What has been the anime of the decade so far?

What has been the anime of the decade so far?

you just posted it

Pic not related?

Probably Psycho-pass. It does the most right and the least wrong.

Everything about that image is me.


>sequel-bait ending
yeah no

K-On!! if you count 2010 as part of this decade. Otherwise Ping Pong

Unironically Madoka.

Did i ever claim it was?
Personally i think it's great, but unsure if i'd call it the best of the decade.

Season 1 had one of the dumbest endings I have ever seen.

Pretty much these
Other contenders are Kaiji S2, Shin Sekai Yori and The Tatami Galaxy.

Attack on Titan

Violet Evergarden

Pingdrum, Ping Pong or Space Dandy


>all these answers that aren't Pop Team Epic

It just has to be SAO.
This particular anime revitalised the entire medium that are animes. It's just so good, original and refreshing.
It even set the initial trend for isekai, which is one of the best tropes imho.

With or without understanding the show?

>Anime that hasn't even finished yet is already anime of the decade


Not on this decade nor the last.

It's just so good!

It had a perfect ending.


K-On is a masterpiece

To be honest PTE is a pile of shit people just pander because they need to be funny .

If you're a retarded casual sure

I'll see what the rest of this year and 2019-20 brings me, let the decade sink in for a year, and come up with a verdict around 2022. In order to be fair to it thanks all the same.

OP clearly said "so far" though


Euphonium, Shirobako, or Madoka.

contrarian as always

I can't imagine how mad Evafags are over the fact Madoka is simply the best, and did everything better.

I don't know if it's the best of the decade, but Steins;Gate made me completely change my mind about adaptations from VNs.

Without understanding, anime of the decade so far
With understanding, anime of the century/millennium so far

...but they came out in different decades.
Although I agree that Madoka is better.


Ping Pong.

I know that, but I just wanted to point out Evafags are very jealous on Madoka's success. They like to deny its fame as being overrated dark mahou shoujo.

Are people actually serious about this?

In terms of defining the decade, the answer can only be Osomatsu-san. Not only does it address our generation's obsession with short-lived fads, its rise and relative fall is an example of one. The sextuplet's inability to grow up and be a well-behaved part of society reflects on our own insecurities, making the show a source of poignant social commentary, or countless ways to ship the characters to hide from your own miserableness.

>Shin Sekai Yori
>Ping Pong
>Attack on Titan
>Violet Evergarden
Kill yourselves. Only one of these is even good, but a far cry from qualified for this.

Not necessarily the best series, especially if you consider both sequels, but it has the strongest message and will still be talked about for years to come.

Seconding Shin Sekai Yori (From The New World), great characters, great world and one of the best endings ever

>le meme surreal nonsense screencap

I am dead serious.
As much as Evafags deny it, you don't need to try that hard to be deep.
I have nothing against somewhat more complex shows, as long as the complexity is a natural consequence of the plot, and not the other way around.
Death Note is an excellent example.

Oh, and the pic you posted never happened in the show itself. It's a retcon made after he realized he fucked up the ending.

>only one of these is even good
wich one?

I know it's hated here but Kemono Friends kind of broke me when the director was fired.
I don't think an anime has gotten such a powerful reaction out of me before.

I will say this, EVA has some of the best directing and actual characters. Madoka just has running plot devices and YuYuYu did it better.


Not necessarily the best/deepest show but it was definitely the most memorable as far as this decade go.


>Death Note

The whole point of listing them all and saying just one of them is good is not to say which one. I meant Steins;Gate. But it's just a "good" time travel story, nothing more. The movie is trash.

Taking away the 'muuuh deep' shit from both sides, what message did you take from Madoka. Evangelion talks about connecting with people but I never heard about Madoka giving any message. Just being glorified for being 'deep' and 'pretty'.

>the movie is trash
no u

Yeah, that's the point bait-friend

Is it that good? People keep recommending me to watch it, but being a 2 cour show is quite a turn-off to me.

>Death Note is an excellent example

Sorry, but thinking Death Note is in any way complex invalidates your opinion. It was made for twelve year olds to understand and painfully spelled out for you at every turn. It would literally be a six episode OVA if not for all the shitty exposition.

Madoka > ping pong > made in abyss

>Made in abysmal
It's trash IMO

Flip Flappers.

>but being a 2 cour show is quite a turn-off to me.
What the fuck am I reading


no, not that good but it's absolutely worth a watch

t. brainlet

2000 - 2010 = KeiON!
2010 - 2020 = Love Live sunshine

all of you are shit

This right here. It's like what retards with 20 anime completed claimed K-On was 9 years ago.

A hamfisted cheesy blatant hollywood tier running the town scene is what makes something anime of the decade now. Amazing.
Not to mention that it's not even finished.

I enjoy the show but it has no subtely whatsoever. It's basically a popcorn flick.

>Not to mention that it's not even finished.
This makes claiming it's AotD even more fun.

>most important

The first half of SSY while I wouldn't call particularly bad, prevents it from being AOTD material, the only part that is really intriguing in the series is the fight against Squealer/
All the stuff about that kid who turned out to be a Karma demon was boring and in the end pretty pointless.

Not to mention the supar budget.



Are you the same no life faggot that brings up Madoka in every Eva thread?


Psycho Pass is a ""smart anime"" for dumbasses. If you actually use your fucking brain and think about it for a bit, you realize how retarded the plot and philosophy of the show is, but if you don't think at all and just soak in the tone it seems like it actually has a coherent point to make. It pretty much doesn't.

Ignore the movie, it's not even canon. It was made by White Fox to make some $$$


Kemono Friends

Shinsekai Yori is a swiss cheese of a story, filled with dumbass characters, rules which exist solely to justify ultra-telegraphed “twists”, and tons of badly directed and/or animated scenes.
It’s pretty much like Psycho-Pass in that it has a supposedly smart and intriguing premise, but quickly falls apart when even a side-glance of logic is cast over it. But at least PP was moderately more enjoyable to actually watch.

>Better than Ping Pong or K-On!!

China is one step away from implementing a real-life Psycho-Pass system. Don't let the technobabble and brains in a jar distract you, the series speaks to very real issues. That's like dismissing Minority Report because its precogs are mutant lolis. The lolis never were the point.


>Muh Message
If it's all about messages then captain planet is the best show ever. Thankfully good shows is not just about that is it?

This. I still remember the threads here when episode 2 aired people were acting like there were some incredible mystery while it was incredibly obvious what was happening from the start. I became convinced on that day Sup Forums was dead.
Now that I think about it, something similar happened with episode 1 of Princess Principal.

At its core, Ping Pong is nothing more than a dumb shonen manga story with "abstract" and "artistic" animation. The main characters are written flat as a board; some side characters are developed in far more interesting ways only to get unceremoniously discarded. If that sounds familiar to you, Yuasa just did the same shit again with Devilman Crybaby.

And K-On!! is an overly long cash-in on the popularity of its first season that adds nothing to the series.

Where was the twist? Only brainlets think there was a twist. There was a mystery but no twists. The fuck are you on about? None of the decisions they made in the early part of the series mattered. They were young and of course stupid but has psychic abilities. Brainwashing control was the only way humanity could survive without killing each other off just by thinking about it.

You didn't answer the question. What is the underlying message of madoka?

How are they flat? All the major characters are different at the start, different at the middle and different at the end.

>adds nothing to the series
I don't like K-On, but have you considered the possibility a series doesn't need to have meaningful development or even a story at all to be enjoyable?

It's been almost 10 years since R2 aired

see if an anime wants to ignore any logic and reason fine, no problem. But psycho pass wanted to be realistic and "deep". With clever ideas about justice and society.
But it was dumb as shit. nothing made sense, characters just acted randomly and the plot just happened to convey "the message".
wait until you are no longer underage and give it another go and see how retarded it is.

>anime of the decade
Our bar should be higher for that.

yojouhan shinwa taikei

It's a complex show user. I don't have to detail each one to you. If you think that each show can be narrowed down to a single muh message then you're beyond saving.

>no example or counterpoint
The only thing it has going for it is the allegory to the Christian version of Christ.

Evafags proving once again they're easily baitable. Say anything to imply it's not the best show ever and they'll retaliate within seconds.

Violet Evergarden


Definitely not OP.

I want to wed this girl, and make love to her every night.

the second season really shit things up