Violet Evergarden Episode 5

*blocks your path*


Those are some QUALITY.

I've seen this somewhere before

Is she going to beat them and show how strong is the cute aspie?

Might be the other way around, that's Gilbert's bro. the guy who used to beat up Violet daily before he gave her to Gilbert.

>shit episode
>but good epilogue
What do?


*brings out witchcraft*
heh...nothin personnel...

I haven't seen it but i think this is the majors brothers so i'm assuming this is a light novel episode and not some episodic melodramatic episode with a brand new character that we have no attachment too.

Nice episode again. It keeps getting better.

It's Gilbert's brother but it's still anime original. That scene is not in the novel.

Is Violet a big girl?

For you

He's a big guy.

What If I removed those arms? Would it hurt?

Maybe I'm wrong, but based on what I've seen in today's episode, Violet is just as tall as Cattleya.

It would be extremely painful.


>not trending in japan again

But you're a big girl.


PriPri did it better

FMA did it better

I've seen it done better in worse anime.

>imagine getting overpowered, your clothes ripped off and the 3 men holding you down while Mister CIA himself revs up his gigantic cock and rams it into your virgin butthole
>you start screaming and crying but as he continues thrusting you begin to like it, a real man's cock is making you realize your place as as female cocksleeve
>as he is about to finish you feel regret and sadness that he's gonna throw you out so you squeeze tight hoping to woo him
>you succeed and he says you are his woman now
>I Love You

KyoAni could do it better


I want to protect this smile.




>3Hz fanbase vs. KyoAni fanbase
We should make a competition which group can defend their mediocre shows better.

Why does KyoAni always leave the interesting stuff to episode 5-ish?

PriPri did it better though.

pleb filter

[X] Murder time

Why is he such a dick?


She killed his friends user, come on.


How many years of studying nip does it take to not need subtitles?

Why she did it though

Why do you all keep saying this?
I bet my anal virginity most of you can't even protect yourselves.

I have a gun, i think that enough.

literally sheldon

That's the American way of saying you can't.
There are only so many situations in which you can use your gun legally.
What are you going to do if a random failed Chad slaps you date's ass? Scream "b-but that's sexual harassment, I'll sue you" ?

Dropped. Sorry kyoanibros but this show is pure shit.

>Today Violet learnt that love can flourish between young girls and middle aged men.

are you implying, that i would ever leave my house?

At some point you will.

But Violet's husbando is also a middle aged man.

3HZ's depiction of steampunk Europe was better. You'd wonder how a 4 year-old studio could know things better than a 4 decade old studio could.

What killed the hype?

Strange but that scene didn't look good. No camera angles and movement, no shit flying around, nowhere near the trailers. I'd almost say it looks like a shounen scene shich is not a compliment since she shounen is a low genre.

Violet Evergarden isn't even steampunk. But yeah, PriPri was much better in that regard than VEG even if its setting was unoriginal (dude it's Europe, but with slightly different names and some magic).

How new are you?

DtB did it better


This show cured my insomnia

>isn't steampunk
>mecha hands and also typing clockwork dolls, not to mention fucking BATTLE AXE WITH EMBEDED CLOCKWORK DEVICE AND CHAINS THAT ALLOWS TO FLY LIKE SHINGEKI SCOUTS
Srsly though

Mixing the truth with lies is something the devil does.
Do you get off to being this sad?

My first day here, came to check it out because r/Anime said you were cool xDDD
I'm here since 2015, but yeah I know, still a newfag and forever a newfag.

me on the left

And other than that there's nothing. Cities look like they're from 1920s, same with fashion. You can't just give your setting that otherwise is perfectly normal and grounded in reality few weird things based on clockwork and call it a steampunk.

Will KyoAni have the balls to show the attempted rape scene and Dietfried beating up Violet?

Fuck off.

Where did I lie
I didn't mean AMD members to be dolls but these dolls combined with typing machines were invented and also exist here

>not liking fun.

The whole shingeki part.

But this is true, it shoots chains to make her extremely mobile on the battlefield and in all three dimensions

>repeated posts are fun

Depends on the show, I do it on ~2 years starter and 5 years watching subs. It's easier for SoL's, they have a smaller vocabulary than exposition-heavy Isekai's with a lot of specific terminology.

>Ishidate ruined the entire series
>After 5 episodes one (1) single shit of the books
>Too little too late
>Next episode 22 minutes of trash and 2 more minutes of CIA vs Violet
>Rinse and Repeat

Can please someone go and kill Ishidate?

Wrong. That's not what the spiked chain is for.

Just report to the police that she molested Yamada, this is easy

Fate did it better


Maybe you mean, why hype killed it?

How to fix VEG:

-Replace ishidate
-Get K-on! or FMP staff working on it
-Kill paid shills and rabid fans
-Follow the LN/Novel/manga
-Only modify it if the source is mediocre

Now you have the AOTY. Pic related as an example of how bad it can be.

No, Violet is the best saber, after Nero.