What the fuck is this?

whatever the fucking its aimed at?

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I thought this was pic related. They had Lizard love in there.


>whatever the fucking its aimed at?
It was made for you user. Everyone knows your fetishes.

reptilians obviously

Is this second season worth watching
All i ever see is furshit posted


Second seasons and second of a trilogy are always red headed step children but they get you to the end I guess. If you think it’s going to get more seasons it’s worth watching. If not... the first season is solid and wrapped up.

pleb filter

>Is this second season worth watching
>All i ever see is furshit posted

So far yes, IMO. Seeing Ainz command his army of skeleton warriors with divine armor in the "royal procession of shock & terror" was awesome. And liked a lot the time dedicated to Zenberu, Cocytus and this last episode.

Let's see how well they adapt the Men in the Kingdom arc (both Sebas's adventures and the Demonic Disturbance/Invasions by Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth that follows later on.

"I can revive him from death, but he will have permanent autism."

>pic is lizards
is this seriously still going on? I genuinely dropped it until the what I thought mini 2-3 episode arc ended

Ascend and dragon cuck next week.

>mini arc
user, it lasted an entire book 4.

Why didn't Demi come up with a "work farm" idea yet?
>abduct a lot of whatewer kingdom people and put them in a camp
>give them rings of sustenance or buff with a same effect
>buff them with some quick learn/exp boost effects
>provide basic materials and order them to craft resources nonstop
>give them drugs as reward
>months later you have an army of loyal slaves with at least 5-10 levels in crafting jobs capable of producing ygdrassil resources for sale


slavery doesn't beget loyalty, drug abuse leads to mental instability

>i-i-it doesn’t count
Gun related magic will develop easier than shittier normal magic and expand to missile and bomb magic to replace stronger adventurers, there is no downside to it.
The cost is funded by the nation stop being stupid.

The Machina Kingdom is near.
>lv 100 machine player transported to NW
>area is cleared after confirming no big threats
>factories build to pump out lv1-100 robots of all kinds magical and non magical, separate ones for gear, items, bio weapons, etc
>research facilities for technological development and machine x organic experiments
>special factories for elite minmaxed machines
>gun, ammo and enchantment factories as main frontline troop equipment
>huge radars, barriers, warplanes, warships and space weapons positioned all around for defense
>normal and magic nukes of all elements being tested
>heavy pollution and rivers of radiation everywhere so no living being can enter the place normally
>undead are mechanized and grouped up to summon more undead to mechanize
>squads of 500K robots with nukes are airdropped constantly on the surrounding countries to expand the Machina Kingdom

What a bunch of nerds.

Who cares about that? They'll stay and keep working just to get their fix. The point of a work camp isn't to make friends, it's to make product.

>Who cares about that?
apparently the poster I answered because the post says loyal slaves

>300 pages of non-Nazarick/AoG characters
Would it be worth it?

>Vampire Princess of the fallen kingdom
Good news for EE fans
>Playing MonHun
This is why his winter lasts til May.

Furry yiff?

I would watch that show

Why is Mare using the guild ring outside of nazarick? wasn't he supposed to give the ring to one of the Pleiades before leaving the tomb?

I want to see the Re-Estize kingdom, Draconic kingdom and Slane Theocracy plots advance so I guess it's okay
There are already enough character gags in the anime

Translate this weebs.

Yeah, you're right. Either that's an oversight by the animators or that isn't the same ring.

>The cost is funded by the nation stop being stupid.
Same nation that is getting rekt by neighboring countries who are not being retarded about developing powerful offensive magic?

Only the title of the reward novel when there was three periods is decided vaguely. The vampire Princess of the ruined. It should end at 300 page position. What if there's no third period? I don't have to try hard at that time, so I'm playing games! Oh, my, I shook hands with Monty Han!

Rewatching season 1.

Do they know? Is this all a ruse?


Know what?

>slavery without torture
That's not how things work at the happy farm.

>not being lizard

>300 pages of non-Nazarick/AoG characters

It's not that hard, you useless little shit

They are video game characters and all the guardians quit to play WoW.

They don't even know what's a videogame, but they know that their creators and other players came from a different world.

>I don't have to try hard at that time, so I'm playing games! Oh, my, I shook hands with Monty Han!

fucking furry

>No fur in sight

Don't group Furries with Scalies.

Hipster furries

>Who cares about that?

Ainz does, he literally told his people to not rule over the lizards with fear as he wants to win their hearts and make them truly loyal

Do you guys think Shalltear's punishment was far too harsh?
She seemed so distraught during it even Albedo felt so bad for her she had to leave the room even.

Yeah, just look at the poor girl. She can barely take it.

You're stretching the topic a bit here. Ainz wouldn't even have to be involved. The subject of user's post was for Demiurge to set up a work farm. It would be no different from his current scroll farming operation if he used addictive drugs, threats, or torture to coerce the workers. With that, there would be no need for actual loyalty to any individual or nation.

Is there an up to date map showing how much of the world is currently under Nazarick's borders?

Nazarick only "owns" The area around E-Rantel and the forest of tob. The paladins in vol12 described a weird no-man's land around the border with the kingdom, and I think the katze plains were described that way too. Other than that, the only vassal state is the Baharuth Empire.

Is this an actual thing?

i mean yes people pick that stuff out because its easy bait, but its pretty much comedy rather than a serious lizard romance thing, you have ainz reacting to seeing this etc.

season is great so far would recommend

Yes and it's disgusting.

At least fur is fluffy.

Poor girl but she stayed strong

Please stop talking about furries and scalies. Speak of the devil and all that.


She just needs to shave down there.

> feathers are evolved dino scales

I think I have bad news for you

This oversight is an unacceptable insult against the supreme beings. Find the animators who made this blunder and bring them to me.

The guardians know that they're from yggdrasil and that supreme beings are called "players" and that they are "npcs" but they don't understand the context. They think players are gods and enemy guilds essentially are rival pantheons. When the supreme beings leave for good they think they left like a god going to mt olympus or heaven. They don't understand the concept of logging out

I'm 1000% sure Ainz said some rest would fix with speech.


His*, ironic that I haven't slept all night

The katze plains have since fallen under SKAOG rule as demonstrated by the ghost ship doing routine patrols on the border



reminds me of log horizon s2 which spent all the episodes on boring side character content

Post Clementines

That might be the implication but there isn't enough to really say either way. Is that ship even related to the undead from the plains? Was it patrolling or going somewhere?
I remember the ship was mentioned somewhere before it showed up, just as a rumor that intrigued Ainz.




From what i could tell, the ghost ship is native to NW and it had only ever stayed in the katze plains which is on the empire side of the border, for it to be patrolling the kingdom side of the border would mean leaving the katze plains which would not be possible unless ainz permitted/ordered it to.


I said post Clementines not make my day

Ainz had interest on the ship at one point. I guess he brought it over somehow.

I want to fuck a lizard

> Tags: Mating press, hand holding, impregnation, lizard

>everyone loosing their shit over comedy lizard boning scene
>there's a literal furry show airing at the same time
That's what killingu baitsu is. It's a show for furries. That's what it is. This was just a comedy scene, I guess.

>implying there was no prolapse

furrybait sells better than furry

>mfw it turns out I was unironically enjoying furry show

"The pleasure of being cummed inside"

>people thought that this season was going to spawn tons of EE doujins
>mfw it ends up creating hundreds of lizard doujins instead


>people lose their shit over lizard sex when this filthy stuff is in

its more about 40% of the show being about lizard sex

Good shit user

I want to eat dinner off Chair while sitting on another Chair and using a Chair as a fork

>Neia death flags
its not fair


She doesn't mind to be undead user.

What kinda undead would she even be?

Incorporeal banshee undead Archerdine?

I unironically have no idea of what series it is.

Preview for EP 6 when

The one with great reaction faces.


I think it will still spawn a lot of EE doujins if you know what I mean.