What's she gonna do with THIS sudden turn of events

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this page gives me deja vu

great start for the series to comeback from a hiatus

Let me guess, Tomo is still a loveable dumbass

Title: Natural present

>I was so happy I completely forgot about his birthday...! I haven't gotten a gift or prepared anything at all! What do I do...
>I'm sure he'd be happy with anything if it was from Tomo, but...

>Well for now, how about trying to think of what kind of things you've given him before?
>Heh? Right...

>Our 1st and 2nd years of middle school we weren't hanging out, and 3rd year I felt weird about it and ended up not giving him anything... so I guess the last time I gave him a birthday present was our 6th year of elementary school

>Now what'd I give him then... a pretty stone? A cool stick? No wait... was it a bug?
>Let's just go ahead and forget all of that, ok?

i hate this series so much its just constant disappointment goddamnit

>She didn't gave him a shit in all these years even if he actually didn't forgot her birthday and gave her a gift
truly the worst

We're literally back to the beginning of the manga in tone and premise. I'm pretty happy that Fumita went back to this. Thanks for TL.


She's not the one that started ignoring him, user.

Hanging out with Kohsuke.

Getting her womb filled up with her cousin's sperm

>a bug

Tomo gave Jun side quest item which doubled his strength.

But even when they were already fine and in good terms with each other after the whole time they didn't talked each other she still didn't gave him a present

One year, because it was still weird after being ignored by him for a long while.


in the garbage where she belongs

Right here:

Get him clowns, Tomo. Everyone loves clowns!

A birthday blowjob? Or did Misuzu already plan on giving him that

>natural present
Aw yeah baby

Thanks dropout.
>A cool tree branch


but I ordered Katsudon

You will have your Shimaidon and you will like it.

>1 hour and 30 mins
>26 posts
>the posts throughout the night will all be faggots bumping the thread off page 10
The absolute state of tomo-chan

welcome to the machine

What's the problem here?

Is tomo-chan back? Where can I read it since batoto died?

i wonder


Busy making grandchildren.


See you tomorrow.

Think this series will ever get an anime?



It will. Probably 12 episode series. Its not like theres a lot to work with. Maybe two 26 episode seasons if it was Kyoani.

What is the proper way to fuck a tomboy?

Through a hole ripped in her spats

Holy hell I didn't realize how much I missed these two idiots and the she-demon.

The only correct answer is your love

luv u bby gurl

In the dark in the missionary position hands held for the purpose of procreation, locked legs required.

She gives a gift that only she can give and no one else, her virginity .

Realistic presents:
Something useful for every life
A new game for the newly returned Gameboy

Sup Forums style presents:
Your used bath water
Sweaty tomboy virginity
Misuzu daki

Present Fumita is too pussy to add:

don't fucking test him

>> kissu
I want it to be this so bad.

In public, under a bridge, hands against the wall.
Skirt hiked up, spats down and stretched around her powerful thighs, gripping her hips.


Gangbang on the battlefield after you've overcome her.

Tomo should give him a kiss


This needs to happen


rly makes u think

What if they overcome you?

It's a win either way in my book.

Its been bugging me that misuzu and tomo looks different, then i noticed that misuzu is wearing her school jacket and tomo doesnt have her sleeves rolled up.

Then the situations are reversed.

>Natural present
What a deceiving title.

what do you think the author will write for other gooks

she will not be his first.

>was it a bug
I'm sure Jun mind if Tomo gave him the bug.

>Sup Forums style presents:
>forgot her smelly, sweaty used spats
Are you even trying?

oh Tomo, so silly.

>a cute girl will never gift you a bug for your brithday

fucking FUMITA I swear what a MADMAN

Tomo is such a shitty neighbor and childhood friend.
What kind of excuse are those? They live next to each other, why she didnt gave him presents during middle school?


I forget how boring Tomo can be see you tomorrow

>implying she hasn't already given that to misuzu

As I said last night, I bet she will just chicken out and buy something similar to what Jun bought her.

Naked apron, naked apron!

I believe it's called the meatpress.

that's just the wrapping

her birthday was probably skipped first.

No user it's the mango press

Did she gets sunglasses?


Speed goggles

Like these.

FUCK! I meant mating press. but now that I think about it, cowgirl is perhaps a better position for a tomboy.