Buyfag thread


The Guide:


who's getting this girl (male)

Is he really popular

Hoping for new Makis at wonfes

I don't usually care for bikini figures because they're boring but I like that one for some reason.

It would appear she's getting used to being lewd. Will the next iteration feature an O face?

Is the new one getting any recolors?

I can't see them not milking it. I hope a red version is easier to get this time though, I'd probably cave and get one if I could finally preorder.

Gee, I wonder what's inside...

A book, clear poster, book, and CD.

You just ordered a fuckton of porn, didn't you?

He was an instant pre-order for me. Nice to see he's releasing the same month as Kazuma.

More like 51 books of drawn chinese pornography. Looks like customs was also interested in these. The box was literally tore open.


>kino nendo releases August
>have to wait till December for the normal figure

I won't drag it for long... here's the whole thing.

This is only half of what I ordered from C93, the rest is still at 2you4's warehouse.

Do people actually buy nendos? You cant fap to them

do you fap to every single one

idk what to say

The madman

I have one for Akari because she is cute

only poorfags buy nendos
or if you want a full collection for a waifu shrine

Don't be surprised if the books are hard to open, user. They might contain more than just binding glue

Eventually, yes. I can read at least 10 in one go. This is one of my favorites.

Chino is not for lewd

Welp, now that I've casually confirmed that they accept lewds I'm going to go fap to Nitocris.

insta pre-order for me.

How much amphetamine do you do?

who's getting this traveler

>That face he's making as he strokes the horn
Man, he really wants to blow that thing, doesn't he?

They charged my less than 900jpy for all their service. This whole order is the combination of at least 6 different packages from Toranoana and Melonbooks.

I just said it's my favorite, not that I fap to it.

Also, here's the CDs, for those wondering. I'm still entry level at doujin music, I guess the denpa thread at /jp/ will like these.

Geezus. Id' have been absolutely shitting myself with all that loli when my Comiket Order was delayed at customs.

I did get that newest Nitocris doujin though, nice taste user.

Oh but she's literally asking for it.

>tfw no micropenis to have intercourse with my figures

Just in time for valentines

How comes I can't find any PC version of the collector's edition? did they not make it for PC?

This are the loli-est douijns I could think of. I'm looking forward to next haul's Henreader, some nekomimi noja lolis, Sharo doujins and at least more SFW content.

Wish the guns were a little bigger.


I've always been curious about the pc gaming scene in Japan. Is it as hardcore as it is in the west? I always got the feeling they gamed on consoles and saved their pcs for visual novels.

Dang chinese sweatshop workers forgetting to glue arms and shit.

isn't that supposed to happen




stop spamming this every thread

>not fapping to the thought of presenting a girl with a penis that's the size of her whole body



the friction from her arm vagina doesn't hold it in by itself so i would assume not.

no thanks

Nigga you best be scanning that shit. As a hoarder of doujin you have that moral obligation to society! We're counting on you.


Because armpit.

Can anyone comment on this figure? It seems too cheap for how good it looks.

Honestly sculpted lips and eyes make this figure so extra pretty. Too bad it didn't work out for teh Rei

it's a prize fig

>those hair shadows paint strokes

So is Flare on the avoid list?

would fuck this jason

Are you the kind of person who automatically disregards prize figsures? That fact alone is almost meaningless, there is enormous variation in quality among different figures.

this guy's art style just doesn't translate well to figures for some reason

But if Jason (and in extension the okay Freddy) worked out well, why would the Japanese IPs get the short end of the sick more often than not? I mean I know >prototype but the Flare Rei came out with different lips and and hair colour. That's not even counting the paint stroke excuse for shadows.

He literally just means why it's cheap and didn't mention anything about the quality. That's down to you.

You'd fuck anything really.

What's the best armpit figures?

I guess I misunderstood, my bad

Some prize figs are less shit than others, sure. That Rei is simply a meh prize fig, what sort of analysis are you hoping for?

"meh" works
If you own one or have seen it in person, does it look like the picture I posted? I would be disappointed if I bought one and the quality was drastically different than I expected.

Japan has a very low overall PC per home ratio for a developed country

The recent Aion one looks pretty tempting but I also would like to be armpit schooled by Sup Forums.

>expecting quality in a prize fig
Doushio user

Practically nonexistant. It's why there's rarely ever ports except for ages after they release it on console. They just don't care.

I'm not expecting anything. That's why I posted here, to get input.

anything other than what I can see, that is

>loli-est doujins
>Not including the Prisma Illya doujin from your haul

>arm vagina

can you combine your transfer requests at 2you4?

Illya was born to be a slut, didn't really want to include her there.

Yes. When you create a new Transfer Request the last option allows you to add a comment. Siply put something like "Do not ship yet." and they will hold the packages for you.

Once you want to combine your stuff, send them a new Inquiry and tell which Order IDs you want to combine (you get an Order ID for each transfer request, it can be viewed at each order page once you create it).

I just do this

Rei is getting shipped to me currently and I’m just worried I’m not going to be satisfied with the quality. The actual sculpt looks great but my remorse comes when I see the paint.

Her bodysuit is supposed to be kind of translucent, but it just comes off looking like an out of place brown. It’s too deep in color I feel. The paint on her hair and face is an easy tell for how it fails to compare to even some prize figures.

I’m still hoping though. The finish of the paint on this fig is quite good. The transition from a dulled matte finish on her body to the bodysuit’s sheen and polished finish. You can see a nice example of this in where her face is even reflecting from her shoulderpad.

I’ll probably still like it though. Rei as a character is relatively bland and I’m glad that I can own a figure of her that looks more interesting than any ones before of her.

Nice blog, where can I subscribe?

what's with this blog?.


Don't mind those retards who can't discuss things and make meaningful posts.

Just sell it if you dislike it so much, damn it ain't that fucking hard.

Such a meaningless post, wtf just sell if you don't like it, not every scale will be a 10/10 what's wrong with you?.

No, a proper scan involves destroying the doujin.

The fact that you’re taking the time to respond to my post several times, and then ask me if there’s something wrong with me makes me laugh. I didn’t know that in three paragraphs not even directed at you, I’ve managed to make you so annoyed that you’re going to take the time out of your day to respond to this one too

Is there a way to edit the transfer requests after you have made them?

You know some of these smaller dolls can actually be really cute, it's a shame most of them cost a fortune though.

I think I saw that in amiami when I was in Japan and I wouldn't recommend it.

Don't know who told you that nonsense, but even just regular scans can be edited in post to be indistinguishable. I scanlate for the bread on my table, and half the raws I work with are whole doujin scanned non-destructively. Sure, it's more work for the guy that cleans it, but don't let some snob tell you that you gotta cut your shit up in order to upload it.

LOL holy shit and you dont even like Rei

Same here. Got her and she's one of my favorite figures in my collection.

Most retarded post I have read in weeks.

Do you ever wonder if your love for your waifu is real?
Will I still feel the way in years to come? Will the thousands of dollars that have been spent to bring myself a little closer to the 2D character I love be a waste when the spark is no longer there? Are you truly loyal if you hesitate each time you go to hit the order button for another piece of forgotten merch?

Are you the same person?.