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>linking previous thread
What are you doing

easier to get back to the old thread.

Requesting a Darling in then FranXX version of this with 02 being held by something bigger than her
(Probably another FranXX)

Prepare for a deleted thread then.

02 for reference

Requesting Magane posing with an AKS-74U.

Cutelewd would be excellent, something cool and simple.

I think it's better to go with a new one than having to deal with this being deleted

this one isn't getting deleted

Requesting this scene with Shinji on the left and Asuka on the right.

What made you think making a new thread with nipples is any better?

Is Sturm-guy here?

draw boobs

Requesting Nao Kamiya wearing nothing but an apron like pic related holding a tray of Steamed Hams

Yeah. Hi.

Requesting Hanayo Koizumi being lewd but cute.

work in progress.
i got a life to attend to, sadly

Requesting this image of my DBZ OC colored correctly please? I posted the links down below to both images for color reference.

requesting Chie Sasaki (left) with the bunny girl outfit in the right

refs for the bunny outfit

and refs for Chie

I regret sleeping and not signing up.


Requesting Sumeragi (left) in those clothes, barefoot and in the pose (on the right) but not with that facial expression but with that wink and smile she has in that swimsuit pic, being all confident showing her booty and feet off.

Requesting Annie, turned into a black girl (please don't ask why) and craving for Okuma's BJC

Requesting Rukia doing something cute/cool with any pokemon in the spreadsheet below
Pokemon: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y6I0a_8jXF4isxPYXyMeRgWtqThR7fS5-v33GuFIkV8/edit?usp=sharing
Rukia refs: imgur.com/a/qItQA

gib rooki™

Requesting Sailor Moon in her famous pose on her knees and getting cummed on

Requesting Hotaru Shidare getting dry-humped from behind by a customer in her candy store, leaning against the counter for support as the guy cums his pants.

Requesting Lisa Lisa performing a striptease, warning the viewer to keep their breathing steady.

Requesting Oboro Kokawa giving a boobjob to Snake Lady (futa without testicles)

Requesting Yoshida dressed up as your favorite Disney princess

I hope finishes this.

/r/ing speedy speed boy contemplating his existence

/r/ Kaneda and Tetsuo in a ping pong match against eachother. Maybe, drawn in Taiyo Matsumoto's artstyle, if you can.

here's some of Matsumoto's art as reference.

Dumbass, it's not done because the mods will fucking delete it.

Draw Nui on a mundane adventure with her Slowpoke.

Requesting first day of school photos/age progression pics of your favorite characters who are childhood friends.

Requesting Noire or Black Heart wears Vegeta's uniform. also She's in super saiyan mode.

I would like a drawing of a sleepy Noire in pajamas or some happy pov stuff like wife/housewifey, although I would also love to see her cosplaying.(cosplay ideas of mostly fabric-based costumes, fantasy or scifi things) and you can also turn to the Drama CDs of hers for ideas, especially for the wife/housewife part.

your spreadsheet is nonexistent

Chain as an actual werewolf please, like the monster girl variety of even wearing the Dangerous Beast mystic code outfit from Fate/Grand Order

Requesting Senketsu going ahegao on Satsuki's perfect blood. Bonus points if Ryuuko reacts to it.

Like it's small or is the link broken?

ah never-mind, I missed part of it, link works

I sketched several poses do you like any?

If you even can see anything in this clusterfuck.

>I have no idea what I'm talking about

Requesting Hana with anything breast/cleavage focused, but other ideas could be a cheerleader costume, an outfit like i.imgur.com/QlIYi6n.jpg, taking a selfie, or wearing a cheongsam.

Requesting Mikasa using an outhouse but realizing there's no toilet paper.

What do you mean?

Oh dang those are all really good poses. Hm, if I had to choose I would say the one with the sword. This was a hard choice honestly but I like this one since it shows that she's a swordswomen and a warrior.

Requesting Hachirota Hoshino from Planetes piloting a old car around the earth orbit.

Request nude catgirl Akira wants user to play with her with a dangly feather toy on a stick. For example on her knees with the feathers in her mouth handing the stick to user.

Requesting Nena Trinity doing naked dogeza.

Oh and can you name additional character, maybe i will try to add something.

>(please don't ask why)
There's nothing wrong with being a black user who wants to be included in her husbando's japanese co-prosperity sphere.

Requesting Nui Harime from Kill La Kill (left) dressed as a sith lord of any kind while holding a red lightsaber

Like Darth Talon maybe (pictured right.)

Largest one on the right is my fav

Requesting the Yuri Camp girls lying around naked in the mud, in summer.

You're my fav.

Don't you fuckers ever forget. Never forget what the draw threads are about. It's the (You)s. Anyone who tells you it's for fun or it's too improve is a liar. There are much better communities for that. They'll tell you that's not true but remember they are lying.

Just remember that if you want to draw here newcomers. Peace.

Here's (you)rs, how about you go fuck yourself in the ass with it?

I wouldn't mind if you drew Sturm again doing the glove tug, but if you want to draw someone else doing that then can you draw Sanae in her secret service outfit doing that instead? I can provide more references if you need it.

How autistic of you to try and start shit in every thread.

Original requester here, I love it, thanks a bunch!

Requesting Kogasa wearing a crown and surprising people with burger king burgers

Requesting Fumino Serizawa wearing a catgirl outfit. Can be lewd or cute, as long as she is happy and safe.

Linefag buddy, why pretend? Are you seriously telling me you color here for fun? That you don't feel even an iota of pleasure when you see all the post numbers under your post? That your dick doesn't twitch when you see those bracketed crimson letters? I doubt it because it's better than sex.

>telling the truth is "starting shit"

>not UP (YOU)RS
Step it up lineman.

Stop responding to each other.

Requesting girls in construction gear working off electrical poles.

Why not misaka from railgun?

Requesting Deku and Nejire holding hands.

Yes, I know I should ask for something else, but whatever.

In the spirit of my first and many more Valentine's Day with my dear Tessou, I would like to request her happy holding a (Calorie Mate style like) ammo box of .600 nitro express and with the other hand offering a peeled cartridge showing that they are made of chocolate.

Wait for the WWD

literally who cares

It's not gonna get done outside of the WWD.
or it might get done now just to spite me,
but my point stands

Requesting Bocchi in a microbikini or a bikini that's too big for her.

Does she really have a mole there?

Requesting the elephant girl using the red top

Hm, i dont know. Well you can post refs just in case.

Requesting Rin and Nui feet fiving one another.

probably should've used a armless pic of Nui for reference instead.

Would you prefer someone more cool or badass?


I'll get one later. Would prefer it being official art and not bloody. I don't have KLK on my computer any more so I can't make a screenshot.

Im sorry but im not quite understand what do you mean.

So it’s you complaining about the WWD?

when you said
>Hm, i dont know
i took it as you may not be interested in drawing Sanae. If I am wrong in my assumption then that's my mistake.

No, it's not me.

Why? Drawfags can draw what they want where they want general or WWD. In fact it has better odds of getting done here since there are more drawfags here instead of the WWD.

nice blog

>waifufags are starting to request here after fucking up their own threads

No. We need to kick these fuckers out.

Oh its me being retarded again.
Sanae is fine, fine.
But if we are talking about my tastes i just love humanoids "with addition" horn-girls, animal ears, tails, unusual skin colors, robotic parts, moth pussies and stuff.

Requesting Anna and Sophia as Valentine's themed succubi (Red and black lingerie colors preferred) sandwiching Tanukichi between their lewd buxom bodies similarly to this image i.imgur.com/UalZodC.jpg . Creepy licking lips, uncomfortable caressing of the poor betamax's hair, or other rapey content is good too.

Requesting Kanan sleeping on the beach.



Requesting fusion between Erza and Dragonball Multiverse Bra

At least request this without the disgusting waifufag intro.