5 episodes until Violet starts killing people

>5 episodes until Violet starts killing people
Literally pleb filter.

Oh shit

>make boring show
>retards will defend it if the art + animation looks abive average.

>I haven't watched the show
Thanks shitposting-kun!

I've fapped to doujin about some princess today but that's all tribute I can give to today's episode.
They can do it better.

It's pretty entertaining for me.

>slow and boring soap drama show
>suddenly edgy gore scene out from nowhere
Is it supposed to be emotionally damaging or is it just stupid?

It's called having fun

So it's a Guilliotine Gorilla equivalent. I understand everything now.

fun is just a buzzword stupid people use when they can't justify why something is good. don't use it.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

Your post? Just stupid.

PriPri did it better

You can justify that something is good with simple words.

I loved PripPri too.

The only thing it did better as the waifubaiting and fanservice

I just don't get it, what exactly is the pleb filter?
Are people who like it plebs, or are people who DON'T like it plebs?
The actual pleb filter is:
To just not watch even one episode of Violet Evergarden, because it was obvious from meta, that it would just be a shallow show with pretty artwork because it meta inherits from Kyoukai no Kanata and Musaigen no Phantom World. And only watch it on the off chance of

Her mouth looks like controller.

Please go back to your board.

But I'm already on Sup Forums...

Subs almost done lads

I already watched russian dub

fma did it better

Fate did it better.

Can we all just agree that almost everyone could've done it better than Toilet Evertrash?

Nice one

>Can we all just agree that almost everyone could've done it better than Toilet Evertrash?

absolutely genius.

Is it just me or is every KyoAni show exactly this?

Every show after Haruhi, yes

>anime of the year this early
At least give them the idea that they can even compete.
Sasuga, KyoAni.

I might actually undrop this if shit does go down.

>All I want is a comfy healing anime
>LN spoilers say she goes around killing people with a giant axe later on

It's a meme. The filter is unnoticeable.
>Shitposters last week: ITS SO BORING
>Shitposters this week: I WANT IT TO BE COMFY

can't wait until Yuru Camp get ruined by wild grizzly bear.

He's not talking about the muh gray filter.
I think he's one of the many that were waiting for the mass killing parts of this story.

Well this would be unexpected if this happened.

As someone who regular shit on this show for the first 3.5 episode, I can't say we aren't even watching it, which is why your threads can't even hit bump limit.

This user was probably mildly enjoying the show for the comfy atmosphere alone, and it's tonal wipelash shit is a turn off.

Now I personally I would have loved for this show to just be stupid edgy violence, until I saw the first episode that is. The one action scene they did have was terribly choreographed chunni shit that took away any sense of tension or realism the show set up prior, it's a joke so I won't be watching this garbage either.