Has this surpassed K-On?

Has this surpassed K-On?


Not even close.
Don't get me wrong it's good but it's next to impossible for this to get another season a 2cour season is just impossible

Not even the best Kirara show this season.



you have shit taste, pleb

why did the pink oni slut become a loli

Sora yori had potential to be K-ON Killer. The recent forced drama killed that chance.

Does it have 2 live concerts?

So Love Live surpassed K-On now?

Fuck no

Yes it does.

Bro it's approaching Tamayura.

It's good but let's not be crazy here

Yeah, just like every other SoL.

They're different. There's no point in comparison.

You just don't know what K-On is do you

Mate, they're 2 anime, they're both slice of life. There is so much to be compared.
Comparing things is a learning process why would you just dismiss it.

Also all you K-on fags are braindead for thinking K-on is a masterpiece, fuck off they're both bad

Milk-cow has nothing to do with that.

But why only those 2.

>Has this surpassed K-On?
On what aspect exactly? Be more specific.

Nothing will ever surpass K-On because the autistic anons who shill it, like every show that has been deemed a "timeless classic" on Sup Forums, are afraid of losing their favourite anime. If you think it surpassed K-On, great, you're open to change.

In term of sales and milked product; yes, okay, yes. But in term of substance, K-On > LL.

I watched the first two seasons and the movie. Yuru Camp have been giving me feelings than K-On did not.

>the autistic anons who shill it

Japan loves it, everyone loves it. You just don't understand.

trips of truth

cute girls playing instruments > cute girls camping

Not him, but I understand why. They can replicate the atmosphere without have to revert to old school life.

For me it has. The story of a bubbly extrovert getting a cynical loner introvert to open up does more for me than K-On's story did.

Amen brother


Hmm, yes it has.


Like clockwork.

>Love Live
>No substance

pick one and only one


The shit I’m taking right now has more substance than k-on.

This is now a K-On waifu thread

I figure anyone who had any of the keions have long moved on to other seasonal trash girls by now.

No. I like Yuru Camp a lot, but K-On!!'s comedic timing, set composition, and characterization still haven't been surpassed in the CGDCT genre.


Fuck you, Mugi will always be my waifu no i'm not black

It's escapism at its best.

Why the fuck is K-On the only show about cute girls you casuals know about? What the fuck, did you hear some e-celeb praising it or something so now you hold it as the highest form of CGDCT (after that term has been ruined)?

"fun things are fun am i kawaii ogoo"

Wow, so much substance in just 8 words.

K-ON season 2 is the greatest slice of life of our generation

K-On is almost the exact same as other SOL I don't know why you faggots put it up on a pedestal

No way

Ritsu a best

Audibly keked.

Mate, go to deviant art and write "k-on" and then "yuru camp" then come back with the results.

I've watched dozens. K-On!! is still my favorite.

K-Onfags, everyone.


Why don't you just stay there?

Mugi is a dumb autist.

We make all that cute art that you love fags.

It's good but it's a different show from K-ON.

K-ON is essentially a sequence of short comedic sequence, as one would expect from a 4koma manga. It's much less comf.


Finally someone tells it like it is.

I didn't watch k~on.

What in the fuck are you on OP? Not even close. I'm not even that much of a fan of K-On but the two are barely comparable.

I've seen shitloads. I've watched enough of them to go from loving slice of life with cute girls to being absolutely fucking sick of it. None of them even begin to approach K-On's character and story writing. They all just emulate episode beats, character quirks, etc. without having any of the setup or context that makes it all make sense or give you a reason to give a shit.


Whats this?

hotondo kui owatt ya Girl

They're both from the Kirara magazine.

K-On and Love Live are massive, as in, literally huge with concerts, cosplayers and all the shit that comes with being that big. Pretty sure the camping girls aren't there yet.

K-on actually has a closure in anime
This one will never reach it

Funny how Yui's VA is now voicing Mugi's character.

>This one will never reach it
Nonsense. Rin will finish her programming studies and find herself a nice job.

A dog shitting has surpassed K-on


Nothing will ever surpass K-On!

Great, so now the evergarbage defenders are going for the show that's actually KOing them instead of Darling?