How do you feel about Tomoko?

How do you feel about Tomoko?

I like Momoko

If she'd just calm the fuck down, she'd be a lot cuter. She cute already though. I wanna hug her and tell her I would like to be friends.

Mating press

I want to lick her feet

She can talk to me about eroge as much as she likes.

What a cute

I need answers anons, what happend to that dude here?

She's annoying

>tfw no smelly NEET gf

She's cute and pure and my gf

>How do you feel about your gf?
I love her with all my heart

Slightly randy. I bet she kinda smells. Might kill my boner.

Tomoko is not for sexual

You're right, that's /ourgirl/ Nemo.

I thought Yuri Tamura was /ourgirl/.


But Tomoko loves sexual.

Watamote might get a new anime soon if volume 12 sell like hot cakes.

Tomiko does it all the time that one of reason why I love her so much.

No it won't.


Why not ?


what am I looking at here? website visitors or how much is it trending on google search?

Wow. Disneyland for the win.

I like her in uniform. I just wish they'd translated the scene to animation properly instead of adding the blazer bullshit.

I want to marry her and give her anal every night. Also lick her delicious feet.


It annoys me how she wants to be a normalfag even though she wouldn't fit in at all.

I prefer her brother. Sorry not sorry. Spin-off when?

Perhaps Tomoko goes back to being alone out of choice?


But shit is better than everyone. Why the fuck would she be normal.


i believ op is a faggot

She's smol.

I wish I had a shy, timid gf who just wants to be loved.




You know what they all have in common?


I love Tomoko. I really hope they never introduce a male love interest in the manga. That would just be devastating.
Yuri would not be as bad but I hate having romance injected into everything so I'm hoping they never go that route.

They all have a harem of girls.

She's a complete loser.
She's a huge sperg.
She's awkward as all hell to be around with.
She's unkept and smelly.
She's an overall disgusting weirdo.
She's perfect. I love her so.

>It was probably around 2am, Monday. I was lying in my bed awake, my face buried in my pillow to try to block the faintest of light coming from the streetlamp outside my window. The pillow wasn't helping, the faint light was resonating through my closed eyes.

>I heard gentle sobbing. It came from my sister's room. I tried to ignore it, but her cries although gentle must have echoed through the whole house. Strangely enough, I found myself falling asleep. The cries were a lullaby turning off that streetlamp. When I woke up I felt refreshed. I got up to take a shower and when I opened my door I found my sister in the hallway, in a yellow tank top with her hair disheveled. She didn't say anything. She'd usually throw a weird sex comment my way.

>It's been a while since I've seen her. Although we live in the same house and go to the same school. I told her not to talk to me at school and I try my best avoiding her, I know the places where she hangs out, the stairway blocked by a bunch of abandoned desks. It really has been a while since I've actually seen her or talked to her, not that I would really want to. I don't want to put up with her weird sense of everything. But I'm stuck with it.

>I'm stuck with it. We live in the same house, go to the same school, our names differ by a single syllable and her room is just across mine. And she, with her dishevelled hair and yellow tank top, is in front of me.

>I brush past her and proceed to the bathroom.

I would like Tomoko to to get a boyfriend, but only if she reach enough maturity to handle a relationship. Otherwise it would be forced, as you say.

But introducing a male love interest is the only natural endgame for a series about a girl lusting for dicks.


I want to tongue fuck her mouth pussy and grind our moist, sweaty palms together in public.

>From the angle where Tomoki was standing, behind the doorway, he could see her sister's reflection on a cutter knife that was lying on the floor. He just got home from soccer practice and was dying for a shower. The knife was soaked in blood, the floor too, and it made his sister's face a little redder at least on the reflection. Her face was pale white from the blood loss. The tiles where white, the walls, the sink, the tub, the blood that came from her cut wrists plunged into the tub trickling to the floor colored over the ghostly scene. It was her bed of roses, her death bed.

>For a while he couldn't move, his mind was blank, he stood there staring at his sister.

>It was a work of art for Tomoko, her final masterpiece. She opened her eyes slowly and saw a dumbfounded Tomoki in front of her. He should be applauding at her tragedy, or perhaps her only audience was left too mesmerized. Tomoko shut her eyes.

>When Tomoki snapped out of his limpness, he phoned for an ambulance. He shouted for his mother, nothing. Did Tomoko plan this ahead? She knew when the house would be empty and she-. He didn't know what to do. He shook his sister by the shoulders calling her name, fervently begging her to please come back. Blood stained his white uniform when Tomoko, with what little strength she had left, reached for him and caressed his face. "I won't barge into your room anymore, promise."

>It took the ambulance five minutes to get there. It was the longest five minutes of his life, desperately shouting "Tomoko", his pathetic attempt to put pieces of a broken glass back together. Two men came into the bathroom, one checked Tomoko's pulse, he checked again. They glanced at each other. The other man tapped him lightly on the shoulders.



>That night he was lying on his bed trying to make sense of what happened. His mother was downstairs crying, his father that was on a business trip cancelled it and was back home sitting on his chair, he looked at his wife and wondered how he no longer knew his daughter.

>Back in Tomoki's room, the only light came from a streetlight a few blocks away. It was blinking the way fluorescent lights flicker first for a while when it's turned on. Bzzzt-bzzzt-bzzzt. Then the streetlight died out. In his pitch dark room, Tomoki wondered how he let this happened. How the only time when she let her sister touch her was when she said her last words. How he ignored this coming. He knew it all along somewhere in his mind, that her sad attempts to be considered in this world would end in the tragedy he saw. He ignored those cries back then, those desperate attempts to make him talk to her, asking to notice she was there. He looked the other way and walked a different hallway simply because he didn't want to bother, he left her to rot with those abandoned broken desks to barricade her. If maybe he just considered allowing her into his room, none of this would have happened.

>"I won't barge into your room anymore,"

>Tomoki still felt his sister's cold hand against his cheek. The uniform was hanging in his closet, with blood stains of what's left of her sister.

>2am, Tuesday. There where cries resonating through the whole house, this time Tomoko's room was silent. Tomoki found himself unable to sleep.


She doesn't even lust for dicks that much if at all. Komi-somthing on the other hand she's a dick lusting machine.


Would you dry hump Tomoko after class?




You better fucking delete this you fucker.

It would be a very wet hump

If Tomoko ever got a boyfriend I think she would stop being as relatable to a large group of people who read the manga.

Betty la fea. XD




Kodaka has the largest one though.


I really didn't fucking need this right now.

For what purpose?


Not at all. Her slow, gradual character development is one of the manga's strongest points (and the very reason it didn't get canned after the 100th "Tomoko does something dumb" joke).
Almost the entirety of the fanbase, which has been following her since her days of cheating on children's card games, would be happy with such a development (as long as it is well done).

I think you are overestimating how reasonable the fanbase is.

No I'm not. The manga is selling and the recent two years have been positively received by both japanese and western fans.

I like Tomoko's gradual character progression, but I feel like they need to at least keep somewhat of what makes Tomoko Tomoko and getting a boyfriend would be too far from her character.

It's the end game so I'd like to see it at the end.


I'd pin her to a wall and grind a 'gasm out on her uniform.

You sound gay. Leave.

She watches porn and faps.
The fuck are you talking about?

She makes me want to commit acts of violence.

The nail that sticks out...



>tfw every girl like her irl has a serious mental disorder
doesn't feel good, pals

>real girls



I feel like she needs to smile more


Her future girlfriend, Emiri, is very cute.




Did you mean enhance?

it's true

the one i do know is like the coolest one ever but she's very sick