What is the IDEAL breast size?

What is the IDEAL breast size?

Anything bigger than the girls' head is good. Anything smaller is on a case by case basis. Flat is unacceptable.

This is good.

Warm, friendly, and wants to get fondled is the best size.

the objectively true and decisive answer


I've never understood the appeal of titty monsters, A-C relative to body size is prolly the prime range

Size isn't everything, enjoy tits in all the packages they come, my brother

A to C, beyond that is disgusting

Same with teh ass I hate big asses.

i like everything smol but to each his own

Anything is fine but bigger the better
H cups and higher is the best

Budding mounds.

Thanks, Chapolin.



Probably this

Minori sized.

Too flat

fun sized

This is the perfect breast size.

My waifu's size.

It's all about the shape, not the size.


All of them

No breasts at all desu.

t. Chief

The one that gives you a boner.


They've got to at least be triple digits.

Also correct

B to C


If they are as big or bigger than my head, it is ideal.
A fine opinion as well.
These are great examples.

Really now.

full hand size

Perkiness is more important than size.
That said, a little below head size or else it starts to look silly. Exceptions exist, such as gif related.

Slayers is pretty inconsistent with that. Amelia's size can vary from "almost flat" to "almost as big as her head" from scene to scene.

E cup like Sakura.

I know it's bad to ask, but sauce please

You damned lolicon.


Just big enough to fill out a sports bra, right about the size that is only a little bit bigger than you can easily grasp with a hand.

Big enough for a good titty fuck

This was supposed to be the first reply.
Fuck you all.

There was variation depending on who was drawing the key animation for the scene, but I think there was a gradual increase in size from season one onward. At first she was about a B cup, then went up to about a C cup. She also looked different depending on what clothes she was wearing at the time. Like in she may have been wearing a strapless push up bra underneath, so she looks bigger than usual.

I love her breasts: not cowtitted but still generous for her body frame, and so very soft-looking.

From absolutely flat to A-Cup maximum

This is the ideal female form.

>she never got the dick
To this very day my balls still have just a little bit of blue in them that will never fade.

Irish leave

That depends on the rest of the body. There's no ideal size, just good sizes for a particular frame.



All sizes

>What is the IDEAL breast size?
Flat is genuinely my ideal

This looks just right.