What would happen to Sup Forums if Ichigo wins?

What would happen to Sup Forums if Ichigo wins?

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There's no chance. Short hair blue hair friends of MC never win.

Ichigo defeated aizen he will surely win

I would be pissed because she already belongs to Papika

Literally HOW she would win? Her character growth will be about her accepting defeat. Unless a new, better girl appears (not happening) Zero Two will never have a real opponent for the darling bowl.

Zero Two will die in the end and then Ichigo will win

Not going to happen.
In the red oni blue oni story, the blue oni is the one that left.

Collective seppuku. It'd be fun to watch.
But I think it's more likely that Hiro or 02 will pull a Kamina.


This, it's fucking obvious that either Hiro or 02 will die by the end of the series.

There's not much of a chance, even if Zero Two is kind of a huge bitch... Who has a complete disregard for the well-being of others.

Man, Zero Two is really unlikable.

Inb4 Ichigo is the one who dies to protect the main couple.


What if all three of them end up dying?

Zero Two dies and Ichigo still doesn't win because Hiro's not attracted to her.


Have you guys ever think about Goro's feeling?

>Zero 02 Dies
>Hiro becomes so full of fury and rage that he can't pilot with any other pistol without destroying them
>To be with her love one last time and to help him get revenge for the woman he loves, Ichigo steps up and pilots with him, together against the final enemy.

Would be a good ending desu mo.

Haven't you seen the Wiki? Goro is gay for Hiro.

t. Ichigo

Worst time line. Ichigo a shit.

>Ichigofags are so delusional, they have to have 02 die in order for Ichigo to even stand a chance because they know she has none

This really is the Macross Delta threads all over again

Ichigo doesn't so why should we.

I'm not an Ichigofag though, I think anyone who puts Hiro with anyone besides 02 is kidding themselves, it wouldn't work for the story at all. That's not even romantic, it's Ichigo (and probably Hiro) dying at the end.

I just think it'd be an interesting ending and an interesting way to answer the OP's question of them being together again.

Well the other option is

>We've improved the FranXX's, it's more powerful than ever!
>However because of how complex it is, it needs two females to control it!
>Hiro+02+Ichigo in a merged Streliza-Delphinium

Course that just throws all the symbolism out the window, so whatever.

the most lovely pair

Or, you know, maybe Ichigo could just not pilot with Hiro.

Ah, yes, the "I'm faking it so I can still say I'm going out with someone" pair
Very lovely indeed

>still trying to force a situation where she gets to pilot with Hiro
We're at the bargaining stage.

isn't she lying about liking him though


The setup of the question was asking about Ichigo piloting with Hiro. I was answering how that could happen.

Obviously I don't think it will happen, or should happen. Which you'd have understood if you'd cooled your 'tism and actually read my posts.

The soundtrack has been pretty underwhelming. Where's Sanbika? Where's Happily Ever After? Where's I Think I Can? Where's the Beast 02?

If Ichigo wins, reality collapses, and the horrors that lie beyond the veil devour our souls

Did anyone else notice the worm Klaxosaur in this weeks episode was somewhat robot or machine like? It had what looked like mechanic grinders on its heads.
Seems like more evidence that there are other humans or some kind of civilization behind the klaxosaurs.

Friendly reminder that Hiro will die after piloting one more time and Ichigo will become the new darling.


the Klaxosaurs might be alien machines coming from space

(something something TTGL)

It looks exactly like a tunnel borer

Trips never lie.



The one in episode 1 looked mechanical. Why is it this one that you clock?

Hell they even used metalic noises for strelizia chewing on it.

I'd be very happy. I'm so bored of the childhood automatically loses and the new transfer girl wins.
It's just boring.
And you can see the ending on episode 1.
It's just not interesting. So yeah it would be a nice change.

They're all mediocre tho. At least list good tracks.

Name one ( 1 ) childhood friend character, who won.

Childhood friends are boring.

Personally I'd like her to win, but I highly doubt that it's a realistic outcome. Still no idea where the story is going to go so we'll see what happens. I wouldn't mind 02 winning either. As for Sup Forums, that would turn into a gigantic shitfest no matter what happens. If 02 wins, then all the betas come out to celebrate that someone (Ichigo) suffers, so that their own sad lives seem less worthless and if Ichigo wins the memers and shitposters have a field day. Who ever wins, we lose.


They came out from the Earth while humans were digging for Magma

This dumb shit always makes me laugh


To me the one in ep 1 looked somewhat organic or maybe hybrid, except for its freaking laser of course.
Then there were the tiny ones that rekt the plantation squad, which looked even less mechanic, being all squishy.

In comparison to those I feel the worm looked way more robotic, especially with the the mechanical looking grinders and exoskeleton looking like metal panels.

>Klaxosaur made to remove secondary sex characteristixs.
You might be on to something

True Sup Forumsnons support Ichigo.

I read the OP and thought this thread was going to about 02xIchigo

>be humble, sit down

childhood friends having a 100% loss rate is boring.

Shitstorm on the scale of what happened in akame ga kill

They are basically BETAs, alien miner drones. Humans are also mining the planet with those moving colonies (with Papa being the one responsible of the operation), so this is probably a small proxy war that no one in the actual empires gives a shit about.


No way it'd happen.

> I told you not to touch him! ;_;

am I the only one, who realised that worm has two mouths, kinda like CatDog

Are we gonna argue about 02 vs Ichigo for 20 fucking years too?

>when he is not my darling

>It's just not interesting.
This and "they don't have chemistry" are the two signs of not having any actual argument. You know why childhood friends lose so frequently? Cause it's their fault for not fucking stepping up years ago

More like there's no actual reason for Ichigo to win

I guess it won't be as worse as Asuka vs Rei then

No because there's an obvious winner here

Ichigofags are the new Miragefags. They will spend an entire season arguing against a foregone conclusion

Reminder that 02 is waifubait meant to pander to otakus

You mean all the girls right?

Reminder that you shit taste in women caused you to lose the bowl twice in two different series to Onis.

like the other females in the show

At leaat the other women arent cockhungry sluts whose only development is to such the MC's dick

>being this mad you can't even spell correctly

"I feel nothing"

just imagine the suffering in the end! those flags raised that hiro cant live without O-NI

O-NI will die in the end and hiro will be a mess and ichigo will live her entire life chasing a person of a mess called hiro... unless goro will step up and salvage what's left of ichigo

im loving this animu so far gaiz! it will be the best trainwreck since guilty crown


Yeah they clearly are. The one in the first episode has some energy beam cannon, they appear to be cyborgs of some sort.

I like 02 more but it would be entertaining see it happen.

i dont watch animus, i dont come to Sup Forums i just clicked this thread from "home" just for shit and giggles and i already know that SHE IS BEST GIRL

My friend, you must have the wrong girl, it's understandable. Here is best girl.

I want to lick the strawberry.

There will obviously be no winner. At the end of season one, there will be some bullshit like how we all became better friends and there will never be a season two.