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>brainlet readers who still project onto Paradis and feel like a part of the SL think Marley started the war
Eldia started it centuries ago then King Kek tried to pretend they didn't attack and oppress the rest of the world and save himself by hiding on Paradis. Eldia started it and deserve to be exterminated. They aren't even human anyway.

Rest in Peace Best Girl

Annie, Gabi and Hisu need to live.

King Kek did nothing, quite literally. All of the Coordinate Kings seemingly did absolutely nothing. But that also means he didn't do anything to stop the other Shifters, yes.

Maybe Ymir Fritz created the titans by cutting her brain in 9 parts, the nine brains started to9 think and then they were titans?

>Eldia started it
Marley propaganda got you, user, theres nothing we can do anymore

Him and Hanji as the new FT went to go hijack a Zepplin so they can demolish Liberio when the Marely reinforcements arrive

King Karl freed Humanity from titan rule, though. He didn't start the fire but he tried to fight.

Sad to see you still project onto the main characters user. Elida conquered and killed. They must be stopped. King kek knew it.

>there are people who fell for the marley propaganda

>So it's 100% confirmed that Annie was eaten because Eren was trying to eat the crystallized WHT right?

Her only chance of survival is having changes sides, which is unlikely but would make a cool reveal.

But it would be cooler to see another character turn into the FT.


>Marley seeks to destroy
>Paradis seeks to survive

is this pottery?

Zeke is talking to Levi.

this is like killing all the germans for what the nazis did

walldians did nothing wrong and marley is reaping what they sowed or however that saying goes

but didnt the eldians communists find out Eldia was actually a nice country? and that everything else was marley propaganda to discredit them?

>post yfw "Eren is working alone"

>walldians did nothing wrong
They aren't human. You don't need to defend them. They are the children of the devil, evil to the core.

>ereh is bad guy now!


>Liberians seeks to destroy the ones mass murdering them.

>But it would be cooler to see another character turn into the FT.
no, it won't, I just fanservice at this point. I prefer Eren gathering powers than "It would be cool to see X character as the FT"

>the islanders should die for the sins of their ancestors

Bullshit, the entire world was butchering itself 79 years ago, then they stopped when the war was over and everyone moved onto the next problem

Committing genocide 100 years later for a superweapon is fucking retarded

asians aren't eldian and ackermans probably wouldn't be affected by titan shifter fluid

Except he was, and forced the SL into action if they didn't want to lose their trump card

They deserve to die because they are children of the devil. Inhuman monsters. Them starting the war is unrelated but still needs to be established.


>a superweapon
Which Marley seeks to destroy, so the bloodthirsty bastard with it don't kill millions.

>just fanservice at this point

Well yeah, you need to give people something from time to time. And Eren wouldn't gain much from eating FT, although it's possible if the idea is for him to eat everyone.

And that kind of attitude is the exact reason Eren will kill millions of people in an attempt to conquer the world

The world is out to get him and his people, so naturally he has to fight back

youre really buying into this children of the devil marleyan shit propaganda arent you, user

holy shit

They decided that as of a few days ago, when Reiner, Annie, and Bert first attacked they wanted to actually use it

spbp. Every single time eldians are in power they abuse it.

Not propaganda. They are monsters. Humans can't turn into didans. Humans aren't linked to paths. They are giant monsters that devour and kill people.

So who has the Female Titan power now that's confirmed that Annie is dead?

That's fine. Monster is as monster does. I just hope the edlian menace is ended ny the time we reach the conclusion.

srsly strawmanning at this point, clearly a marleyan troll

>now that's confirmed that Annie is dead?

>Sup Forums falseflagging

How is it warhammer titan has all these asspull powers? Why is attack titan such a piece of shit?

>you need to give people something from time to time.
Maybe in a normal shonen, not in this type of stories. If Isayama wants to work with the moral ambiguity and tragedy of war, he shouldn't use this type of tropes.

>BTFO by Russian
>BTFO by british
>Accomplished absolutely nothing.

>Zeke and Eren will pretend they're fighting
>Zeke will scream out and hundreds if not thousands of mindless titans will appear
>he paid a dodgy doctor to inject people with the serum under the guise of a vaccine
>Eren will scream in return and the titans will come to their aid
>begin rampage

threadly reminder that best girl is the ONLY one carrying the Marley team and saving everyone's asses while the rest of them job hard and put themselves in danger

>have 2000 years of experience all inherited through memories
>have the current holder train diligently to protect her nation

Armin a cute.


>Anniefag in denial

It's time to let go.

Armin a psychopath.

he also a koff tho

>Now that's confirmed that Annie is dead?
The absolute state of Anniefags

>when your bitch bodyguard / caretaker complains about you killing innocent people even though you're only in the first timeloop


Yeah I can't see why anyone would want Eldia to triumph aside from projecting onto the main cast because we saw their story first.

>Accomplished absolutely nothing.

Except killing 73 million people in the process

You should never give up on perfection.

So who will win?

Yeah, that.

even in death, she is perfect.

>posts two famous losers in an attempt to defend/promote Eren
I mean sure they had some wins along the way but in the end they lost.

nah, the thread just hit bump limit

*Protagonist powers your path*

She isn't dead.

Post the endgame

According to an user's dreams, Armin will kill Gabi. How would you feel about this?

I didn't say Eren was going to win, I said he would kill a fuckload of people trying to win

you shall never dwell on it user

I want to kiss those lips


No. We have a chapter. Go back to tumblr to circlejerk over ships. Discuss the chapter.

Did you photoshop out the joints?

some accept it some of doesn't, guess anniefags are divided then?

Calm down, Flocke

Annie is alive and I will be smug when she returns.

>Except killing 73 million people in the process

That's not a nice accomplishment.

Yes, but I missed the neck seam.


>falling for butchered history

>Final Arc
>Moral Bankrupt Protagonist
>Not common narrative

A protagonist can die, don't be so sure...

That image reminds me of the Death Note opening kek do you have the one with Bertl? I seemed to have lost my copy of it.

It is the true history user. Consider the alternative. Eldians are just perfectly moral mary sues since day one? Isayama isn't that much of a hack. Eldia was evil and it oppressed and slaughtered the world.


>Annie is alive and I will be smug when she returns.
I won't care about being wrong, Annie returning would be a gift from Isayama.


here you go friend

t. Island devil

I'm looking forward to Gabi destroying the lights like a retard which leads to Armin nuking a ton of innocents.

Armin will save Falco.

>98 comes out
>can't wait for 99
>99 comes out
>can't wait for 100
>100 comes out
>can't wait for 101
>101 comes out
>can't wait for 102
>102 comes out
>realize that the real meme chapter will be 104


fucking kek

God bless you.

Why would Gabi waste the bullets on something she can't see and ignored? If Armong is bombing Liberio the plan already is to kill a ton of civilians.

It is just SL loving turbo autist redditors wanting Gabi to suffer more for her sin of being mean to kebabs and not being on the same side as their favorite character, levi.

I really hope Armin doesn't bomb Liberio. It would go directly against what Jean told Flocke, which is to minimize damage done to civilians. And I can only assume that's Hanji's orders, thus I don't see Armin straying from them unless he really thinks killing a bunch of innocent Eldians is ideal.

So what's the bodycount going to me? Reiner and Falco are obviously both still alive, Gabi is going to kill SOMEONE, Reiner is guaranteed to die at some point.

We already know all of the warriors are going to die, except maybe Zeke, so let's focus on which scouts will die instead
First for Sasha, she's long overdue

>realize that the real meme chapter will be 104

>I don't see Armin straying from them unless he really thinks killing a bunch of innocent Eldians is ideal
I mean, he would definitely do it if his boy Eren told him to.

I think the same. They will appear in a small plane to rescue Mikasa and the others.