Made in Abyss

I didn't forget the subject line this time.

So how come so much of this manga is smell centric? Like Nanachi being able to pull Reg out of almost going unconscious and that narahate made of smells.

Why is everything smelly?

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> Like Nanachi being able to pull Reg out of almost going unconscious
Smelling salts exist IRL you know.

Is there a single fetish that meme in abyss hasn't touched upon?

foot fetish I guess.
macrophilia, vorarephilia, body inflation all those stuff that's popular with furries.

Reg is a dog.

Those are pretty popular on /d/ too.

>Create amazing setting, interesting premise and engaging characters
>Use them to act out your weird and disgusting fetishes

Hopefully a fan edit will remove all the unnecessary bits. I get that it's part of the "coming of age" story, but a lot is unnecessary.

Smell is a weird sense, some people (like my self ) can't smell for shit, while others smell can be as significant as color, maybe the author has a heightened sense of smell.

Can't really say, but makes a pretty good argument for why.
Which fetishes would that be? Guarantee you that removing them all would cripple the story.

Vore was technically covered in the anime, and body inflation by Riko's arm.


Most noticeably the constant comments about reg's dick. For a specific example, when Riko is going over reg's functionality, the entirety of the lewd details could be cut, as they already established this a few moments earlier.

His first "realization", and then him getting uncomfortable bathing with riko are the only two instances they have any story relevance.


You just hate everything don't you?

No I really, really like everything else about the story. I just want to be able to recommend it to friends and family without looking like a weirdo. Part of that is their fault though, they'll watch Game of thrones and never bat an eye, but as soon as it's animated and Japanese it's somehow way worse.


Why would you recommend anything Japanese beyond Ghibli stuff or family friendly movies?
Unless they are weebs too, then I don`t think they`ll have too much of an issue.

How many people do you guys think there will be to see this manga end?

Reg has an acute sense of smell, obviously better than a normal humans. Notice how he even noticed Natt by his smell in the beginning of the series.
Also, here's a drunkachi.

Smelling is the most adorable, intimate fetish one could have. Not in the sense of smelling stinky socks but in the sense of being able to pick up on the innate scent of the person you love and delicately appreciate its presence around you.

Lads, what are your positions on the

>read the manga
>wait for another season

...debate for animefags?

I don't see why you'd recommend anything to your friends and family if you're this paranoid that they'll pick up on every single oddity. Or interact with them at all for that matter.
Are they all closeted perverts? You have to be pretty debauched yourself to readily associate fetishes and get offended.

Read the manga. I don't think the level of patience required to wait for S2 is even possible, plus there's no way you'd be able to avoid spoilers.

"Read the whole manga from chapter 1"
That's the common answer.

You're going to get spoiled if you stay long enough. Also I recommend reading it since it's fucking awesome. start from the beginning.!8lJxzLAb!ffjKahvXUQc3yekrpswfZg

>I don't think the level of patience required to wait for S2 is even possible

I've just downloaded 6 volumes and an incomplete seventh, and it seems that the anime ended at the end of Volume 3.
Why such a long wait?

I started with the anime too and could not wait, the manga has really good stuff in it but definitely read from the beginning because there are things not covered in the anime that add to the world.

These things just take time. I think the studio has other projects scheduled for this year. We also haven't reached an appropriate stopping point in the current story arc to end the season on.

>scared of friends/family seeing lewd scenes oh my god shes naked how lewd wow so bad pedo
>totally okay with showing family/friends a child getting a poisonous spine shanked through her hand, poisoned, tripping the fuck out, leaking blood out of every orifice, begging a 12 year old boy to snap her arm like a twig, then to chop her arm off; only to almost die and get put into a week coma if it werent for some girl who saved her who happened to only have surgery and apothecary skills because a scientist horrifically mutated her and her friend as part of a campaign of rampant child experimentation, tortured her friend, then forced her to turn around and start butchering other children and putting them into capsules until she stole her friend away and fled, driven only by trying to find a way to put her out of her eternal torment.

Yeah man, totally sounds reasonable logic right there.

I'm actually very worried about how they will pace season 2 if it's the same 13 episode style.

Getting to the end of this village arc seems like it will be too much to fit in 13 episodes, and it will feel rushed. On the other hand 13 episodes for idofront seems way to lacking. I don't know how much filler they are planning, but it seems the recent parts of the manga don't translate well to the episode style.

Welcome to America. My brother will literally use this argument to justify all the sex and weird shit in GoT, but it's completely unacceptable when anything else does it.

Maybe they can end it at nanachi farraide making it the meanest and most awful cliffhanger in anime since Geass S1.


You will likely have to wait a really long time, a year is the minimum I can think, so read the manga is for the best

>ears laid back
>soft colors
I really like this one

That's pretty cute. What kind of bonus material is this from? Radio show?

Have another then.

>isn't it amazing how I can make this exact same post over and over and over every single thread and still get flooded with replies? boy the pedophiles in this general sure are the dumbest bait-biting idiots I've ever seen and as long as they continue to reply to me I will continue to post this over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over again

You tried user, and that's what counts.

Thanks user I appreciate it, bun is the best

That's adorable, I wish I understood nipponese

I just watched this movie last week, it could have been pretty good if it ended about 20 or 30 minutes earlier but insisted on having a super epic final boss fight and dragged out a foregone conclusion far too long. That said I don't see how MiA shares any similarity with the movie at all or how anyone managed to draw a connection.

probably taking bait here, but please edit yourself out of existence, you're unnecessary

Back to r*ddit with you.

Just read the manga. The real contest is where to read from after finishing the anime.

Why not both?

Read from chapter 1 of course. Plenty of details in the early volumes that simply don't exist in the anime.

>Wanting to share a great manga, while at the same time not wanting to come off as a total pedo is reddit now
I could sure use ch45 right about now.


Where is the audio from?

How is Nanachi so good bros? Everything shes involved in just becomes better.

If Made in Abyss is Inferno and From Star Strings is Paradiso, which of Tsukushi's works is Purgatorio?


>He still thinks Tsukushi's mentioning of Nanachi being 'Nanachi' means that his personal and incorrect opinion about the bun are not only worthy of even mentioning, but also somehow more right then anyone elses interpretation.
Could an user be more embarrassing?

Star Strings is Purgatorio. There is no Paradiso.

Not sure, found it on a webm. So grateful.

What does Nanachi taste like?

Naraku shichu!

Reading it first didn't diminish the impact of the anime for me. If anything, it heightened it.

How the hell do you say that in moon runes?




I've always wondered why that toilet has a vagina.


For pissing

You stick your dick into the toilet vagina to piss?

>Most noticeably the constant comments about reg's dick. For a specific example, when Riko is going over reg's functionality, the entirety of the lewd details could be cut, as they already established this a few moments earlier.

While I would normally agree with you that Tsukushi indulges his fetishes too much in MIA, I would argue that that the comments about Reg’s dick are actually important.

You see, despite the fact that Reg acts like a normal human boy (and looks like a normal human boy to the point that most people don’t even realize he’s a robot), people stop treating him like he’s a person as soon as they become aware that he’s a robot. For instance, people keep trying to look at his dick, even though he repeatedly protests over how humiliating he finds it. The way Reg is treated is played for laughs at first, but the consequences of this casual dehumanization are finally seen when Bonedrewd’s Praying Hands try to dissect him.

Basically, the dick jokes show how everyone casually ignores Reg’s personhood. It helps reinforce a recurring theme, which is how fucked up everyone in this world is when you compare them to innocent Reg (see also: how Reg is the only one scared of finding the praying skeleton).

I wouldn't risk sitting on that thing, much less putting my dick in it.

Just like the real thing, no?

This shit made my day.

I wonder if editor kun told tsukushi to delet that navel probe and stop being an unabashed pervert, and then later that night had to explain to his wife that the two black eyes he had were from falling down the stairs

Yeah, people seems to forget that he is a robot. He was design to look as close as possible to human, he can even fake pain, but in the end, he is still a robot.

ITT: furries

Kemono != furry

bondrewd pls go, reg is a real boy

I know you’re joking, but I imagine his editor didn’t care. Anyone who denies that Tsukushi is indulging his fetishes is an idiot, but Tsukushi at least incorporates his fetishes into the plot (unlike a lot of writers who will insert scenes that have no other purpose besides fanservice). As I said above, the fact that Bonedrewd tries to dissect him is the cumulation of a recurring theme, which is how nobody in this world treats Reg like he’s a person (despite the fact that he’s a sentient creature who is practically indistinguishable from a normal boy in appearance and mannerisms).


Paradoxically, Reg - the robot - is the most innocently human of all the characters.
He's the most empathetic and emotional of the cast. His fragile feelings are easily hurt. He's the one that is most embarrassed by nudity. He has the strongest reactions to abuse in cases where others are complacent.

Not the 10th that's for sure.
RIP his Photoshop files.

Kill yourself

Exactly. Despite being a robot, Reg acts like how a young boy from our world would act if they found themselves transported to the world in MiA. The way Reg is treated and how he reacts helps remind us just how much the Abyss has desensitized the people who live in and around it to its horrors.

I hear he was nearly finished with the coloration of the belchero arson chapter too

Fucking best boy fo sho.

I can't believe Belchero is fucking dead.

>transported to the world in MiA
>showered in female attention
>shy and awkward
Is he another unfortunate victim of truck-kun?

Considering how his being showered in attention (and not just female) borders on rape half the time, I'd say it was truck-kun's very cruel cousin, tractor-kun.

>truck kun
>tractor kun

I found a secret prequel pic of Reg!

Is there an isekai show/manga/LN like that, where it's not revealed until well into the story that it is in fact isekai? Would be hilarious to see isekai haters on Sup Forums get duped into watching a show like that

>so much insects
ESL translator, pls get good

>mia is isekai
It all makes sense now?

>The bottom of the abyss is a portal to our world

Not that I'm aware of. The thing that makes isekai hated as bad writing is how this plot point is used as a substitute for proper characterization, which is always near the start of the show.
I bet they fucked

Why is he wearing a pajama?

I would say that the reason Nanachi smells so good is because it was something she valued. One of the kids from when she was human remarks on how bad she smells and I imagine she always smelt like that.

I bet they got fucked by the navel

Thanks, captain obvious.