Is this even LEGAL?

Is this even LEGAL?
What the fuck!

Of course it's legal you commie nazi fucknugget. It's just morally wrong.

i'm italian and i do it

fight me

fuck you I bet you're a gay northener

post anime girls eating


center italy

I'm gonna kill you, zì

The fuck is with all these faggots getting triggered over breaking a few wheat sticks?







Why boner

/ack/ thread?



>that crackling

Why is she eating a giant bread?



>lump of cheese on bread and potatoes
"healthy" load of carbs


>Why boner

I love Kino so much.

cheese is protein and fat
no carbs


I meant all the bread and potatoes.
I dunno how people can stand eating that much carbs, bread plus pasta has always seemed gross to me.

She's eating her pain away.

What the fuck are you doing you PUTTANA!!!!

[ angry italians and americans in the distance ]


I'm the same OP :)

I want to eat some food with Kino.


How did the little jug thingy refill itself?

Ti faccio un culo cosi!

scorching hot sand makes it foam.

foam has bigger volume than liquid

I think that's a percolator, the water is on the bottom and boils up through a coffee layer

what is this subhuman doing?

Oh, so there were leftovers in there. I thought he just poured the entire thing in one go.

>answering wrong after right answer was already posted



This makes me irrationally angry. Livid even.

I can't articulate why exactly, yet I want this man to suffer greatly for his sacrilege.

This is actually pretty awesome. I expected food gore here, I didn't expect being impressed.

fucking estronauts

>I didn't expect being impressed.
with italians, you win!

nothing wrong with this

pls be my trap gf

The gayest man alive

What the fuck am I watching?


marxist cooking

Please consider suicide.

We had one thread yesterday, it was nice /ack/ fun and Italians shared our culinary autism
Doing it twice will only have serve to have an off-topic thread with tons of /ck/ webms

sorry m8 but I'm working in UK and thingken of home food is the only thing keeping me alive

it's not like we can have nice things anyway

Link it to me, baby.

It's a crime against humanity.

What a jerk. Would not give him money.


>What a jerk. Would not give him money.

t. butthurt american tourist who never set foot outside USA

Dude, she's making instant ramen exclusively before, this is a very good first step. Be glad that you have Big Boss narrating it

Japs are really fucking cruel.

it's dead Jim
it's just nerves

Much appreciated, user.

Ma se ti cagassi in bocca?

WTF Yuru Camps are /ck/ threads now?

Human beings are absolute monsters.

Orcas are a distant second.

What seems to be the problem?

I gutted bass before, one solid hit on the head and it stops moving. It only wiggles like this if it's actually alive still.

It's a fish.

This bothers me a lot, and I can't explain why.

>if it's actually alive still.

>out of water for hours
>organs already taken care of

kys PETA shit

Its really odd because I understand where you all are coming from but dont understand why you feel justified in it. Calling him names and acting like its some big deal that he eats how he wants is about the most childish thing you could possibly get upset over. But your framing it like hes the one being weak or lesser. Its really odd and backwards. How do you get like that?

> [ Banter stops ]


When the end product looks 100 time worse than the starting product. It's literally just sugar.


La creatura...

The napkin would be understandable if there was more grease than that slice actually had on it, but using a fork and knife for something that clearly isn't staying on a fork is just plain retarded.

El abominio...

> italian food

warning: extremely erotic

I've seen these many times before, but they still get my blood boiling. The Mexican's food? That big fat "pizza" pie in ? I'd eat these. So would the clients.
But things like ? You just know they throw it away the moment they finish the video. What a waste of food.

It isn't Italian pizza, it's american shit.

what's going on in this thread?


>italian invented pizza
>except when they didn't

ok Guido

Deep dish is specifically Chigagoan shit.


>we now have daily /ack/ threads
What the fuck is happening?

Don't post on this board.

all me

its good

Say an italian has invented a car. A lovely, small city fiat. It's very economical, it's light, and it has very snappy steering.
You like the concept of this vehicle, but it's too "boring" for you, so you decide to spice it up - you take only the base concept (engine, wheels, steering wheels, drivetrain, etc.), and end up creating a gaz-guzzling Humvee. It's big enough to live in, which is nice, and it has a powerful engine, which is nice to have when you're a pinch and when you're trying to pull things.
But it wastes a shitton of fuel. The majority of the fuel isn't used for powering the car, but just for making a lot of smoke. The handling - it handles like a tractor and you need to fucking steer with two hands. It's also really noisy, which irritates the people around you.
Totally the same, huh?

you sound like the kind of pussy who believes in global warming

meanwhile I'm freezing!

What an argument.

>implying it's better to be a halfbreed southern italian
Ding dong diddly kill yourself.