>-8 days to new chapter
>-2 days to new episode SPARKLE
In other news, due to popular demand, Yuri Hime is reprinting all the volumes (plus drama CD, leaflets and all that shit) since they've been out of stock for a while.


Just the collectors one, the regulars were available, but the collectors in B6 format not.

Collector ones come with all the good stuff.

Did they lose their v-cards yet in the manga?

Damn Citrus really gets a lot support art from great artists.

Soon, soon.


>make fun of mom and sister for still watching soap opera shit
>mfw I remember I actually watch Citrus

qt Yuzu. This artist is really dedicated.

Next volume

Really ridiculous that they haven't yet. Heads over heals for each other, share a bad and they spent like a week making out every night and leaving hiccies/bitemarks all over each other. And they still haven't so much as rubbed some clit yet????

These girls are fucking terrible at being lesbians. Possibly the worst lesbians of all time.

The contrary, especially Yuzu. She's horny, she accepted naturally she was in love with a girl, she decided to fight for this love but she also wants to make love with Mei when Mei will want it at the same time and when Mei will have clearly voice her feelings without being pressured.
The most considerate MC in a romantic relationship is definitely Yuzu. She could have had sex since volume 12 if she did only care about the physical dimension of it.

>These girls are fucking terrible at being lesbians. Possibly the worst lesbians of all time.
Oh c'mon, you're being too harsh.

*chapter 12. My bad.

After doing it the first time, no worry, they'll never have a day without sex after that.

ED CD cover. Mei can be tender too.

Damn that resolution for ants, it looks really cute.

this series is absolute garbage and I'm disappointed that this has become so popular on Sup Forums when other yuri shows didn't

It's just because Yuzu is so cute.

Fab and cute.

More like because she is alpha as fuck and doesn't just want do boring shit like hand holding.

>alpha as fuck
>came in tears after her friends told that she's gay

Tears of happiness.

Kago no Shoujo > Citrus

tears of depression

problem with my hot GF?

Kago no Shoujo = cancelled.

Happiness, because she finally knew what being in love felt like.

If they don't have sex in front of Grandpa as he has another heart attack then what's the point?

Happines was come after the conversation with Mei who knocked her shit out.

I dropped this shit after ep 1. Mei is an evil psychopath slut and I wish she'd hurl herself into a meat grinder.

You're an idiot.

Yeah but Yuzu is adorable and I want her to be happy regardless of her taste.

You're talking about yourself, right?

Dropping something after just one chapter and thinking you know anything about the characters is really idiotic.

The forced kiss proves beyond any doubt she's a psycho who belongs in a meat grinder.

See you Saturday.

Thoughts like that prove beyond any doubt that you're a psycho who belongs in a meat grinder.

I haven't watched past the first episode.

No it doesn't. This is nonsense.

It does. You must have some serious mental issues is such a tame thing is enough to get you so distressed.

Mei is actually deep down a sweet girl and you are a creepy psycho.

It's sexual assault, and on top of that it's taking away someone's first kiss, which is impossible to reverse. It's a crime worthy of death. But you're mentally ill so I guess you don't get it.

>Mei is actually deep down a sweet girl
Objectively wrong.

>you are a creepy psycho

Since you didn't read the manga and go past episode 1, you cannot say objectively wrong, because the contrary was clearly showed.

The first episode establishes objectively and without any room for disagreement that she is a psycho.

>Objectively wrong.
You don't know shit just after watching one episode. Also, do you by any chance browse snk threads?

>stealing a kiss
>It's a crime worthy of death.
>objectively and without any room for disagreement
Yes, user, I'm the crazy one here.

See What does SnK have to do with Citrus?

Yes, you are.

Nope, wrong. You are a very bad troll. As if a premise in 5% of a series set in stone character's persona and behavior. Sure, characters in the first pages of a novel or the first minutes of a movie never progress and never reveal to be someone else more complex.

>What does SnK have to do with Citrus?
So you do. Your writing sounded familiar and if I'm correct than that explains a lot about your mental illness.

I'm not trolling, and by pulling the troll card you are admitting that you are wrong.

I post in SnK threads because I asked you what SnK has to do with Citrus? Are you brain damaged? And even if I did post in SnK threads, so what? What the hell are you saying?

I'm not the one going insane and wanting somebody else to die over a kiss here, buddy.


You are intentionally misrepresenting what I said.

I'm gonna ask this here since i heard you will get banned on /u/ for asking. How long has the crackship guy been harassing goggled user?

Not the anons before, I may add that Mei's behavior in the first episode, can be explained (with all what have been said, the fact she wanted to show Yuzu that the kiss wasn't nice) if we do a little Mei's PoV.
She doesn't know Yuzu like us and didn't see Yuzu's nice and compassionate side like we saw. She consider Yuzu as a threat to her reputation, Yuzu's behavior can be seen from her point of view as a way to blackmail her about the kiss she had and her position of the student council.
Nothing is black or white.

It's completely black and white. Mei is a psycho.

>same shitposter without any nuance

What are you talking about?


I freely admit that I don't know what "hide" is referring to. Is this the latest meme?

Did nobody translate Citrus Radio yet?

Annie and Gabi a shit.

Mei a cute.

You're exaggerating. They're reprinting the collectors of only volumes 4-6.


>>-8 days to new chapter

how did this go so fast

Will the episode deliver?

There was a huge gap before chapter 35, because of Saburouta taking her usual volume release break two months late, so chapter 36 just feels like it's soon by comparison.

>volume release break
Please, don't end the volume on a cliffhanger.

- Broken Mei slapped by Yuzu to be back to her normal self
-Harumin boobs of wonder inspiring Yuzu
- Crazy bike ride through the city to see daddy one last time
-Yuzu's famous line "if i want to do something ..."
- Da Kissu with sparkle, shared ba dumps and blushing faces

And smug Matsuri as a cliffhanger.

this episode will be golden.

>no rings

It's what volume 8 did, so it's possible. You'll still get a volume bonus story or two in March though.

The Matsuri arc will destroy some people, but it's such a fun arc for me.

this ass man gets it, Yuzu knows she could have pressured Mei into sex for a long while in the manga - but she doesn't want to do that. She wants it to be a natural pure experience.

Dub for episode 3 will be up later today. Harumin trying to scissor Yuzu dubbed should be funny.

Season 2 when?

Should be the other way around.

Talking about chapter 36, is Mei's dilemma not between
- her grandfather's point of view aka individual value depends on carrying a name and its legacy
- Yuzu aka individual value is what this person do, her actions, independently from her name and her status?

As long as Mei see herself as a keeper of Aihara legacy, no hope for her romance.


Watch it end on a cliffhanger with Shou coming back. He was just brought up last chapter too and was the focus of volume 8' bonus chapter.

Now this one has too many memes going on.
Why can't someone just make it cute and normal?

Indeed. These two aren't great, the previous one is the more recent one. But not perfect, far from it.

What is Matsuri doing?


I love Mei!


Everything in my life led to this precise moment.


Which chapter is this from?

I never noticed that Yuzu was in her underwear here. Bless whoever colored it.

Chapter 15 cover.

The covers are so contradictory to what actually happens in the chapters.

Yuzu thigh gap is underrated

This one was so ... we were all thinking, at last, sexy time. And? Nope. Just Mei ruining probably her panties in her grandma jeans.

Reminder that Yuzu suggested the jeans, Mei opted for a skirt.

Smug Yuzu is the best.


First episode smug is better.

So much crying is going to happen when they finally have sex.

>So much crying
Wrong hole?