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>jiren won in 130
>uni 7 gets deleted and the anime ends

Suspictious. Still no sign of Freezer? I don't like this.

If Vegeta gets eliminated, then goodbye all chances to see Vegetto.

All part of Freeza's keikaku

Vegetto was never coming back, they showed him in the first place in Super to show that fusion is worthless now for Goku and Vegeta, they've become so powerful it doesn't even last long enough to be effective.

Considering the short time left of tournament, Goku and Vegeta fusing as Vegetto at this point wouldn't be a problem the time limit.

What the fuck would Freeza even accomplish this stage in the show?

>1vs1 against gokek

that'd be the first good thing DBS has ever donee

Jiren will revive them.

He truly is the villain, then.

>Vegeta out
>Goku fights with UI
>Jiren still more powerful
>Damn I need someone to X if we want to win
>Freezer do that and is eliminated
>Thanks Freezer now is my chance
>U7 wins
>Wish is to merge/came back the universes
>Freezer is revived with the regular Dragon Balls offscreen
>Implied to go after Goku one day
>Goku just mentions him years later in Eoz as a way to hey kidz, dragon ball ultra is coming soon
>Eoz feat. Bills & Whis


>Vegeta out
>Goku fights with UI
>Jiren still more powerful
>Damn I need someone to X if we want to win
>Freezer do that and is eliminated
>Thanks Freezer now is my chance
>Jiren is still more powerful
>Rape Goku and Universe 11 wins
>Faggy wish to bring back/merge universes
>Wow we need to fight again one day Jiren, I swear I´ll beat you next time
>Universe 7 lose so Goku doesn´t have to fulfill his promise
>Freezer got trolled and his ass is back to hell
>Eoz ft. Bills and Whis

Not sure if Toriyama or Toyotaro

1v2, Hit is going to come out of timeskip and help Goku because if Goku got erased then he'd have failed a contract.


Fuck off.

True justice

Both are lame, terrible and highly possible

Post your favourite scene


It's going to be some bullshit thing where Jiren and Goku fight knock each other off at the same time, everyone then thinks it's a tie what happens now? Then they announce nah knocked out freezer is still here u7 wins.


>What the fuck would Freeza even accomplish this stage in the show?

Hide until the end. Jiren eliminates everyone but Goku who exhausts himself but eliminates Jiren. At the last second Freeza ring outs the exhausted Goku and gets the wish. Cue cliffhanger.

Maybe Vegeta fans are also angry manlets.

Vegitto is trash and has never won anything.

I really wonder how Vegeta would act at watching his past self, I imagine it's like that adult who would look back in horror at their old self running around in a cape and making naruto hand signs

Frieza is still in. Heroes did spoil the final 3.

>running around in a cape and making naruto hand signs

No one's actually acted like this though. If you try running like that, you fall down after inevitably losing your footing and your face/chest scrape against the asphalt. Worst I ever saw was a Naruto headband.

its gonna end on a drawn fight between Goku and Jiren, but cause Freezen semi death body was somewhere, its 2 v 1 final count so U7 wins

I've been fully expecting something like this since I heard super was ending. There was some chance they would have done something cool with Freeza getting the wish but they ain't touching that now.

>Blue kawaii vegeta exists to make vegeta equal to kaioken blue goku
>Blue vegeta defeated GoD Toppo
>Kefla as a SS1 is comparable to the spirit bomb
>The spirit bomb was goku's trump card and gave jiren more trouble than KKX20
SS2 Kefla > > spirit bomb > Goku Blue kaioken = Kawaii vegeta > GoD Toppo

possible if the end of z takes place in another timeline

holding back

Say something nice about Caulifla's voice actress.

Why is the manga so good and why is the anime so awful?


Both are worthless fanfiction that appeal to spics alone.
Everything made after Z is pure trash.


Reminder to Pay Respects to Jiren

This is CUTEgeta. Say something nice about him

holy FUCK

Reminder Toppo a shit

Super is so bad that I wish le ebin references like this actually happened.

Best DBZ movie?

>Dead Zone
>The World's Strongest
>Tree of Godly Might
>Lord Slug
>Cooler's Revenge
>The Return of Cooler
>Super Android 13
>Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan
>Bojack Unbound
>Broly - The Second Coming
>Broly - Bio-Broly
>Fusion Reborn
>Wrath of the Dragon


Can't say, but it's 100% confirmed.

Threadly reminder that Gohanfags must respect Chadku just like Gohan does.

Except Ashley Burch doesn't work at Funimation.

First broly movie.


Tbh all adult Saiyans were like that from what we could see in Z. He's kinda just absorbed Earth culture

Lazy Vegetamutt didn't even bother being creative with the images. It's okay, you can rest when he gets BTFO next week.

Post yfw 17 gets eliminated this wek.

Why have both post-Z series been utter disappointing shit? Especially considering the movies released since then (Yo! Son Goku, Battle of Gods, Return of F) were pretty good?

>no mention of the lizard
Where the hell is Freeza?

Sucking Dick same as always.

t. 16 year old

How would you feel if Frieza decided to stay in this form for a while?

Every Movie except (Tree of Shit & Bio-Cum) are good. They are fun and have good music.

Tree of Might was the first one I saw. I will never forget feeling uncomfortable seeing Gohan's little penis on display...

His movie.

When have these spoilers ever been right anyway? I swear they were saying that Toppo would ring out Frieza and shit like that weeks ago


Goku's gonna give the same damn speech Vegeta gave i Buu saga. This time, Goku will be the dick sucker.

It was worse with Goku in Dragonball.

For me it'

the first Broly movie
Wrath of the Dragon
Battle of Gods


At least in that it was meant to be humorous and somewhat charming since Goku had no idea what modesty was.

Think 3 percent ratings are possible when vegeta is out?

Neither has SSJ3 Goku, Gotenks, 16, 17 prior to the ToP, Kefla, Aniraza, and Ultimate Gohan

No mention of Freezer. Two options:

1º) He will remain hidden to allow U7 win by numbers.

2º) He will try to knock out both Jiren and Goku at the very last second, to obtain the Super Dragon Balls. This will surely fail.

That mouse is so adorable.
Bet the daughter never released all the hardcore shit, just the classy pinups.

t. Vegetamutt
When the fuck have the spoilers ever been wrong two episodes in a row?

>End of ToP
>Goku and Jiren both knocked out
>Frieza wins
>Gets wished back to life
>Runs away to reform his empire
>This gives Goku a reason to train Uub and have him become the new savior of earth other than to just fight him

How likely is this?

Replace Empire with 'becoming GoD' and this is an actual decent theory

Kefla is much weaker you fucking retard. Vegeta is already capable of killing Jiren.
His final flash was enough to knock down Jiren.
Vegeta's final flash at full power would have completely destroyed Jiren, so he had to hold back not to kill him

Cell managed to dodge Vegeta's final flash which is why he only lost half of his body. If it had hit his entire body Cell would've died right there. Kefla isn't even Aniraza tier and you think she can take current Vegeta? Fucking delusional retard

What if Freeza got vaporized by Jiren's attack in the last episode?

Fuse with Goku

Alot actually.

Let's see your proof mutt. The spoilers never said Frieza and 17 were eliminated by Toppo, that was some gook shit.

lmao assmad jobhanfag

Yeah, the idea that Frieza could just show up at any second and nuke earth after Goku is dead would make Goku want to train someone to take over from him.

Freeza can't win the Tournament of Power you dolts. Freeza would never wish back the erased universes.

Or it could be
>Frieza wins be default
>Dragon is summoned
>Frieza tries to wish to be the most powerful being in all universes
>Dragon doesn't understand him because he's not speaking god language and GP sure isn't translating it for him
>Zeno erases Frieza
>Everyone is happy.


I love this counter pasta

>That distended anus
I hate it when artists do this. The anus is not supposed to stick out like that, if it does it means that the muscles supporting the colon have torn and you require immediate medical help because of the internal injuries.


Are they still in denial about Heroes spoiling the ending?

what about the rest, user

Eternal reminder that SS1(one) Kefla knocked out SSBKK Goku in a single (one) kick. A single kick in regular SS was enough to knock out a Goku who was in SSB as well as Kaioken. Kefla managed to knock out SSBKK in one kick, before even transforming into SS2(two). Indeed, even SS2(two) was shown not be Kefla's complete limit, as she still had the red aura shit beyond it.

Maybe it's just swollen.

Or maybe they were looking at a horse's butthole.

Two spoilers said that Toppo would "take down" 17 and Freeza, nothing about eliminating them or ringing them out.

yes fusion is broken, nothing new

>every erased universe is wished back
>freeza is revived with earth's dragon balls
>before goku and freeza can fight again mojito appears
>tells freeza to become the new GoD of his universe because sidra is a retarded fat piece of shit
>freeza accepts
>he says something like: OHOHOHO we will see us again goku-san
>happy end for freeza

Fusion is busted, always has been.
Goku and Vegeta went from being useless against Buu to having enough power to just joke around and then beat him as a fucking gobstopper.

>still lost

Fuckin' Toppo I swear I'm not gonna throw trash anymore

I want to kiss Kefla.

Return of F sucked.

Chadhan always wins baby

Those spoilers were ambiguous as to whether Freeza/17 were still in the ring, or just "fell" to Toppo. These ones explicitly say that Goku and Jiren are the only ones left in the ring by 129 (I do feel like they are trying to mislead about Freeza because he's hidden, but Vegeta is definitely out)