S2 when?

S2 when?

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Nobody wants another season of a dork and a lesbot.

Soon, I hope. Everybody wants another season of a dork and a lesbot.

I do

I'd rather see the superior sister be animated.

Why is she so perfect?

How come Nene gets to have two Clarions?


How much best girl is there in the manga?

Is anyone translating the manga?

>no tail

The official english release is up to volume 9.

I've never bought manga before but now I'm tempted

not enough materials yet

This months chapter

wow the manga is just at the end of the anime now

Wonder how far on the LN is

Actually scratch that back button doesn't mean previous chapter

>wow the manga is just at the end of the anime now
No. The anime ended on volume 7, they're at volume 11 now.

Gladly never.

I wonder if they will give Phobos a volume cover.



Nene: the 2nd gig


Two Clarins?


Does Clarion have one with spines? Like cats are supposed to have one.

She can attach one, when Nene's in the mood for it.

Not soon enough OP.

Nene is a dumb autist.


Why is Clarion so mean?

i miss neneposting


I'm sure that Phobos would let her try with her if she asks nicely enough.

I miss Nene.

I wish I was Nene.

go to sleep Kurarin

Why doesn't anyone else like Daya?

Everybody loves Daya.

>liking disgusting organics




This won't ever get any continuation in anime form.
The anime itself was of low quality and sold badly anyway, the manga didn't experience any noticeable increase in sales, the amount of merchandise related to it is still practically 0, music disc sales for it were bad as well, it doesn't have really exciting sex appeal, nor does it have any noticeable action scenes.

It's one of those myriad cute shows that none of the big suits that throw around money for the sake of making more money cares about.
The manga is all there will be to it.

Why does Nene get 2 Clarins?

in season 2