Do you take inspiration from any anime character in your personality?

Do you take inspiration from any anime character in your personality?

No im not autistic.

Yeah Oreki

Personality is something decided from your birth.

Also matters how you were nurtured

I may take the occasional fashion tip but all in all no.

Yes but only the thinking pattern. I have a nonexistent social life so I don't have anyone to say cool one liners to

You can say it to me.


you need to have autisum to do that.

Nah your life affects your personality too, though it's mostly cemented by the end of puberty.

I try to maintain Akari's outlook on the world and finding wonder in ordinary things

When I was a super autist in my youth I would always try to imitate naruto's personality, to the behest of my pears. Of course I was ostracized from an early age and failed to make a single friend in my entire life. I look back to my childhood everyday and regret every single thing I have done and am considering suicide currently.

There just isn't anything left for me in my life, I flunked college, I have no friends, and I'm currently a NEET. I can't think of a single person more pathetic than me. So please for the love of god don't imitate anime characters.

having a personality is meaningless when you have no life

nice meme, personality is literally only nurture, take your pseudoshit to /x/

>tfw literally him now that i'm addicted to Xanax

Go watch Gurren Lagaan and man the fuck up faggot

>Man up
I'm sorry? what century are we living in here?

I wish I could be positive and make other people smile.


you cant "man up" by watching anime you faggot,

I try to be like toshinou kyouko. Having fun is the most important thing in life imo

I'd feel sorry for you, but you're a retarded frogposter so it's difficult.

If I don't see the hope in life, who will?

I am literally Hachiman

>watching anime
>man up

Pic related has always been an inspiration as someone who is timid. I can only dream I'll reach the level of charisma of Hououin Kyouma. I'm probably closer to Luka in personality though.

Personality =! Temperament

Nah, i used to imitate all those detective characters or fedora tippers or pretentious looking intellectuals before becoming an actual one. Thanks to doing that i gained popular reputation in my social circles and i even got admitted to one of the most reputed university with aid of merit scholarship. I used to do all kinds of research and lot of studying to uphold that pretentious aura in front of others, in the long run it somehow helped me attain a better life

Be a good guy sometimes but not all the time

>imitated detective characters
What? did you solve the case of the missing pencil case?

Sometimes I say "yare yare daze"

I tried to surpass Yukari in tank nerdiness.

C-can I?