One Piece

Who is Pudding imitating?

Nami when Sanji left her again

>Old thread only reached 490 posts
>Already made new one like the attention whore that you are for some reason

Kill yourself

Nobody. Nitro is just confused because he isn't used to seeing her like this.
Where was he up until now anyways? He was absent ever since they started making the cake and now for some reason he's back.

>save my captain
From what? Katakuri won't kill him and he will be the one carrying Luffy outside mirroworld

The Scream.

Why does he want Luffy to give him such a challenge?

Sanji is just being a faggot who thinks he's being cool. Nothing out of the ordinary here. God I wish either Big Mom, Judge or even Bobbin killed the guy.

Because Oda is a hack

there was even one already up
granted it's shitpost bait but so is this one


Because Oda is an awful writer.

How does haki develop again? By fighting stronger opponents? Yeah.

Yes, you said that over 10 times last thread. You want a flawless story with deep ass meaning? Go read a book.

How is this one bait retard?

>tfw no giantess waifu that can grow bigger the more fluids you pump inside her

It's a misstranslation. The "!!" and the "...!!" are Katakuri seeing the future. He's actually saying "Yeah I'll endure it and remain standing" because he's answering to the vision of the future Luffy he saw, who's saying "if you withstand this, then (it's my loss)"


Uuuh... Because he isn't writing like Dragon ball story?

Why is Sanji ignoring her, bros?

Why is Sanji ignoring her??

Why is she getting ignored by Sanji?


Because he knows she‘s bonkers.

Will Cracker and Katakuri get demoted too because of their defeat?

WHY is Sanji ignoring her, bros? Brofist DAB

Is he ignoring her or just hasn't noticed what's going on?

Or does his haki know she really doesn't like him? Since you can feel feelings with haki

Why did she get ignored?
He has been ignoring her ever since the finish of the cake

Cracker maybe. I doubt they'll demote Katakuri, though, unless they think he's a traitor or some shit because of this fight, in which case he might leave Big Mom pirates.

Fuck off Sanafaggot.

None of those is me. The IP changed retard
It's probably your false flag

LuKa is just beautiful

>getting 4chanx
Must be nice to have so few addons on your browser you can afford to add useless shit to it.
You're still a faggot though.

He ignores her for some reason. I guess he does love Nami more

t. Triggered OP of that thread

Maybe because you are lying? Not him btw

What does this even mean?

When will they change the lower raid bosses? I wanna see a gardevoir and a metagross raid boss.

Nah Oda is losing it

What the heck is Snake Man going to look like?

Is Big Mom actually going to die this arc? She looks she's about to keel over.

Boa Hancock no?

Wrong thread dear.

Who was it aimed for?

I dunno but I'm scared as fuck for her. I don't want her to die.

I posted that and I don't ship SaNa.

everything streched mostly to the limit
arms coiled around torso
legs twisted together to form a tail
Torso is longest part and streched wide

Exactly who I quoted.

Oda made Big Mom into a fucking joke.
Makes me so sad

I wonder when Big Mom eats the cake, somehow mother Carmel will appear out of her body?

>I wonder when Big Mom eats the cake, somehow mother Carmel will appear out of her body?
Why do so many people believe something so retarded? Exactly what part of the mechanic of BM's power that we've been privy to up until now would make you think so?

Because thats what a man fights supposed to be
a challenge

Of course it is.

Katakuri will join the Straw Hats, mark my words.

I'm the authority on Katafaggotry here and I think you're going full retard, dear disciple. Stop.


oh this makes sense
He said he's just going to endure whatever luffy throws at him
the last panel with katakuri's face doesn't look as confident though, he must have already seen snake man so i wonder how he feels about it

>2 bait threads at the same time

how so? she is probabky going to be the only yonko that wont go down loosing a fight, but because of a disease. without that she was virtually invencible

Why is no one mad that Katakuri wants Luffy to win??????

This isn't a bait thread. If you think it is then you are a shipper your self

i would complain about the misuse of "tfw" but you are right. the feels are real. why even live.

>the last panel with katakuri's face doesn't look as confident though
He's just sad because this rare moment of bromance is gonna come to an end. I really can't read this face any other way. Why would seeing Snakeman make him sad?
Also it's worth pointing out that he didn't attempt to prevent Luffy from powering up this time. Indicating once again that he has indeed discarded his objective of killing him.

I actually want Luffy to lose. Looks like it is not gonna happen.

He doesn't want him to win, he wants him to go at him with everything he has.

Katakuri is like training him. Which is stupid

what makes you think so

Because he doesn't?
I'm pretty sure Katakuri is winning this fight.

It might. See

Trying to attack him mid power up might catch him off guard, since he has no idea what Luffy is going to do


Is there even a single moment where you don't miss the point of what is going on? Like when broken clocks are right twice a day? Didn't that whole "luffy didn't get stabbed in the chest it was a future vision" fiasco teach you anything? Jesus fucking Christ.

He does retards notice how he didn't attack him when Luffy was on the floor


i didn't believe that shit at all, dumbass
They're both injured, its the end of the fight, one wrong move and it could cost the fight
there's a lot at stake.

He's been doing that for two chapters at least. It might just be part of what he considers to be an honorable way to fight. Doesn't mean he's letting him win. Luffy would probably get angry if that was it.

that would be dope

Oda needs more breaks

Luffy is going to faint and Katakuri will take him out

from the force that waits for him outside the mirror


It's always nice that I can use this guy's reviews to know how much I've misunderstood about the chapter. Nothing coincides between his interpreation and mine except that they both saw the future. This probably means I'm spot on.

Katakuri is the one winning this.


this is the next "luffy didnt actually get hit" theory lol

nami. sanji doesn't give a fuck about purin tho. sad for her.


It's almost like they were made by falseflagging HxHtards.

no no you don't get it: the previous two chapters were all a vision by luffy! 895 will start with two back in the mirror world when flampe was still conscious

>I want Katakuri to win

¡Q-qué lindo!

He already won. He's letting Luffy stand up.


>pudding is trying to imitate nami crying to get Sanji to say "I LOVE YOU TOO" to her

I'm sorry user, but it seems all LuNa busy now. Try shitpost later.

Once one piece was a good manga and now is turning out ridiculous. Oda wtf.


Which newly introduced Charlotte do you like best?
I like Brownie but still my vote goes to pic related.

There's no LuNa. Just people calling SaNa a faggot.