Would Vamp!Araragi be able to defeat servants?

Would Vamp!Araragi be able to defeat servants?

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I think so.

Some of them, like Hassan and Kojiro. But he wouldn't be able to beat higher tier servants like Karna, BB or Gil, or even Cu or Emiya.
Shinobu might stand a chance against the mid tier ones but would get defeated by the top tier as well.

But wouldn't Shinobu be helping Arararara?

Heart Under Blade would beat high tier servants

What class would he even be in? Berserker?

And I would argue his speed is enough to keep up with even the likes of Saber.


How? Among those I cited, she couldn't withstand Vasavi Shakti, couldn't do shit to BB due to Ten Crowns, and would get destroyed by Ea.

It depends on whether or not her can actually catch the servant. A vampire's bite will kill anything that isn't concept fuckery, but he isn't an exception to vampire weaknesses, which all servants will know about.

Against Saber under Shirou's control yeah but not Kiritsugu's control, maybe not even Saber under Rin's control.

Oh man the movies were FUCKING TERRIBLE. The cgi was so fucking ugly. i swear shaft are officially done, they are a joke

>Would Vamp!Araragi be able to defeat servants?
more importantly would he be able to defeat the cgi? hahahahaha omg wtf happened

>implying KiriSaber > Rin!Saber

No-one cares, we're talking about powerlevels.

Rin!Saber's agility is literally one rank below. I can't make this shit up user.

ok but damn the promo art looks so much better the movies

I agree. They really dropped the ball with the CGI shit.

I wonder what class Heart Under Blade would come to though. Saber? Berserker? BEAST?

I wish they would announce a box set of all 3 movies so I'd have something nice to go with my posters.

You should go to a thread and talk about things you like instead.

I really do wish this too.

He's reaching CĂș levels of SPEEED in that scene where he speeds past the cars.

I like the Monogatari series a lot. Senjougahara is best girl. I don't fucking like what they did to movies though. That was fucking retarded.

What class would she be if she was to be summoned as a Servant?

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i don't know, but what i do fucking know is that she's hot tsundere


Yeah, that was some major power when Hanekawa got gutted. Also Kiss-shot can jump continents

Servants are fundamentally Oddities, and vampires specialize in preying on them. Kiss-shot and her thralls are OP as shit.
Araragi isn't that great of a fighter and his vampire strength/speed will only get him so far against a Servant who are naturally about as fast and strong. He could prey on the weaker ones but any average or better fighter wouldn't let him bite them. Still, they'd have trouble killing him.
Kiss-shot herself is easily high-tier Servant material. She's arguably physically stronger than any Servant and extremely fast, she can shape-shift and replicate matter similarly to Projection, her regeneration is near-instant and even direct exposure to unfiltered Sunlight can't kill her anymore. She's not a durable as a Servant but taking something like Gae Bolg would barely slow her down. Her kit makes her a specialized Servant-killer, between her vampire draining and Kokorowatari which is essentially an Anti-Servant Noble Phantasm. The only things that would be a real threat to her are Noble Phantasms that draw from the concept of the Sun and Holy weapons, and things that can stop her regeneration.

>Kiss-shot can jump continents
She can most likely solo a lot of Higher tier servants but not to the extent of Gil or Karna

Her greatest weaknesses are EMIYA and anyone who can specialize in anti-vamp stuff.

Perhaps they'll make a servant of Abraham van Hellsing

user, truly high tier Vampires (or rather Dead Apostles) in the Nasuverse have Marble Phantasms that can reshape reality.
Kisshot wouldn't do shit against Nvrnsqr Chaos, and he's mid-tier as far as Nasuverse powerlevels go.

I know most of you plebs actually responding to a >powerlevels
thread are underage b& who only know the Nasuverse through fateshit, but goddamn, at least pretend you know what you're talking about.

Monogatari Vampires and Dead Apostles are very different.
That said OP was asking about Servants so I don't know why you're even bringing them up.

Because we have an explicit correlation between Servant powerlevels vs Dead Apostles. They don't really compare.

Dead Apostles aren't servants though, I was only asking if Vamp!Koyomi can defeat servants.

If he can't defeat mid-tier Dead Apostles, he doesn't have a prayer of killing Servants. /thread.

Arcueid is almost like a god, i dont see why Shinobu couldnt be high tier

In Nasuverse terms Kiss-shot's powerlevel is probably somewhere between 30% and 70% Arcueid. Which is to say stronger than almost any Servant.

Source : your ass

> reshape reality.

Can't Shinobu create matter out of thin air, and time travel?

It's worth mentioning that even in the novel, Araragi's arm regenerates moments after its severed.

Granted, I haven't read Kizumonogatari in a bit, but the part where Araragi freaks out about his lost arm-- only to immediately find that it has been replaced really stuck out to me.

>Arcueid is almost like a god
what is that shit now, you don't have to believe everything anons say you know

Yes, something as complex as a game console.
Kiss-shot herself can also crumple an iron door like paper just by glancing at it. She could crush a weaker Servant with her mind.

>tfw gotta rewatch the whole series for the third time cuz owarimonogatari s2 came out

hitagi crap

>zoku will probably air before commie finish owari2
Just kill me, it's already hard enough not to spoil myself kizu 3



Please don't mix monogatari threads with fate shit, they have their own containment threads for a reason.

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It's just angry crabfags. They can't stand it when she doesn't have the spotlight.

There is a way to defeat Kissshot.
Just tell her she is very beautiful. Instakill. But you have to be Araragi.

In every way.
Nasu can only dream about creating something as perfect as Kissshot.

11yo and 17yo Shinobu were top notch though.
I want to stroke those ears so bad

As long as he doesn't have to fight during the day I'd think he'd do pretty well.

He's got almost instant regeneration, super speed and strength. Besides, with the nature of vampires in monogatari being almost entirely based off of expectation, there's no real limit to how strong he could get, someone like Kisshot could fucking shoot body destroying laser beams and conjure up torrents of fire.

The cutest

Who was even talking about waifu shit? Quit trying to turn the thread into waifu wars.

Playing with her ears is a good choice. I bet they're sensitive.

Big Kissshot was the cutest in the movies. She acted like a child.

She had an extra cute combination of acting like a seductive woman at some points and then like a child when she got too excited/happy.


only if those servants had zero command seals and Ararararararararararararagi got a sweet snakey handjob from nadeko right b4

>What class would he even be in?

Most of his fights against strong oddities only resulted in his win due to them waiting for him to recover or pity/honor/not actually wanting to win.

I don't see how he'd stand a chance against any of the more brutal/determined servants.

Has Araragi even fought to win outside of Kizu? He pretty much always just tries to buy time.

He's never been much of a fighter, lacking any physical or mental training in the matter.

Shinobu looked a lot better in the tv series, it truly fucking amazes me how the anyone can think that what we got in the movies was at all acceptable.


The Kizumonogatari movies are a fucking disgrace to Nisio Isin's writing. Shaftfags will actually defend this, i shouldn't be surprised

THIS.THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. Fuck i loved that sakuga, if only the movies had been done like this

Would you lick Shinobu?

That's not really fair, a lot of the fights in monogatari are more based on Araragi just taking a beating for someone else's sake.

Besides, we only really see his potential in Kizu, even then, He still almost ended up killing episode, Dramaturgy straight up just surrendered when he knew he'd have no chance of beating him, and he pretty much just one-shotted Guillotine-cutter, even though it was the first time he'd even used his transformation powers.

In Kisshots case, it's not really fair since she wanted him to win, and outside of energy drain there really aren't that many ways to actually kill either of them.

If he was actually fighting for real, I figure Kizu Araragi would win eventually, even if it was just by whittling down the enemy, as it was, we never really got to see what he was capable of since he was only a vampire for a week, but I imagine since she was his master, he'd eventually get to Kisshot levels of OP too.

Bake's artstyle was the best, Nise was decent, everything after looks strange.

> This was beautiful

And was probably the most beautiful sakuga in the whole monogatari series, whereas in the movies pretty much every single one has pretty amazing animation. The fire scene from Tekketsu looked fucking phenominal, but I don't think anything could really beat the sheer amount of detail and love put into that huge mess of a final fight in Reiketsu.

Does anyone else see the band aid covering her crotch?

The whole deal in Kizu was that every fight turns out to be pretty anti-climatic, because Araragi was just so overwhelmingly powerful.

If I recall, afterwards, he figures that he probably could have beaten all three of the Vampire Hunters himself when they first tried to jump him.

>Bake's artstyle was the best
>Nise was decent
>everything after looks strange
Maybe but its still better than the cheap cg trash animation that we got in the movies

Shinobu made me into a lolicon.

You're about nine years late on that one, user.

Pretty much, like Hanekawa says, he was just thinking on way too much of a human scale, he could have killed them all easily ((with the exception of maybe Episode with his disappearing act)) as long as Oshino wasn't also helping.

Every single inch.

That's part of what makes Kizu so great though, the entire theme behind the fights was Araragi leaving behind human logic and thinking like a vampire, which ties into the "twist" of his having ignored Kissshot's nature when saving her and having to face the responsibility of saving a vampire while becoming one himself.

oh no

Not saying it wasn't well done, just that watching the movie or re-reading the book just makes it that much funnier seeing Araragi flailing and panicking when you know he could probably kill any of them in a second if he knew what he was capable of.


I want to suck her toes.

Everything after is a cheap imitation of Bake that's why it looks weird.

She has a tendency to do that to people. The one downside is that it's hard to find lolis that are even in her league.

At least she has a lot of art.

Could he hypothetically qualify for Caster?

We really have no idea what he's capable of, though I figure him more of a melee fighter.

>Stole Kissshot's heart without her fucking noticing

He's totally an Assassin that pisses off the Hassans because that shit's basically Zabaniya

To be fair, doesn't Oshino/Kisshot say that the only reason that they actually succeeded in fatally wounding her was because she was suicidal and just generally not looking out for herself?

Unironically does magic so yes. He would be a Punch Wizard though like Yozuru who also casts magic.

I would hope one of his skills would be a reference to his miracle bandages.

Oshino is a straight bard, and none of the servant classes really correspond to that.

>whereas in the movies pretty much every single one has pretty amazing animation
This is not true user,one example is that Shinobu jumping scene.

>the ten seconds per movie of weird CGI animation is the rule and not the exception

He can't even beat up his little sister.

>Hurr durr huur I suck Shaft cock.
That was an example, there are a lot more. The statement I quoted before is an exaggeration.

Not that user, but I think even just the sakuga scenes from the first movie alone are more technically impressive than any scene in the normal series, including .

Besides, it's not like Bake/the rest of monogatari didn't also have it's moments of looking weird/stilted.

>You will never live to see Kagenui vs. Bazett