In hindsight they probably have one of the worst assembled decks of the franchise

In hindsight they probably have one of the worst assembled decks of the franchise.

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In hindsight they probably have some of the hottest assembled sex of the franchise.

That's not sex, that's masturbation.

doesnt he have a lot of op spell cards

well kaiba exists

>not tristan
actually garbage s1 deck, filler deck isn't that good either.
>not joey
filled with trash cards with no synergy whatsoever (fisherman/insect queen). Relies on dumb luck to win.

To be fair you can see his deck somewhat work on GX S1 filler so I'm pretty sure there are worst decks out there.

I always thought evil bakura had a cool deck, even if it was edgy as fuck.
Unfortunately it was wasted on a total loser.

Marik actually has the worst deck. He doesn't even try to win the game,it just tortures the opponent with gimmicks until they give up.

So without bullshit draw powers, who have the best deck?

Not sure if the best, but Rebecca had a relatively decent deck as far as anime decks go.

that rare hunter that ran 3 of all the broken draw cards + exodia

Pegasus, if he ran solely toon world or relinquished is somewhat usable, no?

From the manga of DM i would say pegasus or Odion. They atleast somewhat work. As for filler if we ignore most of the rules then Rafael has a lot of broken cards in his deck.

For GX most of the deck are average going towards good. kind og a personal bias but i think cyber dragons is the strongest deck there.

For 5ds i would go with Crow's deck. Simple yet effective.

For the latter shows I would say most of them are good and when they're bad then it shows.

Maybe they'd have done decently with Dark Magician using current support + Quintet Magician. Could probably squeeze in the Egyptian Gods.

Raphael's deck was bad, he basically had his own destiny draw powers that rivaled Atem's. I guess it makes sense with the whole believe in your deck/HoTC/connection with the cards/whatever thing.

Best girl

No shit. Their deck has neither theme nor synergy. It just exists to advertise popular cards.

Their deck predates the card game, so it's more like it works because the story needs it to work.

Are you implying that having 1/4 of your deck requiring tributes is a bad thing???

monarchs disagree with you on this being a bad thing

If Kaiba didn't have his shitty dragons he would have had a pretty well rounded deck that focused on comboing cards together to absolutely nuke the opponent.

Marik had the absolute worst deck. Without his Egyptian Pogo stick he wouldn't have beat casino master Joey

Anime decks seem to be 90% trap cards anyway.

Yuma runs one of every onomatopoeia monster, 3 copies of double or nothing, and the rest is all situational traps

Cyber dragons are good, but the deck Kaiser ran was garbage.
Still better than Cyberdark. Judai's decks were a fucking inconsistent mess too.
I remember he went -3 in the start of a duel just to get Neos on the field

Jaden was fucking awful in the first couple of seasons. Most of the time, he'd drop Burstinatrix or Avian in attack mode and pass, then act surprised when they get killed immediately.
I think Chazz had the worst deck, though. There is no rhyme or reason to the cards he picks. How he managed to win anything, much less be one of the best students in DA, is a fucking mystery.

>shitting on bakura

The best part is that currently you can run an Ojama, Union, Armed dragon deck and actually have a fuckton of advantage with decent plays.

This. I’m kinda disappointed they didn’t have him use butterfly dagger loop.

It's transcendental incest, which is one of my top fetishes, next to arcane bestiality.


No it wasn't, free fusion was a terrible mechanic. Plus the grinding you had to do was actually insane.

>arcane bestiality
Like zodiacs?

I'm so sick of people bringing this up
The game didn't even fucking exist irl at the time till like Battle City finals

Most cardbattle animes sadly never dive into some of the most fun things of playing TCG matches. Deckbuilding and Sideboarding.

Which deck? His battle city one or the mill deck he used against normal Yugi in the millennium rpg arc?

This might have been a decent point if his deck wasn't considered to be all about strategy and balance in universe. Even with the manga rules, the only way it works is because of his plot powers.

>not Atem
get it together nigga

>balance in the universe
It was an Earth and Dark themed deck with lame strategy magic and trap cards

DSOD Kaiba

No, just the most powercreeped

Even if you remove the power creep, his deck(and nearly all DM decks, for that matter) would give you brick hands way too often.

If he only lost to Yugi it'd have been forgivable, because who doesn't, but he lost against the villain of the former arc, that's absolutely not okay, Egyptian god bullshittery or not.
Battle City, I love Necrofear.

But he only lost because some ra asspull from marik as usual

“Pot of Greed”


This random computer that was OTK'd probably had the best deck

It used an actual meta relevant deck that maintained hand advantage with cards like sinister serpent and airknight parshath while depleting the opponents hand with robbin' goblin and high attack normal summon beaters like Berserk Gorilla


Their names are Honda and Jounichi

Arkana though some cards were yugi specific

What does it do?

Jaden's deck was so shit he constantly had to use Bubbleman's effect and draw pot of greed to replenish his hand.

Chazz's deck was a combination of vwxyz, armed dragon and ojama archetypes. Jaden's though was atrocious with squeezing a bunch of E-heroes alongside neo spacians and Neos. The chances of him ever getting something coherent enough for a combo in his starting hand were tiny.

So if there was a Yugioh Isekai, where someone was brought to the world of Yuigoh with a tier zero deck, that would be like the equivalent of having a cheat right?

You failed to take into account bullshit anime only cards he couldn't have before being isekai'd

at least he focused on Neo at the end and Blade Edge at the end
granted Neo sucks dicks but still

Yugi's deck with Gadgets and Marshmellon was actually pretty solid compared to the other decks from DM

I like his levels since it had exclusive manga cards and they operate quite differently there

I wouldn't exactly say that a deck that's a combination of E-Heroes, Neos and Neo Spacians, winged kuriboh and support, Yubel and Honest was focusing on Neos. Jaden's deck was literally an orgy of card spirits stacked on top of each other.

Yeah, Yugi had one of the more technical decks in the original series compared to most others that just focused on summoning beatsticks.

The only playable yugioh game is spirit caller because it has a glitch that significantly reduces the grind.

You're thinking way too small with your Yugioh isekai. Here's how you do one:
>MC is from your average super serious Yugioh series
>Gets killed in battle against one of the villain's ace monsters
>Wakes up in the body of a random duelist
>As it turns out this is a world where Yugioh is just another casual but popular game like in our world
>Has to deal with PTSD, how people are capable of playing other nondescript games and that people can even enjoy the game
>At some point in the series his universe actually invades much like Academia did
>Only this time there's also an actual earth military
>As others go crazy as the thought of a children's card game destroying humanity, he gives his circle of friends the ability to fight back with their own monsters
>Shit happens
I literally came up with all of this while taking a piss

Battle City was the best arc because people tried to use the most broken shit possible


>I think Chazz had the worst deck, though. There is no rhyme or reason to the cards he picks. How he managed to win anything, much less be one of the best students in DA, is a fucking mystery.

>when he sacrificed obelisk to summon his dragonfu
My 8 years old self made sure i never forget thay


they kept that free fusion shit after forbidden memeories?

Kaiba probably had the only "okay" deck. It was just a basic beatdown deck and honestly had the most sense to it. Yugi Joey Marik all had shit decks.

You have to remember that their game is different than ours.

This might have been more impressive if he didn't dismiss Blue-Eyes moments earlier and only did it because of a magic past life flashback

>Underworld Circle summons Horahkty

I too like saying people are wrong.

The lack of 5s in this thread worries me.