowflake tier to remark that she is a fusion? retard faggot ass nigger
A fusion is considered a new fighter, this has been the case since the first fucking fusion. So Kefla has 0 knockouts. this chart is fucking garbage

This should have been a side plot to the ToP. They made a big mistake by dragging the tournament up that much and not even once showing what the other characters were doing on Earth.

Yeah keep it up you fucking cucks. Keep insulting Vegeta. At the end of the day, Vegeta is the better character and is more of a man that Gokuck will ever be. Fucking sick of this show, can't wait for cancellation

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No, i've seen it happen plenty on Sup Forums, Sup Forums and, ironically, Sup Forums
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