What does Sup Forums think of Maken-ki? How many are still reading it?

What does Sup Forums think of Maken-ki? How many are still reading it?

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I am. Where is that from? H ending when?

It’s from his live stream.

Got a link? I haven't seen it, even on his enty?

Can you give us a link?

If you want to watch his past broadcasts you have to be a premium member I think. But you can watch him live at least. Don’t know the exact time he goes live, think it’s just random. Just check in from time to time.

Thanks. It's nice to see that more and more people streaming how they work. Digital age is truly wonderful.

He doesn't have any past broadcasts

I can't read any of his works without thinking of NTR. I hate what Takeda Hiromitsu has done to my mind.

New anime season when?

>follow link
>no live stream
>instead now I am watching some nip slut livestreaming lewd
I'm ok.

You are impure now

You can only view his page in japanese. If you change to english everything will be blank, saying that he doesn’t have any videos. That’s what I think at least.

If we get a new season.
Season 1 designs? Or season 2?
Or completely new character designs for season 3?

Is he still making content for hi enty? Any more lewd sketches of the maken-ki girls? I haven't seen one in ages.

The Anime is dead because of s2 bullshit. For better.

Me too. And since I hate ntr with a passion, I ignore his doujin works. But seems that the Manga is close to Hentai.

Maybe he is just sick of his own Maken Ki Manga.

I hate NTR, but I have a major fetish for ahegao. His works are like honey laced in cyanide. Even though I know its bad, I still can't help myself.

What's funny is that in one of his afterwords, he acknowledges calls his work, trash, which is why he doesn't plan to do shonenshit ever again.

He restricts his potential for mainstream appeal by making NTRshit.

Post the full image please

Don’t even think Takeda is done drawing it.

>How many are still reading it?
It's not over yet?

The anime was good smut but I'm not reading a manga to get this kinda smut.
I also only have this one. Some highlight dumps would be appreciated.

is it the one with mouthcover and age 100?
where do i find this pic in full now?


here is annother live stream
dunno who tho

My hate for ntr is big enough. I like his pre ntr book.

I like his NTR works

You guys are new to this site or sth, various hentai artist also stream there from time to time, especially during the period before comiket.
A few I can remember
>tousen soudou the puppet rapist
>TakedaNTRman obviously
>Od/a/non but I rarely saw this milf lover
>katsurai yoshiaki who exposed slutty idols's true nature, fuck this dude stream and his doujin are really good
btw he's streaming I think live.fc2.com/99367202/
>neko wa manma ga utsukushii
>a-10 gotta=whore-out-takane-shijou-again
There is another artist who loves funatari skeletor, and another who loves making extreme ahegao faces I forgot their name.

It's ending soon iirc.

Not them but is it true what this user said? That you can watch an artist's past broadcasts with a premium account?


eh... Idk because I don't have any premium account.

The art is great, but everything else is shit.

>katsurai yoshiaki who exposed slutty idols's true nature, fuck this dude stream and his doujin are really good
>btw he's streaming I think

All I see are some slutty meido elves. I'm okay with it though.

Looks like his live recordings only go back to october 2017. It doesn't seem like you can watch any past recordings even with a premium account.

Kodama is best girl. That's it, I guess.

ok i watched this ass for about 2 hours

he drew a very good neko girl
now he is doing some other shit
i asked him if he will upload it but he wont
what is this faggotry?
good that i at least made some screenshots

>i asked him if he will upload it but he wont
I guess that mean he gonna sell it print

i said i would buy but i think he didnt understand
but he is not even famous
stream was up for 4 hours and he hat 12 viewers
who buys shit from someone like him?

Espada looks like his 2nd default female design for his hentai manga works.

Isn't it ending soon? Top tier girls, but everything else is mediocre.

hentai artist streaming on that site rarely got any views user, unless you're a super duper famous one like takeda, if his art is good he gonna do OK selling stuffs at comiket and the like.

>everything else is garbage
All harems are like this. I watch them all and I've never been impressed by anything other than the girls and the NOTsex scenes.



This is godlike.

Why did the virgin nurse take the center stage? Isn't the exposure she's currently getting usually reserved for the main heroine?


I wish that Takeda comeback to draw H regularly, not just comiket



Official porn when





I found this and one full but for ants

Why does Aki-sensei get so much not!Porn


No matter how much I search I can't find that Haruko picture on full size.

Does he post lewds in any place other than his enty?




I hate him from the bottom of my heart but I can't help but liking his art. I hate myself.

Why hate him?

He drew a doujin of my waifu.

i heard that he drew a doujin of maken-ki but i couldn't find anything.

I only care about espada

The best parts of this manga are those extra omake chapters.


he should just scrap the main series and only draw this

>great art
>draws NTR
I both love and hate this guy.

Wish Usui would actually fuck them in those delusion omake chapters. It's a delusion anyway so it's not NTR.

It's also not Aki. Look at the eyes.

Also not named anywhere

It is tagged as Aki on gelbooru. Then again, this is a series with magic so eye color changes aren't all that special.

Does the MC ever stop being so insufferable?
I half-dropped after he started going on about how girls shouldn't fight and that he'd protect them or whatever for the umpteenth time.

>tagged as Aki on gelbooru
You're wrong. gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3522958


Wait, what the fuck then? Which one is correct?

When in doubt, higher quality wins.

He often uses copies of previous characters in his porn material. The bride is meant to look like Haruko.

Kind of. But the manga is in it's finale so it feels like the MC's growth came a little to late.

Yet it looks like schoolgirl Aki.

It's almost like the girls are the entire point or something.

>The bride is meant to look like Haruko.
Oh fuck you're right. I knew I'd seen her design somewhere before. I looked at the recent chapters of Maken Ki and her design is basically Haruko with lighter hair.

And that is the very reason I dislike his NTR stories.

>He often uses copies of previous characters in his porn materia
Which is why Espada is best makenki...and Aki.


I dropped it when the best freind start stealing girls from mc

How do I stop myself from getting hard every time I see Takeda Hiromitsu art without turning myself gay?

Stop caring about him. There are better artist out there.

And NTR free.

>He often uses copies of previous characters in his porn material.
It's not intentional, it's just his sameface syndrome acting up

no but i should pick it up again
yesterday i fapped to the cecilia+1 doujin
this guy is not human, he simply perfected the female form, 4chinpo is so jelly of him that the only relevant argument against him is >ntr

He stealing who? Which girls?

Has he actually drawn a pure vanilla doujin?

Doujin? No. An actual vanilla tank? Yes.

He did a couple of vanilla doujinshi when he first started, then he veered off pretty quickly

Is this one of the girl from Make-ki? Because she looks really similar to the older sister in that incest manga of his. To which I fap at least once every other week