Reminder, Kanna was popular enough to warrant her own spinoff manga

Reminder, Kanna was popular enough to warrant her own spinoff manga.

Has an anime or manga character ever received this kinda deal before? The only one that comes to mind is Umaru.

megumin got bakuen, I think elf and sword princess each got one in danmachi, the vice president got one in prison school, there's been shitloads

nope no character in the history of anime/manga has been popular enough to warrant their own spinoff Kanna is a one in a million miracle

Mary from Kakegurui

The million Eva knockoffs.

Megumin in Konosuba.

Ais in Danmachi.


Some characters not only get the own spin-offs but also take over their entire franchise.

>The million Eva knockoffs
What are you talking about, a knock off is not a spinoff and as far as I know no eva character has gotten a spinoff series about them?

>Megumin in Konosuba.
she got a spinoff? boy am i underinformed. whats it called? I've been really in the mood for more Konosuba type stuff

Pitohui gother own ln, manga and anime spinoff without being in source material, even. This is something.

Popular enough to warrant a spin off where he's still the main character.
Keep in mind that he's a male character.


Sena from haganai

Dude, it literally the first answer to the thread

This has happened with a ton of characters.

gee, i sure don't know any other character that got that kind of deal before

Go to Panda and search R34, there are quite a lot of characters that get the privilege


She's from eroge, though. Not anime or manga.

Do you know how many spinoff Kakegurui got?

0 good ones.

Elma got the same treatment.

Kaiji’s Tonegawa and DUDE WHO GOT SPIN OFF INSTEAD OF ICHIJOU for some reason each got spin-off manga. Tonegawa makes sense, but fuck me if latter doesn’t

Railgun girl.

Index has one- oh wait

Ashita wa Doyoubi is just a spin off of the three girl classmates from the Takagi manga. Doubt it was because they were so popular though, probably just the mangaka scratching an itch.

Fuck off dragonfag


Don Patch is the real one in a million. Have you ever heard of a main character being so popular he gets TWO series?

Wasn't there a spinoff for the popular girl from Watamote as well?

Well there's this. Started as an OVA and got two TV series. This sort of thing isn't exactly uncommon.

More than one, it also has a spin-off of a spin-off of a literally unnamed background character.

>the spinoff is better than the source material


Kanna is a cute


Spin-off of nothing but Tohru trying to go on dates with Kobayashi but ultimately settling for minute, ginger displays of affection amidst their every day activities when?

It's not the same without the voice.

Toki is Toki though.