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>Type of format

Paradigm, a popular VR survival game that takes place in a parallel dimension independent from the real world is becoming a phenomenon among the youth. 100 candidates have been chosen for the game and had to fight against Eldritch abomination-looking creatures that plagues the dimension. The games are divided into stages, with 99 being the last one where the high-tier monster boss is. If someone wins, he/she could be rewarded to grant a wish something the world as he/she pleases, whether saving from any potential danger or conquering under specific means, eventually granting the demigod status as "God's messenger". If someone fails to complete any stage however, he/she could be disappeared forever even in real life to the point no one will remember him/her.

The protagonist is an average yet energetic kid who lives a normal life, but is a huge fan of VR survival games. One day he saves the fugitive girl with mysterious origins from being pursued by mysterious agents after she gets injured in a subway accident. She reveals herself to be the daughter of the creator of Paradigm and both are admitted as candidates of Paradigm. One night the two teens meets a rich handsome young man who introduce himself as the leader of a ragtag group working on their ways to defeat the stage 99 boss, each for different reasons of doing so, befriending them. But it turns out that Paradigm is essentially a life or death situation and anything nasty can happen.

>Number of episodes

>Ending (may be changed)
Mindfuck ending incoming. Extreme graphic violence on top, treason and forced deaths are everywhere on the run, complete with occasional rape and borderline eroguro imagery.

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>mc woke up in the middle of the sea
>have amnesia
>saved by a group of fishermen
>the fishermen told him he belong to a lost crew delivering someone and is to be rescued as soon as they get back to the mainland
>all of them want and need to get back to land soon, but a storm is in their way
>he helps them cross said storm
>when their ship was about to be capsized, he stopped the storm like pic related
>when he returned to land, he finds out that he is actually the one responsible for the failed delivery
>begins his story finding out his past
>it is Jason Bourne with extra steps
Pic irrelevant

Its a goofy shounen fighting manga with the usual training, power levels, gimmicky one time villains and BBEG but its about competitive Melee

shojo sashimono

Our MC is a girl who is interested in making friends in her new class. She is very energetic, careless and also flat-chested. As a result, she often ends up breaking people's cherished possessions.

She stores damaged objects all throughout her home. These pieces of damaged furniture and other items scare her, emitting a strange aura due to their damages. She can see this aura due to the teachings of of her grandparents. They taught her that each piece of furniture and houseware should be respected.
One day the spirits guide her to an old magazine that features her grandparenents repair shop,now she desires to repair these items to honor her grandparents.but she has no skills or tools.

then, she hears a loud hammering and the whirring of saws coming from her neighbor's backyard. When she goes to look, she sees her classmates cutting wood and building furniture. Inspired by their skills (and big boobs) she asks the other girls if they could give her guidance in the art of furniture repair.

Every day she learns the ins and outs of traditional woodworking and uses these skills to restore her possessions, healing the objects' auras, and as her skills grow so too does her chest

StarStripes girls
>the american bill of rights as represented by a group of magical girls,they fight monster laws and people that endanger american freedom and burgers.
thier personas are similar to the amendments they represent
I. Foul-mouthed, yankee girl constantly challenging authority
II. /k/ tier gun-nut who thinks more firepower is the answer to any problem
III. Soft-spoken maid type who secures the base and groceries
IV. Hikkineet conspiracy theorist who just wants to be left alone to her imageboards
V. Honorable, chivalrous knight-type who takes her code very seriously
VI. A Genke idol type who enjoys keeping an eye on everything
VII. Ojou who views the world entirely based on money
VIII. Two-faced sadist who puts on a kind and caring outward face while secretly enjoy the torment of others
IX. Caring onee-san who believes protecting others is the most important thing in the world
X. Very average, everyday high school girl still just getting used to her magical girl powers

Together, they manifest the American destiny
other notes
thier HQ is under the lincon memorial
The statue of liberty is realy a mecha, the book turns into a shield with bladed edges and torch shoots lazers.
Their enemies can include:
>Chinese magical girl that copies herself powered by collectivism and the spirit of state control
>gun control bill is an actual troll summoned to grab guns
>civil forfechure & budget gremlins stealing money
>NSA robots trying to take lewd pictures of them at the beach
>antifa stand user type powering hate speech law with human sacrifices
and more

5 years ago a 30km long alien spacecraft entered Earth orbit. Contact was established with the aliens, who appear to be humans with advanced technology.

They appear peaceful but are tired having fought a 500 year war against an evil machine intelligence, but in order to survive against such an unrelenting foe they sealed off their emotions with nanomachine inhibitors and replaced sexual reproduction with mass produced lines of clones.

They lost their home planets, culture and quietly live out a meaningless existence in the depths of space until they stumbled upon Earth.

Through a UN agency the aliens have agreed to gradually share certain technologies with the Earth like advanced fusion reactors solving the energy crisis and advanced nanomachine based medicine to help the sick.
Protag is a high schooler who lives in a quiet fishing village. His dad is a fisherman and mom a teacher at the local school. He has a little sister.

The high-school protags adorable imouto is dying of late stage cancer, but an alien doctor visiting the Earth offers to cure her, so of course the parents accept. In return the doctor merely asks that their family host an alien exchange student for a year so they can learn more about the customs of Earth.

The new exchange student is a female starfighter pilot the same age as protag who is super uptight and serious about everything and quietly resents being kicked out of her elite squad to go to Earth and do nothing but observe.

Of course the doctors true experiment is to document the compatibility between humans and aliens and also see what interesting experiences occur when their emotional and sexual limiters are switched off...

SoL, comedy and ecchi shit ensures.

million+ years in the future synthetic lifeforms outnumber organic lifeforms
the sun is a big red ball
human descendents are no longer the dominant species
they live in small isolated communities like chimps or gorillas do today
synth and organic ecosystems were separate for millions of years (although they share a common ancestor in humanity) and have usually coexisted peacefully

all the smart synths left for space hundreds of thousands of years ago
remaining synths are now cannibalistic they can't reproduce anymore they can only repair their bodies to extend their lifespan, many synth organisms are thousands of years old

synths hunt each other

the synths struggle for survival is beginning to encroach into the human world

MC is a human that kills wayward synths when they threaten human settlements
he carries on his back the body of ancient synth which he alone has a physic connection with
she acts as a translator as well as assisting in combat (synths can wield what is effectively magic)

ITT: Lame attempts at writing plot.
Like you could ever compete with the greats of manga and anime.
Here's an example:


Ending: Hiatus

>10/10, masterpiece

A short, semieducational Slice of Life show about a club who all have unusual pets. The club president is a kind of ditzy girl with an albino python. There's a super cutesy cheerleader girl with a tarantula, the genki tomboy with one of those hairless cats, a European exchange student with an emu which she rides to class, and farmer type girl with a potbellied pig named Cutlet.

Together they champion pet ownership and teach safe pet handling and training, volunteer for animal therapy events at hospitals and rest homes, and generally spread the love of all animals great and small. Each episode ends with a brief live action segment narrated by the voice actors, in character, showcasing a different unique animal.

>a European exchange student with an emu which she rides to class
user... what?

Sorry but it sounds like everything bad about SAO with edginess on top of it. The part of rescuing the fugitive girl is extremely cheesy and not in a good way.

I thought your image implied that he jumped into the storm somehow

What's melee?

You're improving the idea instead of letting it be barely a copypasta, congratulations

I still love that idea

It sounds too serious to be an ecchi comedy, but Japan has pulled it before so I don't see why you couldn't

Needs some clarifications. What are synths? Like Pokemons?


Five friends get together to open a magic book that can suppossedly concede wishes. They all have a deep wish they want to accomplish, or either they're all going for the same wish, I don't know. At midnight, after a weird ritual, they open the box and a creature comes out of the book and makes them a few questions. Then, the creature drops them in a fantasy world, and gives them a different role according to their answers to his questions. In this kind of world there are two kinds of powers. First, there's Life Energy, and those who control it can increase their body's capabilities. The leader and his sister get that power and become a knight and assassin respectively. The other power is Mana Energy, and those who wield it keep their bodies normal but get magical powers. The smart guy becomes a mage focused on different utilities and buffs and another guy becomes a warlock specialized in massive destruction spells. The last girl gets a third power, which is switching between Mana and Life energy, becoming the healer of the group. She's really shy and feels useless, but quite quickly they realize that in this world death and maiming are very real possibilities and healers are important as fuck, so she has to step up her game. Healers also being kinda rare, she's kidnapped constantly by rival bands.

The game itself is kind of a rip off of Greed Island without Nen creatures. They have to collect certain items and defeat certain bosses to finish the game, and if they can do it without dying they can bring some of that world's magic back to real life, where they can use it to accomplish their wishes.

Main villains are a similar band of 5 guys that are lead by a super OP healer that uses his powers mostly for sadist purposes. There's a lot of treason, tension about which item are they going to grab to the real world, and a subplot about if it's right or wrong to submit the NPC inhabitants to this hell.

A fighting shonen about people that get the powers of different mythical creatures. The MC has the power of the phoenix, can turn into a human/hybrid form and eventually summon a phoenix, and is a pure hot blooded fighter who abuses the regenerative capabilities of the phoenix to become super strong. He can also burn himself to generate fire and damage the opponents. His main villain has the powers of the hydra, quite similar to him but every time he regenerates he becomes stronger, also when you damage him his blood is poisonous. The mandatory girl has the powers of dragon and is quite proud because she can turn into a dragon of course. The rival has the powers of a fairy, and while he's constantly ridiculed by it, he can dish a lot of damage and move insanely fast, and his little body is difficult to hit or hurt. Other possible characters are: a boogeyman themed villain that can dissapear and reappear through dark places and that carries a bag that can stuff infinite things, a duo consisting on a kappa/nereid team, the nereid being a water nymhp makes sure to stay in kappa's head and keep it full of water, covering his only weakness, while he's a martial artist that gets more powerful the more water there's in his head, a succubus that can enter into people's dreams to steal knowledge and memories and even control the people as long as they keep asleep, using hallucinations, and Echidna, who has the power of absorb other people and turn them into eggs of different creatures.

An average teenage girl is forced to stay with distant relatives for a month during the summer. Her relatives live in a weird gated community in the middle of nowhere. There she learns that the community belongs to the government and was built to house the population of a secretive Research Lab. While exploring, she discovers that in the outskirts of town is the entrance to an abandoned underground tunnel, and figures out it's probably connected to the lab.

Before she can do investigate more and do anything about it, a massive explosion happens miles away and spacetime begins to crack, creating a portal in the sky from where unknown invading things come out and begin to destroy everything. The only way she can run away is to the tunnel.

After walking down the tunnel in the dark for hours, she finds a hatch leading out of it and sees that everything around her is a massive wasteland. She wanders through the desert for hours until she finds the entrance to a ruined bunker. Inside it, she funds a massive system of computers, and discovers that somehow she is centuries in the future.

The girl becomes a wanderer, trying to learn what happened to the world and find a way to undo it, and maybe even go back to her time.

I'm currently writing that story and when I'm done maybe I'll publish it as a webnovel or something

What? You can ride an emu.

If you mean european part, then sure they're not native to the continent, but there are surely emu farms there like there are in the US. It's about having the pet you want.

Also, I have to come up with something new instead of just reposting the same dozen or so ideas I've made up before.

In a world with a culture on par with that of the pre-industrial revolution era of europe curses are a legitimate and very well documented field of medicine. Though they do not abide by rules normal diseases fall under, they still follow their own rhyme and reason and can be treated like most other illnesses. A legendary alchemist had made this reality so with his discoveries but the light he brought upon these magicks also cast an equally deep shadow with it for medicine easily gives way to poisons. Thus curses came to be spread like wildfire and a new kind of healer rose forth to put out the fires - the curse doctors.

This story centers upon a fatigued but steadfast travelling curse doctor and the delicate but brave young girl that accompanies him and serves as his assistant. They travel from country to country and town to town to help the magickally afflicted while also checking in with local authorities on curses. Though they do offer their aid to common run of the mill curses, the pair actually specialize in treating the rarer and much more difficult cases of which they'll usually find in larger more civilized settlements.

They'll usually be able to treat if not cure their patients but when they do come upon a curse too powerful and complex to do anything for, they'll turn to their last resort - transplanting the curse to the young girl. The girl herself is stricken by an unusual curse herself but its properties allow her to accept any curse into herself with no apparent penalty. At least for herself, the original hosts of the curses will lose something with them once it's been moved into her. They could lose their sight, their principles, their memories and even time but in giving away these curses they also have to give up the aspect of themselves that anchors the curses to them. It is a numbing ordeal but any who undertake it will certainly no longer have to suffer from the same magick and the doctor and his assistant can be on their way.


Once the pair find themselves alone with just each other, the apparent lack of a penalty rears its true colors in their isolation. The girl's affliction has it so that if at any point she goes unobserved by another human, every single curse she has taken on will come alive and put her through a hell that she cannot escape even through death as time has not and will not move for her body since the day she came to be this way. It's in this state she's also able to make use of the aspects she's absorbed with the curses to accomplish superhuman feats but it is those aspects themselves that make the pain that much more unbearable.

The doctor can never leave her side or close his eyes for too long when it's just them and if she is ever left alone for too long, a calamity will repeat itself and neither of them can stomach the thought of that. They seek out an end to this cruel joke and so they travel far and wide to gain knowledge but their journey together can only end in one of two ways and though her time may never see its end, his is most certainly running out.

I call this one "A Curse For A Curse". The doctor and his assistant are childhood friends and have been at it for well over a decade. I'd also be inclined to have it end with him dying managing to alleviate most of the curses she's taken on but she'll have to live on for much longer for someone else to truly put an end to it.

>A man wakes up in bed.
>Really hung over.
>In between a hot chick and a trap.
>Also naked.
Queue flashback.
This man is Odo Nobunaga, and he and his two bros Hideyoshi and Mitsuhide have had a wild night. They got roaring drunk and accidentally took over the street gang they were a part of in [post apacolyptic cyberpunk city].

They've also started a gang war with all of the other gangs. Now they're forced to fight to unite all the various factions in the city, including the corrupt police (basically another gang in all but name), just so they can have some peace.

Reposting this from a previous thread:

It's a delinquent/gang kind of anime
The delinquents don't mess with students of their own school and try to protect them, especially the younger kids at the associate elementary and middle schools. This gets them alliances with other school clubs and/or prominent members, which in turn gives them benefits like better tutoring and extra credit from sympathetic teachers. They're delinquents because the students at their school they do fight and get in trouble with tend to be genuine bullies or scummy sleazebags trying to get their way over other students. To most teachers they're still delinquents and troubled students but to the average student they're more like lovable rogues dishing out just desserts.

Their primary adversaries (besides delinquents from other schools) are the girls soccer team. They're the cuntiest of cunts but the delinquents can't fight them because they refuse to hit women. They know that and exploit it to the max. Their primary move is to kick soccerballs at their dicks, no matter the distance. They're almost like snipers with how far they can kick soccerballs and hit their targets.

>Chuuni High School Student gets hit by Truck-kun
>"Huh, maybe I'm going to an isekai world!"
>Nope, he's barred from the afterlife and forced to remain as a ghost until he actually accomplishes something with his un-life
>Now that he can't really indulge his vices, he has to socialize with other ghosts, accomplish things for other people, and contend with overzealous ghostbusters like his school's Inquisition Club
>Ghost hand-holding, cuddling, and dicking guaranteed
>Story arcs include learning the truth about his enigmatic mentor who was a brutal bully that was murdered by one of his victims, stopping a ghostly serial killer from killing people by sheer terror, and helping a lonely ghost girl find true love
>Soundtrack mostly made up of shoegazing (both traditional and blackened), dream pop, drone, and other ambient genres

A trucker kills a child, and his life goes to hell. He loses his job, he can't come to terms with the fact that he killed a kid and becomes alcoholic, his wife leaves him, his family disintegrates. He goes crazy and thinks his truck is talking to him. His truck tells him not to worry, that the kid is now in a better place. To finally get some peace, he commits seppuku riding his trunk down a bridge.

I call this one Neet-Kun and Chad-Kun
>Neet-kun is typical neet, kinda smells bad, doesn't make any effort to socialize
>Chad-kun is going to uni majoring in something dumb like sports
>Neet-kun hates Chad-kun
>Is pretty sure Chad-kun is only friends with him so he'll look better in comparison
>Chad-kun invites Neet-kun out for lunch, says he convinced some girls from Uni to come too
>Neet-kun gripes about falling behind on seasonal shows but goes anyways because Chad-kun is paying for food
>Goes as Neet-kun expected, girls don't pay any attention to him and fawn over Chad
>While the group is walking home, Truck-kun appears
>It's about to hit Chad-kun
>Neet-kun thinks about all the isekai he's watched
>Pushes Chad-kun out of the way
>Cut to black, crashing sounds
>See devastated Chad-kun in his room, holding head in hands
>Reveal Chad-kun really cared about Neet-kun and invited him out so much to keep him from becoming a total shut-in
>Chad-kun resolves to make the most of Neet-kun's sacrifice and help as many people as possible
>Show is about Chad-kun switching majors to medicine and going through med school hell as well as his adventures getting a job as a doctor
>Occasional scenes to Neet-kun's isekai
>Goddess is tomboy Loli
>Last episode
>Chad-kun is now Chad-sensei
>Walks into hospital, his secretary congratulates his wife on getting pregnant
>He says they're expecting a boy
>Chad-sensei heads into coma ward
>Reveal Neet-kun never died, was comatose the whole time
>Neet-kun is fighting the final boss of his isekai
>"Now, Neet-kun! He's almost finished!"
>Chad-sensei thanks Neet-kun for getting him on the right track
>Promises to name his son after Neet-kun
>Pulls the plug
>The End
tl;dr Chad-kun and Neet-kun are friends, after Neet gets Isekai'd saving Chad-kun's life, Chad-kun decides to be a doctor. Neet-kun is revealed to be in a coma and Chad-kun pulls the plug. The end.

A caterpillar...

A boy falls in love with a girl. Unable to confess he escapes from his lack of spine by playing MMOs pretending to be a girl, flirting with other players to con them out of gear. He wishes that he oculd be so forward in real life. A wandering god decides this would be fun and transforms the MC into the character he plays in the game. The god tells the MC the only way to return to normal is to win the girl's heart.

>And crashes into another kid on the way out.