i want to lick her boot


kneel before your queen

Pull my finger first

No you stupid bitch

>muh generic waifu bait, insane murderous cunt

no bully. pls pet

i masturbated 4 times on her

Why are the pretty ones always insane?

Kurumi isn't insane, she's just insanely hot.

Because they are pretty insane, user

i have never had sex


Ara ara, that's so cute user, ufufufu~

They are broken inside

you laugh at me

>Overrated, mainstream, used goods, "waifu" bait shit
>Genocide murder mass.
>Sadistic, Insane, Edgy, Cunt.
>Psychotic sociopath bitch
>Manipulater cunt
>A fucking horny slut
>"Ultimate perfect waifu ever existed"
>Annoying autistic, retarded fanbase
>Muh ara ara like that slut of akeno
Kurumi a fucking shit

I can make it so there's nothing to laugh at if you want user, ufufufu~

You're on TIME ufufufu

>they're popular so they must be shit!

you will have to defeate me to take my virginity, succubi

>they're popular so they must be shit!
Be popular doesn't mean be good

There he is. There he goes again. Look, everyone! He posted it once again!

>They're popular so I like them too!
>They're popular so I hate them!
Both statements are retarded and you should stop caring about what the masses like.
If you like her, that's it.
If you don't like her, that's it.
Doesn't matter how many others like her or not.

Stop being so easily influenced by the opinion of others.

I'd let her clean my clock, if you catch my drift

Kurumi a cutest.
>faggots don't realize that her endgame is to go back in time to prevent the first spacequake, saving 150 million lives in the process

Your opinion is irrelevant
Lies also she killed many people, hipocrite liar.

She needs to kill people to gather enough power to go back in time; if she undid the first spacequake all the people she killed would also be saved


no one posts her sexy pictures

>he thinks his opinion matters

Because she's pure

>Your opinion is irrelevant
It seems my point got through. I am proud, son.