SSS-Tier Shounen Fights

Literally only the best shit there is. If it isn't in your top 3, don't post it.

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Please don't stop.

Most brutal fight in the series. Pulse pounding action, some of Araki's best choreography. Really underrated.

Itachi vs sauske is up there too



The only goods so far.

>Not Ippo VS Sendo 2
That fight was the greatest fight in the history of anime/manga

Even though they tended to be short and few and far between, the fights in Moribito were all great

dude i like the manga and all, but the noumu fight isn't SSS tier
It’s a shame about Madhouse not animating season 2, but I’m still glad about Season 2 existing, JC animation or not


The boros fight was pretty underwhelming and even more when compared to the manga's

>fighting on the batcave

>Jojo Part 6
>best anything

Contrarians will say it's overrated but I don't care. Intelligent fighting, engaging dialogue, good characters, and loads of really satisfying, meaty hits.


>okay this is my stronger form!
>loool one punch
>okay this is mt STRONGER form
>loool one punch!
>okay this is my STRONGEST FORM!!!

This isn't even what happened. At all

I liked it until the very end where Jotaro wins because he can stop time too. I get that they stablish early that they have the same type of stand, but its still an underwhelming way of ending such a good fight.

actually that's exactly what happened but okay buddy
bro magnets lol
duude my stand can stop time now
woah he punched him a lot and his afterimage arms flew around
woahh the body of the dude he is punching is showing the impacts without showing the fists!!
I've seen this 10 times now and it's so epic every time!!

>okay this is my stronger form
Wasn't a new form, he just didn't have his power limited
>This is my stronger form
A powerup in a shonen? Holy shit
>okay this is my STRONGEST FORM
He didn't have another form after meteoric burst

I suppose. Different people, different opinions I guess. I just personally like it in fight scenes where they play the opening theme again during the battle, it never fails to get me hyped.

You forgot lining all his goddamn article of clothing with VOLUMES of SJ

sorry my bad how could I forget that he only had two super strong unleashed forms instead of three.
wtf I love one punch man now!

Did you just ignore my post you mouthbreather?
He only had 1 powerup form. The other "form" was just him without his power limiting armor

Not most brutal. But it was ok
Part six has the best JoJo.


>suddenly they fly like it's dragonball with no explanation and never do it again after
>jotaro can stop his own heart for minutes and be fine while dio is somehow above attacking a corpse just to be sure
>star platinum asspulls time stopping so the fight can become just another slugfest instead of anything remotely creative
It's filled with memorable moments, but it's a lazy ending to a lazy arc that did little to show off the value of stands.

I'm still not really sure on how that last part worked. The road rolla drops on, what, 7.5 seconds? And Jotaro finally gets his punch in on DIO at 11 seconds. So, two possibilities exist - either Jotaro stopped time for about four seconds (in which case, what the fuck, it's taken DIO months to get to five) or the ability to move during stopped time and the ability to stop time are separate, and this is the first time he ever does the latter, literally stopping time within already stopped time, and moving out from below the road rolla.

I'm not sure which one it's meant to be, honestly, because I lean towards believing it's the first one as a classic Araki asspull, but Jotaro explicitly says that he stopped time at nine seconds - at which point SP had already been punching for a while.

>suddenly they fly like it's dragonball with no explanation and never do it again after
anime only. They jumped with their stands, the anime just exaggerated it

yes you're right bro the power upgrade that upgrades his power, fighting style, and appearance is totally not a like a new form at all.

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>only adresses one point
>the point that doesn't change the fact that the fight was ruined in the best medium for fighting scenes

>Taking off clothes is a new form
>Taking off the armor before he's even fought somehow changes his fighting style


>taking off power limiting clothes isn't like moving into new form
>autism reaction image
super ebim

>suddenly they fly like it's dragonball
They didn't in the manga, or in the OVA
>jotaro can stop his own heart for minutes
It lasted a few seconds at best

But it's not. Removing limits isn't a form. By your logic adding and then taking off training weights would be a new form.
I guess Goku and Picollo got new forms when they fought Raditz. Or when Goku took of his weighted clothes against Tenshinhan in DragonBall. By your logic they are removing power limiting clothes


keyword: like
yes it is actaully pretty much exactly like moving into a new form.
for example, imagine if Frieza didn't move into a new form and instead he was wearing clothing that limited his power. He still did the exact same things and gained the exact same amount of power upgrade.
would you now say the fight is judged like he never did a bunch of form upgrades?

Well, there is an explanation for the flying thing (that it's not flying, they're Stand Leaps) but it does look ridiculous in the anime in particular, where a single leap can last over a minute in screentime. Also, there's the one time where they start getting pushed into the air from the force of the stands punching. Anyway, it's a longstanding tradition for JoJos to get gimped when outside of their own part, so no Stand Leaping all over the place for Jotaro in DiU and SO.

I think Jotaro stopping his heart is meant to only last a few seconds, it's just more "talking is a free action" like in stopped time. DIO literally does attack his "corpse", the ploy was only meant to make DIO confident enough to go for a melee hit rather than killing him from a distance.

SP has had timestop foreshadowing before this. DIO uses Hermit Purple at one point, and the implication is that he just has copies of the Joestar bloodline's Stands. Therefore, if The World can stop time and is a copy of Star Platinum, it stands to reason that SP can stop time.

Yes. He just accessed more of his power. Again by your logic he got a new form when he stopped limiting himself in his final form. For the majority of the fight he was only using 80%

can you really not see that it's basically exactly like a form upgrade though?

You didn't say like in your original post. You said it was a new form

The entire N'doul fight was everything I love about part 3, a completely vicious and malevolent stand user posing an insurmountable threat and not realizing what lengths that Jotaro/the protagonists would go too to survive.

The interaction of dumb asshole Iggy and Jotaro was hilarious also.

That ova looks so good. Its a shame that they didn't properly adapt all the manga on that style

the post was supossed to read as if
>this is basically what the fight was
so if that's basically a form upgrade
that's basically what happened in the fight.

>Backpedaling this hard

it isn't backpedaling if that's the point that I started with. not my fault you're so thick that you didn't get it till I told you.


>jojofags ruin yet another thread with their self-obsession

The lack of music in the first fight is perfect.

>people can't stop talking about this fight
>finally get to see it by myself
>underwhelming as fuck
>inb4 the themes behind the fight was the important part
Nah, the fight was shit.

Why did Naruto get all the good animation while One Piece is barely above power point tier

This is the most pure concentration of kino there is

>he's so new that he just ran out of shows to watch normally 3 months ago
yeah your amazing Sup Forums reaction images surprise me!

You do realise that your entire argument broke down about 5 replies ago right?

To be fair Naruto is only this good once in awhile. I abandoned this show a long time ago but it was very satisfying to watch their fight. It's a glimpse into a world where Naruto isn't shit.

ye it broke down because you have a neanderthal brain and I had to go out of my way to explain it.
now that you made me explain my entire specifics, you can just say I changed my point.
it's a good thing you have downs.

You even admitted it yourself that it broke down when you conceded that they weren't new forms. But now you're suddenly backtracking because I called you out on it

i literally
explained this to you already.
here I'll even give it you again again, because you didn't understand this doesn't make it wrong.

Could you both just kiss and move on? This is getting autistic. You're both anonymous for christ's sake and neither of you are conceding points so why even bother?

Better HxH fight

why would I ever stop if I'm correct?

You could easily make a feature-length movie of just this fight.

Give up that user is right you fucked up here It's over you're finished. user 1 wins the argument

why samefag? all this means is you get to ignore this post again wanna understand it now?

user why do you make me suffer so, I'm trying to read the series chronologically but the first series has such slow ass updates. Should I just watch the anime adaptation so I can continue with the rest of the series?

t.average_delusional_faggot_from_Sup Forums

I average 100 (You)'s per day now that Franxx attaracts stubborn retards.

>Should I just watch the anime adaptation so I can continue with the rest of the series?
Yes. I'm sorry, but there's no way that we will get more than 20 volumes done in the next few years unless we get more personnel - even if I went 10 times as fast as I move now. The anime is your best possible option at this point in time. The only thing that you'll miss is Baki and Kozue kissing once, and that's barely significant enough to warrant my spoiler. Please, read and enjoy the rest of the series. Maybe our constant crowing will one day lead to the Baki franchise getting a proper, licensed manga release in the West.

from the desk of the translator

Not triple S tier fight but since thread is derailed anyway i might as well post fights that i like personally.


Gash Bell will never have a proper anime.

This and the Perfect Cell vs Goku were my favorite fights in DBZ.
it was actually pretty badass to see Gai of all people fight Madara

excuse me but don't you mean ZATCH bell, you fucking retard??

I appreciate the honest answer, also thanks for your hard work translating such an enormous story. It's just so far there has been so many fantastic moments from baki like his fight with Hanayama, Gaia, and especially his first real fight with Yujiro. I was just looking forward so much to it, I mean I'm patient enough. I'll watch the series, and I will still wait patiently for the scans.

Also user another question, do you think the new anime of Baki might peak interest maybe getting possibly more help in the future? Or do you think Baki is just a series that most people see as too unique?

This fight is cool as a spectacle, some really great shots and choreography, but there's zero tension or reason to care, still great though.

Are you the same moron who keeps spamming this?

You're probably a disgusting spic or something.

This fight was really fucking good, I like all the real world tactics, use of environment, and genuine unpredictability about where things would go.

>do you think the new anime of Baki might pique interest maybe getting possibly more help in the future? Or do you think Baki is just a series that most people see as too unique?
I think the fact that Netflix bought the rights to its release in both Japan and the US is a good sign, and a good first step in that direction. I'm going to be shilling the fuck out of the show to friends and relatives once it's out. I think that, if the reception is broad enough, some company like Vertical will take notice. I don't think that it's too foreign to get picked up because, believe it or not, even extremely popular hip-hop musicians (RZA and friends) have been shown to be fans of Baki in some capacity. You get guys like that to make a few testimonials on social media, and you've got an almost guaranteed hit with the manga.

Takamura vs Hawk and Sawamura vs Mashiba topped it for sure.

that shit was hype as fuck the first time

Too bad there was no budget devoted to it

Saitama vs Beros

Piccolo vs 18

True bankai ichigo vs vasto lorde ulquiorra battle

ippo vs sendo

drunk lee vs kimamiro

Sasuke vs killer bee

madara vs everybody

MHA: Deku vs. Todoroki

Perfectly encapsulated in one anime episode, it's non-stop action and drama from start to finish.

That's not even the best fight in Bleach.

it literally can't be surpassed. art.

Still hasn't been topped.

Fuck off you cancerous Narutard.

>only one person has posted Gash so far

Let's fix that.

Also, The Gaara vs Rock Lee fight isn't even that fantastic. It's good, don't get me wrong, but it's not like in the top 5 best fights in naruto, let alone shonen as a whole.