Nah, sorry, the shiki were completely in the right from the beginning...

Nah, sorry, the shiki were completely in the right from the beginning. They wanted to form a community where they could live peacefully. Bringing a handful of humans into their fold was a necessity. Everything would have been fine if they had just been allowed to exist. The doctor ruined everything.

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>these bloodsucking monsters who eat people just wanted to make their own family
>they was goin to church and college, getting they life back together
>they dindu nuffin
No, they all deserved it. What made them think that humans as a species would ever be okay with a colony of monsters that eat them living nearby?

They were both fighting for the survival of their species so they were both right. The ones in the wrong were race-traitors like the monk.

>kills people
>right from the beginning


Shiki didnt kill people, they granted them immortality. They usually sucked people with high chance of turning

The monk was a werewolf though

>Shiki didnt kill people, they granted them immortality. They usually sucked people with high chance of turning
They killed them... with a CHANCE at them coming back to life. That's not a good thing. They didn't ask permission, they just killed people and if they turned, they turned. Remember that multiple people turned and their entire families died, which is not a good outcome for anyone.

>They didn't ask permission,
Do you ask the pigs permission before you eat it?

>Do you ask the pigs permission before you eat it?
No, but you don't pretend you're doing the pigs a favor either.

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In WoD even the vampires would tell Sunako she's a retarded bitch

nope. the shiki were aggressors and murderers.

>but they had to kill to survive
In that case humans had to kill to survive so you're already conceding that the humans are no worse than the shiki as soon as you say that.

But also , this isn't correct. humans only died after 4 feedings. Sunako and her 4 person entourage could have easily lived in a city and had a few people on rotation whose blood they drank but never enough to kill, especially since after drinking their blood they can control their actions not to directly reveal or harm them.
This shows that sunako is prioritising having more than 4 companions and a permanent place of residence over the lives of hundreds of human beings.

If you accept the moral standard that it is ok for her to kill people in for the sake of her comfort then you concede that it is ok for villagers to kill shiki as well since the shiki were inflicting greater discomfort on them by wiping them out.

it's impossible to validly reason that the shiki were more in the right than the villagers.

>Everything would have been fine if they had just been allowed to exist.
Nao killed her whole family and didn't find any happiness. She made her own life wretched and it's all the Shiki's fault. You can't tell me that they weren't in the wrong.

That's the thing I've never understood: Is the consumption level of a few shiki really so high that they can't get away with just having a rotation of people they feed on?

Nao was an evil cunt from a shitty scumbag family

>Oh why God, WHY? They killed me and turned me into a horrifying monster!
>Should I protect my family from the shadows?
>NOPE! Lunchtime!

She was blatantly evil

Actually, the Shiki situation sound more like rich outsiders screwing a small Japanese village because they can under the pretense that it's for the greater good (for them). Pretty common during the Japanese industrialization on the post-war and still happen today. The village revolting against the Shikis was closer to an union revolt

For more information you can watch Shohei Imamura's The Profound Desire of the Gods

They could have rotation, but they actually wanted to actively turn people and were fine with the non-risers dying, so that they could have their quiet mountain community. Their intention was always selfish.

Who else here is protect Sunako at all costs?

All the shikis deserved death. They're evil abominations and every single one needs to have its head crushed by a tractor

Then they're retarded. That's like being a bully and crying like a bitch the second someone fights back

I was laughing maniacally when they were being BTFOd.

They were murderous drug addicts who got killed by holy symbols, proving them objectively wrong in literally every way.

Squealer's show is better.

>They wanted to make a community
>kill off an entire village

Why is this so hard to understand for Shiki sympathizing scum?
I probably would've had more sympathy for them if they simply went for war agains the humans instead of trying to pull the victim card, ignoring the fact that they killed dozens gleefully up until that moment.

Or is it the gruesome extent of human retribution that turned off these scallywags? Buckle up. On this blue planet with millions upon billions of different lifeforms, only the ones who fought tooth and nail for survival lived to think about it.

Living in a city would be restrictive and oppressive for them. Human society wouldn't allow them to integrate without conflict, whether or not thru started it is irrelevant. It's an inevitability they capitalized on. If humans weren't bigoted and selfish, this wouldn't be a problem to begin with.
The residents of the village were inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Their plan to form their own secluded community would have been beneficial to both them and the human species.

>beneficial to human species

>Murder addicts
Shiki didnt murder anyone. They simply fed and turned people. Theyre the victims of Sunako really

I think you forgot the part where only a small percentage of those who passed return as shiki

>union revolt
You mean Soviet Union.

>in the right
>not getting that the whole point of the series was that there is no right and wrong.

>a community that actively has to kill humans to survive ever being in the right
They went through a huge amount of people in a relatively short amount of time, and that would only pick up with more mouths to feed. The objectively best part of this show was Nao's suffering

They don't have to kill anyone. They did so to dwindle the village's human population and recruit more shiki to help them.

Here's a brief history lesson for you. If you are defeated you were wrong. That's it.

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All they had to do, was set up a blood drive company, drink some of the blood off the top, and not hurt anyone. They chose this future.

>Just get FDA pass bro
>Just get millions of capital bro
>Just get donations bro
>Just skim the top lmao
They were well off but not that well off. Well, blood wasnt the problem but the persecution and stress about getting lynched


Delet, Megumin didnt deserve it

This meme ruined Shiki threads.

This man gets it. The highest priority is survival.