Dumping chapter 106 now

Dumping chapter 106 now.

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What a sexy oldman.


For fuck sake, I set Tsugumomo as name and not title.


It's fine, OP-pic is incredibly captivating so it evens out. I just cant take my eyes off that toned old man.


Here's the zip for the impatient ones.



Are lewd things going to happen now? Let me know so I can take this off the big screen and close my blinds.


Yes, but very brief.

>Falls alseep next to a women in the same room
Absolutely haram.

Aah, Flute-chan is adorable. I'll miss her.


Knowing how the chapter ends, this scene just makes me feel ill.

OP pic is without a doubt Hamada's, so we're good user.


What happened? Did she wet herself again?

Doesn't matter. Catalog's search will still find it.


l-lets just stop the dump here


>dec 2013
Where did the time go?

Hm. MC like Shiki Tohno - killing skills... i mean killing lewd skills, with him even without memory...


shes a messy flute


Kazuya is a fucking giant here.

Don't forget, you're here forever.

Kill yourself, frogposter.

I can see why the old man is so angry


>Angry flute noises
That's pretty cute.


When will they learn?


I see she's the type who prefers to be groped than to be the groper. What a rarity in this manga.









should have just left the arena wrecked




So he finally just said fuck it he's finger banging her? About damn time.


Needle sewed K-gal back?

Such beautiful titties.

Guys... What if needle gets cutie treatment later? I saw best girl potential here.


She's already a cutie.


Yes. Or said that he will. that's why our boy is so happy in the next pages.

I unironically thought it was a boy

And that's it, weird end for a chapter. Now we wait for livetl.

Reminder that this fight is gonna last 5 chapters

Good. Whatever happened to just duking it out in fights? The last frieza fight lasters for like 3 episode.

>removing sound
well fuck

For how long has the tourney arc been going on?

5? Not 3?

Arc - ~15-17 chapters.
Tournament - no more than 10.

Thanks my boy.

>he summons a house
Seriously, that's actually cool as fuck for a weapon idea.

God damn flute is great

I already miss those nipples...


This guys power is literally "Get off my lawn you kids!"

>turn down that racket!

Ok, I didn't expect that.

>What happened? Did she wet herself again?
I suppose she came (and squirted)?

As much as i like Flute the fighting style you use with her looks fucking gay

Fighting with sound is fucking rad you pleb.

Fighting with sound. Not with long object in mouth...

You have to use both hands to make sound and its just dragon ball esque energy balls that explode.
Its just lame, and probably the main reason the author decided to bring obi fighting back.

It could be a trumpet he plays with his ass and it would still be cool.

Like the other user said having a rod at ur mouth doesn't really look nice also 2 handed

What if you use flute and the obi to make a megaphone? That will be devastating.

was I trolled by anons in last thread or stream was about newer chapter

REmember when naruto had a flute user?
It was just hypnosis and some ridiculous summons before she was immediately defeated and put into konoha sex dungeons.


The author is drawing a couple chapters ahead.

Stream was about chapter 109.

It doesn't suit the mc who's name I'm forgetting. He's a physical goku idiot, not a strategist. I can understand now how he broke the poor soft, fluffy and loving flute. Flute needed a better user, one that actually understood how to play a fucking flute. You don't use a flute to hit things with, you play a flute softly with your finger tips and use rhythm. It takes years of practice to master an instrument and he didn't have that. Flute was forced to help him when the circumstances were bleak but she should have fucked off to let him find an appropriate tsukiyohimeyoyamonga.

>Get off my lawn
>This is a castle doctrine state
>Sugoi, so this is the power of old people.

Its a good tsugumomo for group fighting and tactics, but for a hero mc that has to save the world on his own.

>everyones talking about the house
>not flutes asshole

Seeing assholes stopped being exciting with yoshi some while ago.
Probably when kazuyas sister tried to coax him into lubing her asshole.

Thanks for the dump

This is 106, 109 is what all the hubbub is about, and the fight isn't over yet there. At least 1 more chapter before the bout is over.

There's a Crash Bandicoot manga?

It fucking hurts to see her.