Why was this show so mediocre?

Why was this show so mediocre?

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It wasn't, though?

Every other character than Maika sucked, and even she wasn't that good to begin with.

Dino, Mafuyu

No yugioh rape faces

I thought it was alright, nothing special though.

Yeah it was simply bad

>the show entirely focused on mediocre characters and their interactions ends up being mediocre
I wonder why.

And an embarrassment to Manga Time Kirara. There's your answer.

This. It'd be unironically better as a yuribait show.


Nice meme.

best SoL since working!!

The manager ruined it.


It had one main joke/plot that it kept going for the majority of episodes and it got boring quick.

>She tries to not be sadistic and fails
>Manager in his mid-twenties wants to fuck the high school and fails

Should have hurried along the introduction of the Older Sister and Trap waitresses, so we could see more of how various pairings played off of one another.

Not enough Akizuki and Kaho interactions

It never grew up from the premise in ep1

Wht's this

>Gab Drop did better than Maid Dragon

They cannibalized each other that season.

>mods 404 the other thread

no fun allowed all because of the template OP
guess we'll be taking this one

then don't stop posting
these are the VAs?

but did it boost the mango sales?


>Mafuyu taller than everyone


That's a big girl

gave it a 6 on MyAnimeList desu



>Millions of disgusting wrinkles in their gloves
As a fetishist, this actually makes me fucking mad. Cosplayers need to step up their game.

This looks completely heterosexual.

Most anime is mediocre.

>manager in his 20s wants to fuck the 17 year old high schooler
Yeeeah no. I have standards, user.

Yep, that's Nico alright.

>weaboo in his mid-20's trying to fuck a teenage anime girl

Bet he posts here.

I-Is this a Love Live Sunshine reference?

It tried to be Working, but the gags weren't nearly as good.
The cast was likeable, but the story barely did anything with them. The characters were just living gimmicks, and that didn't help. The story never tried to flesh out the characters.

The premise wasn't that interesting in the first place. Going to that restaurant every week, experiencing the same gimmick every time gets pretty old.

But ultimately this

Well he did always stay up all night watching anime.

Sora is really cute boy

Thanks for writing 'mediocre' as a sentence.

It got boring when it become about Maika x Tenchou every fucking episode.

Wow rude


There's a difference between mediocre and okay, mediocre implies that it's bad but okay implies that it's decent just not great. Do you have autism?

This is your final boss tonight.

Nah, it was great.


It was good.


I wonder how horny he gets being surrounded by girls!

Not at all. He only gets aroused by men and big dicks.
To him other girls are just friends and fellow semen demons.


>I have no idea what I'm talking about

Dude what do you expect from a pandering high school comedy. It was pretty funny at times but it's mediocre af.

Show needed more of these 2.

I'm new to cartoons, which anime is this?

Your friend,

Tomodachi wa Mahou

Thanks friend! Have an excellent day.


He's right though.

Miu's VA looks like the type who would have a loli voice. Hard to believe that crazy oneesan fujo voice actually comes out from her.

i don't like Miu's voice

I don't know how else you wanted her to sound though. A lewder voice would've taken away from the fact she attempts to sound like a reasonable and mature person (with little success, though).


shit main character (maika), shit love interest (that fucking faggot dino who ruined the show).



You talking shit about my wife?

Already plenty of these in the magazine.

I don't know either. All I know is that I disliked her tone.

Fake tsuntails best tsuntails.

Your waifu is shit.

probably my favorite anime of last season to be honest, cute girls and a catchy as fuck opening youtube.com/watch?v=LOajYHKEHG8

imosae probably could have beaten it if it didn't end on such a huge cliffhanger that's never gonna be resolved because the show flopped

I just found it ok. The characters never were too interesting, and only played for the gags or lazy amusement. I would of thought it would have been more effective had it avoided just a repetitive status quo, and allowed some character development, especially Dino and Maika.

Say that to my face and see what happens.