Tell me one reason why I should continue watching this Sup Forums
please tell me the remake would be different. I can't take it.

Alliance faggot btfo

is that all you care about in the series? is this nardo for you? If you have something then say or go back to your containment threads

no one lives forever user especially talented leaders
Yang knew this and accepted it

there like 18 episodes left

Do you not care about his legacy? He may be gone but the actions he took and the events he put in motion will continue influencing the world

goddammit, I knew I shouldn't get this invested in characters

Don't worry user, just remember the happy times you had with him and it will all be better
at least that's what i did.

guess I'll try the gaiden material then

Not op, but when (op image) happened I put logh on hold. 6 years later I'm still not over that.

"People die senselessly all the time." o7 fucking magicians.

you're just crying because you backed the wrong horse (also blooch>nardo)


his legacy is shit incarnate aka julian

The ending got me a lot harder after that episode.
Even if it was obviously foreshadowed from the ending credits, it still hit harder. Especially when you see the rest of the Allience react from the tragic news

If this ending was introduced towards the last few episodes I would have been ready for his death but this was too soon.

Julian staring at the picture with such melancholy is the biggest death flag I have ever seen in anime.

I did not want to believe it

yang is a great character stuck with shit subordinates

Julian is a good boy.

Why was the alliance side so shit? At any given time they have like 3 characters worth caring about while the empire gets all their major players in 10 episodes and never loses their steam afterwards. What the fuck was up with this?

because muh foppery and whim

>tries to remember names of alliance members
>can only remember 6 of them
what the fuck

because Rinehard worked to get rid off all the shitty elements in the empire and Yang only wanted to skate by doing the bare minimum for the FPA.


Yang's subordinates were fine. It was his peers what were shit.

yeah, it's 2 am and I'm sad, math can go fuck itself

Don't worry.
It gets sadder

I think I'm better putting it on a hold then

by peers you mean who?

pull the ban-aid of fast user. doing it slow wont give you closure.

You should watch to at least 86, you'll get some tiny form of closure.

not him; but the society that was supposed to give him the tools he needed to win. the FPA was rotten to the core and had no care for survival. Yang and those around him were the only people playing by the social contract.

Should really have said peers and superiors, since the latter were what really gave him trouble. Point being that most of the leaders of the FPA were terrible at their jobs, and the majority of the competent people were killed as a result of bad leadership. By the end of Season One, Yang was one of like three good commanders left in the FPA, when at the beginning there were enough good quality commanders that not even Reinhardt would have been able to take the FPA so easily.


I think the worst part of that is when ED 1 plays

>Rocking chair
looks like a regular old static chair to me

This is one of the hardest hitting deaths in anime, even if it is heavily foreshadowed by the narrator saying stuff like: "Julian would later regret" this or "this was the last time they talked overnight". Even when he was hit I was in denial like who the hell dies by getting hit in the leg in any media. Legs and arms are usually safe spots.

The author planned it well, making yang take only those who were not that smart and making him take sleeping pills so he can't think properly.

it's year 3540, I ain't gonna explain shit

How would the story be if it was written in say, 2005? There would be robots and shit, not many people would die, ships would be taken down by hacking the gravitational system and oxygen supply. Could be cool

I think the whole show is planned well and the events are set up way in advance.

I'm not sure that much would change, the pseudo-napoleonic style of space warfare is a deliberate thematic choice and makes the existence of characters like Bittenfeld (the brash cavalry officer) a bit more reasonable

while watching it the idea of A.I. and machines kept coming up in my head, it's hard to ignore and I'm sure many would point it out when the remake starts airing and would cite that as a reason for "it's shit".

watching ED3 completly after Yang's death and realising why Julian was gloomingly viewing that photobook for all those episodes literally killed me.
Couldn't shake that depression for atleast 3-5 episodes.

Do it for Reuental's 11/10 episode OP

Well it's not like it's a series of novels or anything...

It's not like novels can be planned too...

>Couldn't shake that depression for atleast 3-5 episodes.
This. The characters in the show got over it before I did.


that was what I was implying - this is based on a 80s science fiction / political drama novel series - obviously the author had to be somewhat competent to have released 10 books of around 300 pages each and a 110 episode OVA about his work.

This isn't like the anime bases on a 14yo's fetish LN which he wrote as a power statement over his classmates and friends and got serialized because of a LN craze on the market.

What saddens isn't that you're right, but that in all likelihood series' like Gineiden will never exist again. It's not unreasonable for foreigners not to know this, but a large number of japanese people have never read a full length novel in their lives and only develop their reading skills by excerpts taken from historical novels. Being functionally illiterate is a real problem because the skill level gap between reading a trashy light novel and reading actual literature is nearly impossible to overcome if you didn't already do so when you were in school and it's not like reading an office report will ever require extensive use of complicated kanji.

Gineiden isn't a particularly literary novel, but even then the literature industry in Japan is a dying dog waiting for the bullet, so the chances of another series like this one gaining traction and being animated are slim to none. One of the great downsides of the Japanese language is that this kind of gap between generations can develop so easily.

I kinda feel like Patrichev was a lot smarter in Spiral Labyrinth.

yang's awful security detail still pisses me off. our commander's going to go negotiate with the enemy? let's send him off with three bodyguards. nothing's going to go wrong.

watch it again in a year or so. it won't get any easier.

i didn't get sad when he died, i got sad in the aftermath, when frederica talked about how he should have died old and in peace, i fucking cried.

this i what i was talking about, FUCK.

his death was sudden, it took time to hit us user