So this is my very first manga attempt. Rate and subscribe

So this is my very first manga attempt. Rate and subscribe.

Fuck off and die bottom feeder

you should work on your panelling more

Shit paneling

Characters look nice, much better than the usual overdesigned garbage.

Your characters are overdesigned.

pacing is meh, and the typesetting should be better. needs more sfx, and the textboxes feel too... formal. linear. distribute them more. good character designs though

Leviathan Battle Arc fucking WHEN?

you can find manga templates with common formats or whiteout the normal series and emulate the pacing
manga or graphic novels are cinematic by their nature so these things are very important
10/10 character designs.

I want to impregnate Araiophos-chan!

I really like the use of speedlines in the last panel, really highlights the punchline

Will you later on add a Lantern Fish character ?

I really like the characters. They were introduced in such a memorable way! But you should really work on the technical side of your manga. The backgrounds could use some more work, the characters themselves look really nice, but maybe a little too simple and I couldn't feel the motion of the characters aswell as I wanted too.

Thank you all for the feedback.

Probably right after escape from Charybdis just before the time scip.

Surely. It might be a good idea to make him/her hikikomori of some sort so it's bright light wouldn't ruin other characters' images. Still thinking about it.


any sex scenes?

>due to health issues I'm going on hiatus
VERY realistic user.


wow you're a genius mangaka, surpassing Togashi

So there is one already, huh. Well it shouldn't be a problem, we have several different high school mangas too.

What kind of tournament arc will this have?