Hunter x Hunter

Praise Cammy

Reminder that she has the most OP hatsu ever.

Until we know more, we cannot evaluate it as weak or strong.

>All these 2011 watching, Troupe fanboying, Hisoka dick riding and Ging ass licking fags getting blue balled and increasingly whiny about it
I love Togashi

Fuck me Cummy!

Took a while

spoilers when?

I was always rooting for Cammy, seeing this is a Cammy chapter makes me smile ear to ear

All other female princes a shit

Already out.

How morally bankrupt is this guy going to turn out to be?

>Morel below Ging
I just don't see it.

text-spoiler or pics?

DC girls ranking:
Cammy > Theta > Oito > Senritsu > Shimano > Tubeppa > Biscuet > Swinko-Swinko > Momoze > Kachou > Fuugetsu > Tyson > Sevanchi

>third prince
>doesn't know Nen
Such a shame


why is she so perfect, bros?

He's the same troll saying she has an instakill ability based on exactly 0 evidence, ignore him

Thats a huge neko

Impossible to unsee

How the heck is Swinko-Swinko a better girl than Momoze and Fuu-chan?

>based on exactly 0 evidence
It one-shotted the guy she was fighting, brainlet.

>Chrollo and Machi above Morel.
>Kurapika above Leorio
>Bisky in top 4

This chart... is so... interesting

373 Succession
Musse: I have recorded your conversation, Camilla-sama, and I will detain you for plotting assassination towards prince 1. Stop or I will shoot you
Camilla: shoot me?
Musse: I dont want to shoot
(This is not too clear but apparently ) Musse shoots Camilla and injures her(?), Camilla's nen beast defends her, one of the breasts on her nen beast transform into something cat like and catched Musse from behind, sucks up his nen and transfers it to Camilla, and she resuscitates(?)
Cammy's nen beast power explained, its something like rescuscitating powers

Private soldiers show up and see blood, Camilla tells them to clean it up (incinerate body), private soldiers trying to persuade Camilla not go to to kill benjamin

Camilla goes to face Benjamin's soldiers, shoots someone, Ben and Camilla confront each other. Hurricov faces Camilla

Benjamin ability explained: "Benjamin's ability "Benjamin Button's successor" "
If just in case ability who swore allegiance to Benjamin dies can inherit that ability "

Scene moves to Hanzo, he's talking to Kurapika via mic, trying to understand situation


Proactively fighting for the sake of her son

Completely, Tubeppa described him as "indulgent" and his guards are scheming on how to assassinate Halkenburg. He's also involved with the Mafia.

He seems nice now, but he's just another snake

Where do you people get this info from?

rip thread

You need to put Chrollo higher and Kurapika, Killua and Hisoka a lot lower if you want to get into the patrician club. Only reason I'm not insulting you is because you at least put Chrollo higher than the clown scum.

Legitimately it's just one guy baiting, he clogged up the last one with multiple "muh invincible cumslut" posts.

Just ignore him

Yours is... interesting. Morel is criminally low, and I think Pika us too high, but that's just me

I didn't know it was possible to have taste this shit

Stop posting this abhorrent taste!


>This is your brain on shitposting

>Comment from Togashi: "Page 276 of Issue 10 -- under the third panel the voice of my soul came out. It is an explanation of my own ability."

If Hisoka isn't in your top 15 then you are a metafaggot it's as simple as that.

What page is that, fucking hell.

how strong is Gone?

Strong enough to push a door

Post your HxH waifu


Ah. Another user of proper taste I see.

hope Togashi kills Cammy every week

I miss Gon bros

What if someone posted full HQ scans but also scanned their dick over a few pages. Would you still read it?

weaker than guido and wheels

A shitpost that made blow tiny pockets of air out of my nose.
Congrats you earned my (you)

Camilla's ability seems fun but I'm disappointed with what I'm hearing about Ben's. Surely he has to have something else going for him, or I guess he's had a bunch of loyal nen users die in his name.



What's it mean

>you will never be this alpha

There's nothing there...

Sale-Sale gonna go on a hiatus from the succession war?

Does Togashi gets laid regularly?

What is that Nen beast spewing out? A gas that makes panties drop?

I really love Cammy

Nobody would look at him twice if didn't have money.

You guys dont get it? The panel he's talking about is that one with the chinese guy and Sale-sale and the two girls in the background. Tagashi is the chinese guy.
I think he's trying to tell us, between this, his constant references to that idol club and his titty monsters that his wife isn't pulling out

I wanna cummy on Cammy's tummy

Every day

He is married, so... No. beta

>Married to Sailor Moon

panel underneath is probably a close up, give me more Cammy!

You're wrong! CHAD-CHAD (Also known as Sale-Sale) is OurGuy and the right and true King of Kakin! Please refrain from saying rude things about him in the future

He had 2 kids with sailor moon. So no. Once the kids kick in, your sex life is sacrificed

Hopefully we atleast reach this before the hiatus

Probably. According to his wife's comics he takes his penis out randomly sometimes and talks about his balls a lot.

How having sex with cammy woud be like ? She is kinda skinny.

This is not how tables work you fucking sperg


He can run 5km, he's a proper chad.

the fuck is taking bakadata so long

Maybe he got his backpain from fucking

You couldnt handle her

Honestly Cammy having a power that stops her from dying means she's going to die in a pretty gruesome way.

Even Theta has better chances of staying alive than her.

Who, Togashi?

Good list, I'm surprised you already put DC characters at the top but I'm not complaining

Oh my cat nen

I hope that pic isnt related

How the hell are those feet supporting her?

yea, it was one of his author comments last year

He's Japanese and married... prob not.

she will be skinned alive by tse

It's mostly because I don't have negatives for them. I didn't expect Bateman to get so high though, I only ranked him like once

She'll die of radiation.

I wanna see Cammy blush

>Honestly Cammy having a power that stops her from dying means she's going to die in the sea.
fixed your train of thought user

The King has to put the corpse inside the capsule-tree thing, though.

Cammy nudes when?

will not matter when spiders crash that ship no survivors.

That kind of complicates the nen beast ritual though.

>when spiders crash that ship no survivors.
not even them

>That kind of complicates the nen beast ritual though.
Good thing she asked about this beforehand

Can’t wait for Camila to be killed.

Camilla is going to die every week next 7 weeks.

Good taste

Bad taste

Genuinely funny post

I hope Benjamin is the last character in the series to have a hatsu-stealer-hatsu. Or at least only one of them in an arc at a time.

Will we ever see kite again....
I just want to see more slots