After the Rain

Wow, I haven't been legitimately mad about an anime in a long time. But I'm mad right now.

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because she rejected that guy super hard?

No, because he's a piece of shit. And I haven't read the mango, but it sure doesn't seem like he's done pestering her.

Good doujin fuel

She didn't directly reject him and he was about to hit and rape her if they weren't in a large group of people.

you're stupid, read the manga. this is actually the start of his character arc and there are very subtle hints that the two of them become friends after she realizes he's in love with his sister

episodes where so comfy until this guy got involved, did we really needed the extra drama with some girly playboy being an asshole to the MC?

Okay, I don't know why you felt the need to be insulting. I'm just going to stick with the anime though.

You don't understand, man. Like, say there's an anime with a cute girl in it. And then, like, a character who I don't like approaches her. Don't you get how that ruins the girl, and therefore, the entire show? I mean, dude, she's basically used goods at that point. It's just so upsetting to me when a perfectly good anime girl is, like, tarnished forever like that. And if she gets kissed on the cheek like that? Just forget about it, man. She might as well have HIV at that point, dog. It just makes me so frustrated when things don't go exactly the way I want them to in my Chinese cartoons.

It's, like, you didn't read my reply, man.

I would prefer a sweaty fat old guy to this asshat to be honest.

No, dude, I totally read it. But the thing is, like, it doesn't matter if the girl rejects him. She's already totally ruined if another male character gets interested in her. And it's so much worse if he gets physical with her, man. Like, him kissing her on the cheek totally invalidates her resistance in the situation. She might as well have stripped and spread her legs on the spot, and it wouldn't have made, like, any difference. Again, her clear disinterest does not change the fact that the show is objectively unwatchable now. Anime shouldn't do anything I don't like, ever.

The average Sup Forums poster is just jealous that they don't have the balls to pull off the kind of alpha moves he was.

>Anime shouldn't do anything I don't like, ever.
I didn't say I'm dropping the anime. On the contrary, I still love it, and I'm mad in the sense that I'm invested in the show and it provoked a response. To be fair, I understand why you would think otherwise, reactions on Sup Forums often being what they are.

I don't know why you're being obnoxious, otherwise. You're willfully misinterpreting what I said at this point.

Don't judge him too harshly user, you'll understand soon.

next episode should be better with the hamster stuff and Akira sneaking into Tenchou's apartment

>he's in love with his sister
His own?
Ending preview is out. There's yuri

What are you talking about, bro? I wasn't commenting on how anybody else reacted to the show, man. I'm just saying that I hate whenever some dickhead kisses, touches, talks to, or even, like, breathes the same air as a 2D girl I like. And whenever any of those things happen, the show is ruined forever. Anime is my safe space, where these sorts of things should never, ever happen. This show is bad because it did a thing I don't like! Akira is a dirty slut and this show is for faggots now!

Looks zany!

Was it rape?

They aren't blood related but he still knows it's a taboo so he's frustrated he can't pursue a relationship with her

That's even worse. Incestfags are disgusting subhumans

How many chapters was it? I remember very little of it.

wtf I love Kase-kun now

well too bad, you'll see more of him



No one's going to make doujins of this.

God damn that was a good shot.

I'm very surprised with the quality of this adaptation. I like the manga but I'm starting to look forward to every new episode of the anime more and more. Never would've really expected it with this story really, kudos to Wit.

Yes, Wit has done very well so far.

Kase's basically their shipper later.

I wish

>this is actually the start of his character arc
And dropped.

The fucking neck jesus christ. Somehow it never bothers me when I'm watching the show, but I can't stop seeing it in screencaps.

It's like you don't even watch the show
Here's a hint the last scene almost spells out to you what happened
She can't even tell the difference between the two dates in terms of how she felt. She convinced herself that she loves this old guy but now this new potential romantic interest is making her confused
t. actual girl

>Show was already flopping
>Add cucking

There's a quality Jingrock one

>this new potential romantic interest is making her confused

Stop making shit up. She feels no confusion. Her feelings for Kondou remain strong. Kase is a literal non-factor and ends up helping Akira get closer to Kondou.

young women are for young stud. Oldies of Sup Forums should fuck off already.

>After the Rain
Normalfags should stay away from Sup Forums

I don't get why people are mad about this. I mean I hate NTR but it was fucking nothing.

Reminder that Masami and Midori will make up, returning to each other as husband and wife.
Can't wait for the loving embrace shared between the two, with a deep kiss, and tearful words of sincere apologies for what happened.

These two still love each other goddammit.

Can't wait to see you get blown the fuck out by the story ex-wife poster.

*t. actual retarded girl

It's you who is going to get blown the fuck out, seething denialfag.

>ex-wife has only shown up TWICE the entire manga
>while Tenchou has admitted he's in love with Akira

lmao sure dude.

>Masami and Midori have known each other for (probably) over two decades, spending years building up their relationship, eventually marrying, and having a child together
>Masami and Akira have only known each other over the course of a year, not even seeing each other for days at a time

user, don't embarrass yourself any further.

>have lived completely separate lives since divorcing
>no indication whatsoever of them reconciling

You should follow your own advice.

>On good enough terms to schedule times they spend with their son and talk with each other amicably
>Midori is even kind of enough to let Masami know that she's got things covered and he doesn't need to worry so much
>living separate lives

Listen here you little shit, they are going to get back together. This is a FACT.
I swear that you are going to eat your words.

Another fucking show has NTR this season? What the fuck is happening, Japan?

Is this your first shoujo anime? They always add a dash of stupid melodrama like this.

No idea why people are so mad when this episode proved how loyal Akira is.

You obviously have no intentions of seeing things as they actually are, so go ahead. Time will tell how things ultimately end up.

You're the one who is being blind to the realistic outcome of this story.
Akira is a 17 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her. She's not going to waste it all on some 45 year old man that she barely knows.

She isn't his real sister.

Damn it, now that batoto is dead, and is trash I don't know where to read manga. Send help.

But Akira and Masami learn to know each other very deeply. I don't know if they will be together, but you are wrong to belittle their bond this way.

lurk for 2 years before posting

I am female but I am not retarded like you. Akira isn't attracted to Kase, wtf.

fuck off retard

I don't understand some people who are following this show. If you dislike the idea of this age gap love so much, drop it. I mean, sure, probably they won't be together, but we can't even absolutely exclude they won't become a couple. So, if you think this possibility is too much disgusting for you, don't watch it. I like well developed love stories, and if Akira and Masami will be together someway, I will be happy for them, because their romance has been properly developed, and she isn't a child, but a young woman with the right to decide the man with whom she wants to be. Now she is almost 18, when she is around 20, she could marry him.

they will become a couple*

Off yourself, I've been here long before your birth

I think what will happen after chapter 79, will show us if Akira really loves Masami, or if she is still using him as escapism. Indeed he asked her something she would never heard: if she really gave up on running. Akira always avoided her track team friends because this topic hurts her, so if she will start to avoid also Masami, well she really used him mainly for escapism.

Is this person serious?

I dropped the show immediately. It was like going to a steak restaurant and suddenly getting served a shit sandwich.

Kase isn't actually interested in her. The main purpose of their "date" was to have someone saying to Akira that she is only trying to fill the hole let from her leaving the track team with an obsession for an old man. I wonder how is possible most people didn't understand this. I guess they are only retards.

Considering Kondo’s premonition around ch 74 or 75, she’ll probably start avoiding him.

Could you tell me what he had thought?

The one who wrote this garbage looks really a pervert. How could he/she have these distorted and forced sexual fantasies watching some scenes? Disgusting how she/he is creating her/his own plot, based on her/his creepy imagination.

>read online, they said
>why you wasting bandwidth downloading manga, they said
>MangaTrader who? why go through the trouble of learning some IRC commands to sign up for Madokami, when there's batoto? it's gonna be there forever & ever

>On good enough terms to schedule times they spend with their son and talk with each other amicably
that's only because of their son.
i know because i have a friend who is divorced like this. although his relationship is worse.

>I wonder how is possible most people didn't understand this.
I didn't watch that far and I'm not going to.

Well why are you in this thread?

When is Akira undressed, for the manager? This never happened. I wonder why they write lies like this.

I already said why. I guess you are only a retard.

>I'm a girl!

No, you are just shitposting about steak and sandwiches.

I'm strangely hungry right now.

> tfw when you want to punch your tv screen, but you can't do that since it was expensive af

What kind of fanfic are you writing here? She loves the old guy, hardcore. She isn't confused about the dates. The reason the parallels exist is because she wants to relive the previous date with the one she actually loves. Just note how there's closeups of her fucking scar every single time she's with Tenchou in the date, and we know the scar symbolizes a love she can't reach (the other one being running).
Jesus Christ, if you're a girl, then you're a pretty stupid one. I'm sorry your previous experiences with men have been this awful.

This post is correct, even if it triggers Sup Forums. Women are children in adult bodies. They don't really know what they want.

>this whole post
This is why you're a virgin.

Wow, can't believe you have no arguments so you gotta shitpost. Can't wait for you to get btfo when the Kase-Akira thing goes literally nowhere, not even as love triangle, since you're making shit up.

He's honestly exaggerating the fuck out of everything.
There's a chapter a bit far down the road where Kase meets Akira and Kondou at a park with his sister and the shit about how he likes his sister is revealed, and Akira stops outright hating him. It's like 2 chapters, not an arc by any means.

I want to marry Kondou's ex and help her raise Yuuto!

You are a good man even though she doesn't need you.

Well, I can't deny it would be cute, if it happened. As long as both Akira and Masami are happy, I am okay with any kind of ending.

>t. speedwatcher who never read the manga
Kasse gets MANAGERED like 20 pages after this.

>btw im a grill ;)

aaaand dropped.

aaand fuck off

>After the Rain

This may be the last time I’ll see her for a while

Hello fellow females and allies

That's a really well behaved hamster

He dresses like an actual card-carrying faggot, I'm not worried about him