Why does Issei hate her so much?

Why does Issei hate her so much?

Issei is a fag and a traitor.

Because haven't you noticed she's kind of a huge bitch when Kuzuki isn't around?

So by that logic all she needs is a good dicking.

because issei is a literal faggot.
he hates everything with a pussy.

Because he is a loyal brother and wants to deny his crush on his brothers wife.

but why elf ears?

>murder all your children

Because she's a daughter of King of Colchis, niece of Circe, granddaughter of the sun god Helios and Perseis of Oceanus.

Ancient Georgians were basically elves.

Her aunt is cuter

It's cute

Oh yeah, I forgot he calls him Soichiro-nii

I thought she was Ukrainian?

Because you're not my mom!

He's a dwarf

When are we getting a proper romance anime about her and Kuzuki?

I want to make Caster a pregnant housewife

No, Colchis is Georgia. You're probably thinking of the Bosporan kingdom.

I just remember in HA Issei tells caster to go back to Ukraine or something.

issei is an idiot

Never ever although it's a good bet the cooking anime is going to have an episode about Caster learning to cook.


My dick needs this

As does mine

She can't cook or clean. She is worthless as a life partner. And she is old too who pushed out tons of kids of her vagoo already.

Lancer please, don't you have some middle schoolers to hit on?


Caster deserves happiness

If Emiya is so great why doesn't Issei marry him?

She gets in Carnival Phantasm.

How powerful is Medea in comparison to other casters? Being able to cast spells without saying incantations must be pretty OP.

His competition is too dangerous.

I'm evil! Stop laughing!

Shirou keeps turning blacker and blacker as the years go by

Losing ideals doesn't make anyone evil.

Sure you are. Now let me tickle you behind the ear.

>"Issei. Can you tell me about this unfamiliar woman? Is she from a foreign country, or is her face covered with something like a turban?"
>"What is that? We would kick out such a strange person. I don't know why you're asking, but she is a legitimate guest. My brother is happy that she might be an evil woman, but I strangely like her. I have only talked to her once, but she is a good person even if she may look evil."
>"Oh, wow. So asking the question was worth it, seeing how you're praising a woman. Did you fall in love with her?"
>"D-D-D-D-Don't say such a stupid thing, you fool! I admire a part of her that she doesn't notice herself. First of all, I cannot fall in love with the lover of the one I respect as my older brother, Souichirou"

In FSN he actually has a crush on her. In Hollow Ataraxia they turned him into an evil mother in law as a joke.

It's not entirely voluntary.

She's loyal. She can learn everything else.

Who could have a crush on this?

Now I am sad.

Cakes have achieved mainstream popularity.


To be fair, she was using magic on him. So she may have turned it off by HA time.

>moeblob housewife turned servant

Issei has a huge mancrush on Kuzuki. So he somewhat expects Caster to step up to be worthy of him.

You can order brides from Georgia.

Anyone man or woman who isn't a moron. Medea was literally perfectly designed for a tender and loving relationship filled with physical pleasure and emotional support, but was betrayed many times.

Despite this all she needs is for someone to show they care for her and Medea's best side can shine again.

Who is the most like that in Shirou's harem?

>no pregnant Medea pictures
What the fuck

Dumping this short story.




>friends (1)



Last page

Who else would friend her beside Souichiro?


Would Caster be as popular if she wasn't voiced by the Major, with her perennial sexy substitute teacher tones?

I doubt it! Because she's kind of a dumb bitch, as far as characterization goes. Even for a Fate character.

She doesn't know Kuzuki in FGO and has a crush on Jason. as adult too, she does jason dolls who treat her like a princess and shows up to save him and be tsundere in the temple.

She murdered her children, you know.

>She murdered her children, you know

Oh, she was just being tsun-tsun.

Can't imagine why

Medea was easy as fuck to swoon. She's waifubait from the get go. Any man whose name wasn't Shinji who found her after she killed gatorade, she'll ride him.

Shirou would have been a prize catch for her due his superhero ideals+shitting swords+will summon Seiba all the time under Fuyuki grail.

Maybe. I don't remember them coming across each other in any route. Sakura could give her homemaking advice.

Posting Caster (Medea).

Read Hollow Ataraxia

Shut up cuck. Go back eating like the fat fucking vermin you are.



Why is Sakura always so salty?





He doesnt want his brother to be corrupted by a evil witch!





caster is friend with sakura in hollow ataraxia


I should have realized that after posting the pictures. It's hard to remember when everything is cannon.



>Shirou and Kiritsugu can create magic circuits
>Shirou is a normal human being
>Yet Matoi line died out and nobody there has circuits
>Waver doesnt have much either
Fucking wot mate? Why wont they just create then like Shirou and Kiritsugu did? Why wont every new magic family without many circuits do it?

I dont get it.





A priest, an alchemist and a Buddhist monk walk into a bar




Kiritsugu method is basically russian roulette. Shirou fail ratio was like 90% and each time he risked crippling himself

How long will it take for Emiya to go full nignog?

>no Caster good end still
Why has no one fixed this image after all these years?

How many more games and VNs are you willing to buy?