Called 'Saber'

>Called 'Saber'
>Uses a double-edged sword with a straight blade
What did they mean by this?

>Callend Lancer
>Literally only 1 in 14 use a lance

I want her gauntlet handjob

>called the strongest class
>jobbs to every other one.

It's actually "Saver" but Japan is bad at English.

>called Archer
>doesn't actually archer

>Called Mordred
>is actually the king’s Onahole

left gauntlet best gauntlet

It's actually "Say Bear"

It was originally Saver, but then Nasu saw that "Saber" was an English word for sword and changed it because it had "er" at the end.

I am pretty sure It's "cyborg"

I wonder if they made Nero's sword so garishly tacky on purpose to match her egotism or if they genuinely thought it looked cool.

What do Savers save?

She is not the only Saber class servant with a sword, you know


Supposedly Britain.

>Gets called an assassin
> is actually a saber

>Called the king
>no man fucked the king

But Saver is already a different class.

>called the King of Knights
>chivalry was a later social construct wherein in Arthur's lifetime he would've simply been recognized mostly as a warlord and a soldier who won a kingdom through bloodshed and certainly not been seen as a romanticized paladin with chivalric virtus AND ADDITIONALLY only those who were subservient to Arthur in life acknowledge Arthur as their king; some trap knight like Astolfo would call Arthur a fagit and assert that the paladin king Charlemagne is the real king of knights

You're forgetting that Arthur Pendragon never even lived in the first place...

Hush, let him dream a bit.

doubleedgedswordwithstraightblader didn't sound that good

Well it wouldn't be that. It would just be 'sword' or maybe 'swordsman'.

but it had to end in er, or else we're gonna have assassinman
are you really ok with sworder?

Wait, when was that a rule? Assassin doesn't end in -er.

Or you know what

That's sexist though

Nothing wrong with been sexist, boys are better girls than real girls.


The absolute berserker

That would destroy your dick user.

That was a cheap win, she cheated in a god mode and bum rushed - extremely poor form for PvP.

>called 'Archer'
>uses his bow once


The King's fucked several women though.

>uses his bow in ideal conditions
>fucking dies

The king has also fucked multiple men.

The King can't be stopped.

Author is illiterate. Have you read the VN? It's an incoherent mess.

Not if my dick is wrapped in chainmail.

The gauntlet from inside is leather
>Saber will never jerk you off with mach 3+ movements

Nero's sword is supposed to be a artistic festival piece. She brought her cosplay sword to battle.

There's some suggestion that Arthur is actually a fictionalized version of a local leader or commander from sub-Roman Britain.



>Called Caster
>Uses no fishing gear whatsoever

I think that's the point


I'd put my meat saber in Saber

Why do so few of them use a shield?

shield are bad for fast-based combat. And kind of lame.

Nip please. Just because you never discovered shield technology doesn't make them lame.

you're just pretending to be retarded right user?

Because sworder isn't as catchy and swordsman doesn't fit although saber doesn't fit either since it's the name of a weapon, not the user. Nasu is a hack

Magicman sounds funny. Imagine Solomon being called the grand magicman.

Caster pulls Shirou towards herself using invisible wires in Fate.

>Called Cutlass
>Uses...well, fucking everything.
Another perfect brownie!

At some point, there was an idea to replace Gilgamesh with Shielder servant as the main rival in the story, but it got thrown out. Then F/GO dug up the character design and recycled it.

> Never uses a Caster Gun.

It means she swings both ways.

If you have enough plate then a shield is less necessary and a two handed weapon becomes more of an advantage. The most important protection a shield gives is against projectile weapons and since the designated fucking ARCHERS in this series hardly ever use bows, there's an argument to ditching a shield for the extra free hand.

What makes you think you know more about superhuman combat than the Japanese?

'Saber' is a catch-all name for a plethora of weapons, not all of which are single-edged, the fencing saber being the most obvious example.

It's almost as though the legend of a heroic spirit is more important than the reality or something.

its no wonder the king didn't understand the people

>never plays a 'caster

>I play dnd so I happen to be an expert on this topic.

>Called Ruler
>No one obeys her

>throws swords at people

>medieval knights choosing the pollaxe over X and shield were playing too much DnD back then

I asked 10 people, and they all said you're a fucking moron.

why is she so useless

Sabers are defined by their hilt construction much like most sword type definitions. The characteristic wide bow guard and metal-backed grip is what makes a saber. It can have a straight or curved blade, true single edge or have some amount of false edge, be relatively short or long or even be one or two handed, though that last one only existed as a Colonial era bastard child of a katana and a saber...

>thirteen hundred and twenty seventh year of our lord
>not cleaving through your opponents defenses with an axe sharpened by the expressed will of the Electors

The hammer side is the better side.


>>Uses a double-edged sword with a straight blade

But thats how sabers are user. You played too many games and think sabers have to be curved shitskin swords. There are many kinds of sabers

I have a question. What would happen if EMIYA were to be summoned as saber? Would he be more powerful (statwise, I know storywise archers are the strongest)?

Global hegemony and power projection.

>What would happen if EMIYA were to be summoned as saber
Then he would actually use a bow because he's autistic like that

He couldn't be.
His NP is UBW, which works with his origin of sword but is based off his projection magic. His projection magic is what makes him an archer, since his method of projection is modeled after the steps of kyuudou/Japanese archery. Archer is the only one of the Knight classes he qualifies for.

Thats because you gotta be faster.

Only Berserkers get a class stat boost. Emiya would have better MR and his independence would be dumpster. Emiya under Rin was already the strongest he could get since Rin is a top tier master.

Is their a Taiga route Redman?

Hero Emiya would be less useful, actually.

The archer class compliments his versatile abilities with versatile traits.

If he were saber, he wouldn't be too bad either. His constitution would be far greater and he is already very strong. He probably wouldn't be able to conjure bows, only swords. That's one of emiya's greatest traits is long-ranged fighting. Don't forget he was already fucking amazing at archery before he fought in the grail war.

Sleep tight Onii-san

Because most heroes aren't know for their shields.

>Called Berserker
>Theyre just autistic
What did they mean by this?

>Called a class that will destroy their master
>Herc remained by her side even after he died
Even as the shit class Herc is the fucking best

>His constitution would be far greater and he is already very strong.

Emiya is absolute trash on both endurance and str, stop asspulling.

>Called Rider
Literally just a shittier version of Lancer or Saber but occasionally uses a mount

Nero isnt event a good swordsman.

She just hated the rider class so much that she used her skill Imperial Priviledge EX to delude herself into being a strong saber class with a sword that gives her great skill and abilities.

He doesn't qualify. Archer's the only container he can really sneak into due to the class requirements, and it suits his Tracing fuckery the best anyhow.

Why does she have ketchup in her eyes?

>For example, if Saber decided "I can pilot a jet! It is nothing, just adjust the plane according to altitude, not too different from the jet chariot I invented!" And just like that, she would figure out how to pilot the plane.

Jojo X Fate collabs when?

The stadium also helps her performance. Which in turn, isn't even a real Reality Marble. It's just a cheap, if expansive, Thaumaturgy/Territory Creation construct.

>called rider of black
>doesn't ride black cocks
No... wait, nevermind. It seems I was incorrect.

No, Saver is a different class

The archer designation refers to long range combat I guess. Herakles would be an interesting archer, he had a bow.