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Was this a jab from Oda?

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On the verge of death Luffy suddenly uses a new G4 form.

Oda a hack

Was this a jab to LuNa?

So if Smoothie‘s body acts like a sponge then doesn‘t that mean she‘s awakened since she can wring out other objects and even people too?

I dunno but I like him.
By the way I looked at the raw. Katakuri indeed says something that could translate to "i'll endure it and stand back up" rather than "yes, endure it and stand back up Strawhat". So yeah, they're answering one another by predicting what the other is gonna say.

>*Rayleigh sensei flashback*
>"Listen have to do this thing, but it's very hard"
>"Yes, got it....I understand...Rayleigh sensei"
>*Rayleigh then kisses Luffykuns forehead goodnight and puts him to rest, ending the flashback*
>Back to present, Luffy has now received enough damage to knock himself out 10 times over
>*Stands anyway*
>"Rayleigh sensei......but how?", luffy says to himself, a strand of drool slides down his cheek thinking of Rayleigh sensei's warm, veiny cock
>*Some useless filler pages with nothing going on just so Oda can end the chapter where he wants*
>*INSTANT rage powerup for luffy allowing him to get a few punches off and stand, receives some more ridiculous amount of damage for emotional effect and his knocked down again*
>Katakuri suddenly gets tired of trying to win the fight since he knows it's impossible with his hack author
>Awkwardly starts rooting for his enemy
>"C-come on can do it! Defeat me! hehe..."
>*Luffy, now with his Uchiha blood activated, begins to stand*
>*Overtaken plays*
>"R-Rayleigh sensei.....I'm sorry but....I have to use.....THAT"
>*Bites thumb*
>"N-nani?!" exclaims Katakuri, as he is taken aback
>*Chapter ends*
>"One Piece will be on break next week"

No this was a message to his editors

>haki eyeline
Coo buff?

Paramecia which works like Logia.
Bravo Oda.

I thought one of Luffy's eye was suppose to be completely swollen.

Why does he look so surprised?

Might not be his arm
Might just be mochi

>"One Piece will be on break next week"

you fucked up

I'm not sure he came up with that attack on the fly and is surprised because of that, or if he's just noticing the future where Luffy is coming to punch him in the face

I hope Oda will explain this native american warrior skull tatoo and its meaning for Katakuri. I want to know.

This is the only acceptable poll in One Piece threads

Looks more like wings or Mama's flames

Swelling decreases with time. Luffy's body is just amazingly fast at processing shit.


>new one piece chapter
>nothing happens in it
bravo oda

>"i'll endure it and stand back up"
It's "let's endure and stand up together". Probably in a slightly condescending way.

>new thread
>you shitpost in it
Bravo user

Those are obviously feathers. I suppose it could be wings but that seems kind of random in the composition of the tatoo. A native american feather hat makes more sense to me.

>condescending way
It's obviously said in a respectful manner what the fuck is wrong with you?

What a bullshit. How is Luffy able to go into G4, with that wound on his left side?

Did you say the same when G4 debuted against doffy? How about G2/G3?

>"the next thing you'll say is..."

Rayleigh sensei flashback powerup

With the reveal of Yuen it confirms that some of the kids we saw back when Anana first appeared are actually grandchildren

Could be feathered wings

This sounds romantic

I just agreed are you retarded?

Everything's fine. It's the same way a teacher would tell a really young kid not to misbehave. Don't get confused by the polite form. You can be mixed with dirt in keigo, if the situation asks for it. Also, yes, it could be just a normal and pretty neutral way of saying "let's just not crumble here and endure it all".

No feathers are for decoration or symbols
It could be more of a wing portrayal or decorated symbol, retard

Because Oda is a hack.

This seems rather common a tatoo to have.

Luffy wasn't in such a bad condition as now when he used them first.

post snekman theories


he stretches his dick and fucks himself

that badass Mogura
what a shame fucking Toei will change it in anime

things about to get more gay with lots of hugging, son


Don't give a shit
This is one of Oda's greatest asspulls

Luffy hugs Katakuri like a snake and Katakuri can't move. But his mochi dick can

Boundman, Tankman, Snakeman... What's next?

as far as we know gear 4th has inifinite forms so it isn't an asspul
we already have tankman,bounce and snakeman

How is it an asspull?

Search the meaning of the words you use before posting big boy

I've been wanting to know, in the last page is it スネックマン or スネークマン?

>Katakuri can't move
He can deattach his body parts and then reattach later.
checkmate snake guy

Bound = Power?
Tank = Defense?
Snake = Speed?

I'm talking about the fight in general
It can be Gear whatever it isn't going to make it anymore climatic

Aww he's trying to help. So cute.


There is no more. Onle 3 big animal were at Rusukaina.

gomu gomu no kevin durant
luffy will look like a basketball player who looks big but plays small

Luffy streches all his body like he did with his arms back in the cell, so he covers the whole ground with himself and attacks don't affect him much cause he's all stretch out. Also he can attack from anywere, you can't sort what's a leg, an arm or his dick anymore. Just noodle Luffy everywhere


Now you're making even less sense

Monkey God Awakening

Bound was fast as fuck though

Probably the transformation focuses more on his limbs than his torso

That doesn't make sense at all.Katakuri can just put sticky mochi around Luffy.

It is wise from Luffy, he starts use it only at the gate of win, because otherwise he could run out off haki, and witout haki he is dead against Katakuri.
He needet to wait until the point where Katakuri is fatigued enough too, so chance for Luffy's win is at the top.

And tank seemed strong as fuck too considering how far Cracker flew, even after hitting his soldiers.

Fuck off
This has already been discussed so quit pretending to be retarded.
This whole fight is a sham and Luffy should have lost in every way now

Katakuri can literally turn himself into a flat puddle and then turn into a flowing river stream of mochi.

You can't hug liquids, speedreader.

>This has already been discussed so quit pretending to be retarded
Right back at you buddy

How is Katakuri fatigued. He still has way more stamina and Luffy is the one getting battered around this chapter.

Luffy only get in one hit this chapter. Katakuri managed to get several undefended hits on Luffy.

well you tell me, Oda

Katakuri wasn't going to fatigue as he never gave that appearance
Would this attack have worked if not for Flampe?
Katakuri has had his way with Luffy the entire fight and was the first to damage Luffy in gear 4 ,but through shitty writing can't damage Luffy in base form

Wake me up when we get to Wano

Luffy said to Zoro he'd at least have 10 crewmembers.

We have 9 members (10 if we count Luffy).

20 years later and we still have 10/15 years of One Piece so we'll have new members, definitely. (in addition to Jinbei)

If we take the latin alphabet and put the letters into pairs we have a name of each crewmember, hard to explain it like that i'll just show you :

AB Brook
CD Chopper
EF Franky
GH ??????
IJ Jimbei
KL Luffy
MN Nami
OP ??????
QR Robin
ST Sanji
UV Usopp
WX ??????
YZ Zoro

so if we take the pairs that don't have a name yet we can guess that the futures crewmembers names will start with a G / H a O / P and a W / X.

What's more : we saw Luffy recruiting 4 members in East Blue (Zoro Nami Usopp Sanji) 4 members in Grand Line (Chopper Robin Franky Brook) and now in the new world we'll have 4 new members (Jinbei, GH, OP, WX)

4 + 4 + 4 + 1 = 13

we always had a female as the second being recruited so we'll have a female crewmember next and it won't be carrot. I think it might be a women on Wano (a ninja ? since Luffy LOVES ninjas)

Then straw hat crew will be like a Yonkou crew having 1 Captain then 3 top captain with members under them. (likely being Zoro / Sanji (lol the jobber) / Jinbei as the top captains under Luffy)

Okay you might say it's fucked up or idk but then there's the related pic where we have Nekomamuchi with THIRTEEN DAMN CATS representing the 13 crewmembers, the cats also fit the characters personality. The black cat on the top would be Nami since she's always sunbathing, the neko with glasses would be Robin, the one sleeping with sake would be Zoro or the one with the kimono being Jinbei.


We're never getting to wano

>Katakuri able regenerate lost limbs!!
>in reality Katakuri just send piece of fire infused mochi in form of his hand and refill shape of his arm back, because his body made of mochi and he can produce it in some amount.
Can someone beat some shit of that biased faggot?
Why people upvote this shit? Do they really understand what they read?
Where is here secrets, if it's just text full of headcanons and not facts?

skinny and flexible form of gear 4. Luffy can dodge Katakuri, but doesn't have the speed to hit him with ease, so this form allows him to make unusual attacks kinda like the Culverin shit he did against Doffy. I think it's going to look weird as fuck too. Luffy still loses and learns that he needs to find a balance between the gear 4 modes. That will be in Wano where we see something that have the speed and flexibility of Snakeman, but packs the same punch as Boundman did.

Dumb shitposter

With this we have 50 children spread around roughly 30 births, leaving 35 children for 18 births

Snake like senses, screencap this.

So Luffy sensed Katakuri's feelings and figured his personality before deciding to use him as a training partner? Is that what the flashback was about?


Whenever Luffy blocks Katakuri's attack, he would still receive damage, even in Boundman mode. His armament haki is not strong enough, so either Snakeman will either enhance his haki even more, or it will allow him to dodge even better.

Luffy is rubber. You can hit him as much as you want. Haki does not nullify DF power. It just let hit the Logias, and makes the hits harder on other users.

We will learn about tattoos in the next arc with Kaido

Luffy isn't immune to stickiness.

You know real life snakes can get trapped in sticky spider webs, too, right.

Sure, Brownie

G for Gin

Doubt it. Luffy never saw advanced haki until he met Katakuri.

Luffy was surprised his hands hurt when they tried to defend Katakuri's punches.

This means, Rayleigh never showed anything similar to Luffy. Otherwise, Luffy would not be wondering why his hands were hurting.


So, two chapters until Katakuri jobs or do we have to wait for the 900th chapter of Big Mom and Katakuri jobbing at the same time?


This word really lost all its meaning uh?

Was Caesar peeping on the girls as they were changing or actually give them privacy?

in this case he's right
Katakuri should already won hours before

Yeah, two chapters seem the right amount to finish this fight. Unless he decides to focus on Big Mom eating the cake and Bege escaping for a whole fucking chapter.

Pretty sure milenge is Mélange. A coffee themed island.