My Hero Academia

Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Mirio is best boy?

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He’s a good kid, I wish he was introduced better though. He kind of came out of nowhere and became a main character for an arc before we had time to get to know him

No but he is a good boy

we did, the yakuza raid started a couple of chapters after his introduction

reminder that frog is worst girl

Best character in the entire manga.

All boys are best boy
All girls are best girl

There is no nothing best in being a janitor and a babysitter kek.

so will this youtuber villain join the league

even Mineta?

>New character with time manipulation powers is about to be introduced
The shitposting in this arc is somehow going to be worse than the Yakuza arc isn't it?

Mineta isn't a very good boy.

Otherwise I can dig it

you got to be pretty dumb to not see him getting his quirk back

the shitposting never stopped after the yakuza arc

He is the best boy to laugh at.


Defend this spinoff-fags

Only desperate and delusional miriofags would believe he would come back. It's time to face the truth miriofags just like how mirio faces the truth that he is now quirkless loser forever.

Oh I know, but during the actual arc the shitposting was the most intense. During the SOL chapters we've had since then the shitposting has been pretty tame.

The best part is that eri is going to be there too user kun.

Have your (You) and get out

The bestest and cutest

it's sweet

It depends, if the character is actually fun and interesting, I don’t think it will be that bad. Plus we don’t even know how his quirk works yet.

It belongs in the garbage like the rest of that fanfiction

Mirio is fucking great and so is everyone else.

You have no idea how long I thought the girl was carrying the boy in this picture.

In his own way he is best boy.

>Vigilantefags actually believe that this trash is better than bnha

God, that little girl is just a bundle of bad writing waiting to happen. Hori really should have just let the VA kidnap her.


>waiting to happen
She already happened, and now she is going to ruin the cultural festival and give us a shitty arc again

Best at being the worst maybe. Which I suppose is a form of being the best

Yeah I should have said more bad writing.

I'll gladly take a double jump over bullshitting your way out of mind control through plot armor and O MY POWER FROM WISHING and O MY REWIND QUIRK


>Mirio's dreams go down the toilet
>"Smile you are becoming an outstanding hero"
m-my heart


What is even the point of Popstep. Cower-Man and the Maniac do all the job.

In the end i just kind of traced the Jojo, but still here it is, a Tokoyami with his stand.

Crawler is pretty shit at using his quirk, since he needed Ingenium to teach him how to fucking brake properly
It wouldn't be that surprising if more of his thoughts about how his quirk works are wrong

underage butt

shit fanservice

are you gonna post your shit taste in every thread


Knew this was shit the moment momo was in goddess tier. Also,
>anything but shit tier

>mount lady
>not goddess tier

Throw this into the fucking garbage.

Wew lad

>Crawler will reveal more asspulls in the future
Shueisha please just cancel this shit comic already

>not liking a magical granny who can accelerate your healing from broken bones to a matter of hours

Shit taste detected

he's just trying to bait people , don't respond

Everything is wrong with this list. Why is Cammie even so high?

fucking perfect
keep doing your shit kendofag

Hysterical strength. The same reason why moms can lift cars off of their children.
Quirks seem to work like muscles, in that they get stronger from repeated training. It's not completely baseless for them to be powered up by adrenaline.
Also remember that Koichi was always able to use his quirk on air, but his ability to was repressed by repeated beatings from his mom. He was conditioned to not think of air as a surface. In that moment of emergency, his body acted on its own and did the thing it could always do, but Koichi never knew.
The reason why Koichi can only fly about 30 centimeters after the fact is because he doesn't have as much adrenaline pumping.

Info gathering (she can ask her fanbase to help them get info, like when she told people to pose with their tongues out to search for trigger users)
And she can hop up to high places to get a good vantage point to look for stuff
Also butt

>but his ability to was repressed by repeated beatings from his mom

What a nice mom.

What's shitposting about listing all the asspulls from the main series?

>Hori blew people the fuck out again thinking we'd never see Eri after the Yakuza arc
>Now they're sperging like idiots before the chapter is even out
What is it about her that makes retards go ballistic?

So yeah it seems Vigilantes is selling relatively well for a spin off mango, Anime when?

i don't have any complain

Read slower next time user

I regret clicking on that link.

Is it? I honestly haven’t been paying attention.

That's some really good coloring. Sauce?

I ain't clicking that shit m8

>popstar goddess
>Putting an exhibitionistic law-breaking attention-seeking slut who has a generic tsundere personality with a generic romance story that is written by a 12 year old who just started reading love stories that is been drawn lazily by a copy cat nobody who just started his drawing career.

The latest volume sold like 20--30k iirc in the first few days of release. For a spin off manga that's pretty good

shit tastes


Says the person who enjoys the idea of something getting stuck up his dick hole.

Everyday until canon.

That's cancellation numbers for even a shit company like DC comics let alone for a fucking monster like Shueisha. It won't last long.

>Grew up with a shit quirk (at the time) that apparently only let him move at bycicle speed, might as well be quirkless
>Still spent his childhood defending other kids from bullies and picking up trash for the community
>Complete collection of Allmight hoddie merch

Kind of puts Deku on a bad light.

>Deku inexplicably breaking out of mind control after seeing some spooky OfA ghosts
>Nothing even remotely implied about it in All Might's descriptions of OfA, he even admits to never having seen anything like it
>Somehow it's not an asspull tho

It's a spin off manga it's not gonna sell tons of copies, it's doing fine.

Says the hypocrite who likes mouth, vagina, and butthole insertion but not urethral insertion.

His mom's quirk is long range airslaps right? Wouldn't that count as foreshadowing?

The inside of the butt has the prostate which can create good feelings.

The urethra has no such thing user.

A lot of characters put Deku in a bad light.
Koichi, Mirio, Knuckleduster, Aoyama.
All we need is for a quirkless pro hero to show up and make Deku look like complete shit.

I love urethral insertion.
On women.

Why does Aizawa have the best reaction images, both official and fan art?

If you ever had a catheter in you wouldn't say bullshit like that.

Aoyama isn't quirkless though. His body just can't properly control his quirk, so he needs special gear.

Knuckleduster is a full grown man, and those other 3 all have quirks.

>expect to see the boys breakdancing
>instead get more Eri and Mirio

Who is in this picture guys?

> he even admits to never having seen anything like it
How does it feel to be retarded user?

What are you talking about? The inside of a penis is very sensitive. You feel good when you pee, right? Same shit here.
Why only women?
I sound myself all the time, feels good man.

Aoyama's quirk is OP as fuck you moron. His body is defective and can't put a stop to it otherwise it's fucking strong. In fact it might even be the most destructive quirk from the entire class.



spoilers said he's a villain with time stopping powers

It's the new villain, Gentleman. A Youtube vlogger villain. Haven't you read the spoilers?

Well okay, I'll tell you why since we're anonymous, but you have to promise not to say anything mean, okay? The truth is, user, I'm...I'm heterosexual and also not even a faggot and I also don't even suck dick

Killer Queen


>e-celeb villain
>time manipulation quirk
The arc had hardly even started and I'm more worried than hyped.

I'm confused but if Ojiro put his dick inside hagakure will his dick be see through or not?

Of course not. We can't even see food go down her gullet how are we going to see cock?

I hope user is happy.
Taking one more request


According to the orgy doujin yes, but according to any sane indication about what her power does, fuck no, or you'd see her chewing and digesting her food.