Yuru Kyan△

Episode 6

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Imagine being here with her.


Non Non Biyori > yuru camp
This is a fact.

Canonically Ugly

>4 episodes left


Wait, aren't they doing 12?

Super comf~

>she sees your meat


Canonically munyamunya.

>ep 6
>12 ep anime
>4 episodes left

how did you come to that?


This is the girl I love

I don't trust these subs. She was simply munyamunya'ing gummies.

Fujiko hasn't been this cute before.

>walk in the library
>see this on the floor
what to do?


You have to eat all the eggs


Mom and Onee-chan clearly wants to eat each other

Take a picture.

Remove her panties and ascertain the state of her pubes.

Reading the manga hurts my eyes


How? The art is pretty good.

Yes, yes she is.

>When your medium rare meat manage to lure young girl.

Imagine this but with David Hayter's voice

The art is really good, but vertical lines as shadows burns my eyes and give me a headache

Rin is really tiny.

Chiaki's legs.

Now someone complete the picture by putting him in this outfit.


Delicious legs.

I want it!

Oh, I understand. It's an even bigger pain in the ass (or should I say "eye"?) when cleaning up the pages - after I've worked on Yurucamp pages for a couple of hours my eyes hurt unlike anything before. Even when I rest every now and then.
The long vertical lines thing is a nice stylistic choice, but this manga probably isn't designed to be read on a computer monitor, but rather, on paper.

So after Big Boss left in Phantom Pain he spent his days camping and being a grandfather before showing up again at the end of MGS4


Sold out!

gently tap her shoulder to wake and escort her home

Wasted oportunity desu

>kisses legs

Were they afraid of making Chiaki too erotic? They ruined her.

It's nice to see that Snake is enjoying his retirement.

>Aoi reading Yuru Camp threads

What is this Henshin called

I am 100% convinced this is the case. Manga chiaki is actually you know, on the same level of hottest as the rest of the cast. Anime jackie is a joke.

I want to caress her beautiful brows.

I bet you say this to every girl with big eyebrows, you playboy!

I'm a slut for big brows, I can't help it.

She doesn't look cute at all, user.

These are the faces of two girls who are about to film themselves doing gay things in order to pay for camping equipment.

What a nice&mature sister. Literally offers her free time to help her little sister.

She's searching herself on Twitter

why does she look so retarded?


>Aoi just ripped a giant fart, but I need to stay serious in front of the camera


Huge boo..

Again? Didn't go on sale and got sold out within seconds once before?


Japanese text emoticons are really cute.



Was there ever a day we trusted CR's translations?


Am I crazy for thinking that legit sounds good?

Yeah, it reads fine on paper.
Reading paper magazines is a pain in the ass, though, so I still prefer to buy digital and turn down the contrast when I read.

I mentioned the same thing before. It sounds like it just might exist somewhere in real life.
If it doesn't exist, you bet your ass it will now.

So would it be a better to say "well... this one's just a glutton" instead? That sounds about right to me.


Chiaki and Aoi are lovers.

I really hope there's just a candle inside and the guy isn't starting fire indoors.

What is that biting face?

That's a chewing face.



Other way round ya dingus.

They are so pretty

Ugly short hair cut

Do they call "Korean BBQ" whatever the words for Korean and BBQ are in Japan? Or do they have some other word for it and we just translate it to what English speakers call it? Is it distinct from yakiniku? Or is this just another Korea vs Japan thing and it probably is derived from Korean cuisine but they just aren't gonna call it that.

Why can't I get enough of this face?

Lack of subs. Otherwise, amazing.

Cute moomin.

best girl right there


Because it's cute.

too cute

Those are legs to die for.

Rin is a dumb autist

God DAMN son!

I can just inform you that in Korean, "yakiniku", and the thing you call "korean" barbecue (a.k.a. grilled meat) are two separate things. I've no idea whether the japs make any distinctions - but it's likely that they call ours yakiniku as well. They took inspiration from the methods here and that's just their word for it. At the core, it's about the same - but the Japanese have added a couple of their personal touches and fixed it so it would suit their palate. I don't think they would call the method of cooking here "korean barbecue" - but they'll just call it yakiniku.

sorry about the whole spaghetti thing, guys

I wish you all lots of comfy

>Imagine being here with her.
i don't need to imagine user


>with her

>with her

Where is that? That's some incredible autumn colour there.

>banana peel > sata cable
What he did mean by this?

i cant get that op out.
whenever it starts i always think it is the ABC song and keep wanting to play that over the op instead of the jap stuff.

>with her
d-does it count if I bring my waifu /out/?