Literally genocided billions

>literally genocided billions
>but he's nice now so he's our friend :)

>genocide billions
Do you think death has any meaning in that series? You may as well have said
>Jay walked once in his life

It's not about ramifications, it's about intent.

He totally intended to jay walk too.

And he split off his intent afterwards. Also he's a pain to deal with even the fat version, so better befriend him.

Tien was an assassin.
Yamcha was a thief.
Vegeta destroyed planets and killed millions.
The androids killed a bunch of people.
Hit is a well known space assassin.

They are all friendly now maybe not Hit but it has always been like this.

>The androids killed a bunch of people.

At least they technically killed his evil half.
Piccolo and Vegeta were just as bad and got away with it.

it's good to know there are magical balls that can undo the damage that monster has done

>The androids killed a bunch of people.
No they didn't. They just beat up some jobbers, dicked around, went to Kame House, and left to fight Piccolo before eventually buttvored by Cell.

did you even watch DBZ?

The Androids only killed people in the future. Technically the Androids we know didn't do anything.

Show me, other than the doctor, they killed no one.

piccolo is literally the reincarnation of evil

They killed that shop owner after 18 went shopping for clothes and shit just for giggles.

those are the future ones. do YOU even watch dbz?

I recently rewatched Android/Cell saga. and Android 16 said that they "didn't kill a single living thing."

If Hitler became a nice boy and stopped killing people would you make him your ally?

If he was an immensely powerful fighter that could defend the planet alongside me

Yes. Because then all the jews and gypsies would be dead.


Maybe, if Hitler was a giant pink baby with super powers

I like this answer better than mine.

Would you befriend a loli hitler?

If Hitler literally separated into two beings (one of his good, one of his evil) and the good one proved himself by helping me kill the evil one, I might consider it.

>Waaah fictional characters don't follow my set of morals it's bad writing!!!


Of course, Hitler-chan is my imouto.

Well buu was an insane kirby on steroids a good example to not take steroids kids or else you’ll end like the melty majin buu

Vegeta probably killed tons more people than Buu did.

> Doesn't even remember
It was when he was still together with Evil Buu. Evil Buu becomes kid Buu. So pretty much kid Buu was the one to do all those. fat Buu helps defeat kid Buu.

You now realize Goku does this to satisfy his fightboners when there's no big bads.

>the melty majin buu

Sounds dirty.
>"I gave her the good ol melty majin"

Literally both the Americans and the Soviets used Nazi Scientists to help them later on especially in the Space race

You are a moron if you think that Politicians care about "good guys" when it comes to that

What is worse than majin buu a slowpoke golem

Goku used shenron to brainwash the planet to forget about Buu.

Most of the Nazi scientists weren't really that inclined to be extreme... well, Nazis. Plenty of the Germans just thought "Germany first!" and that the war was for the good of the nation... not like they thought they were the baddies.

Von Braun basically remarked with the rockets he made that he was hoping they would land on other planets, not on Britain.

>Needing to brainwash a population that still believes Hercule defeated Cell and votes for animal presidents

Nah, they're dumb enough to forget on their own.

except for the part where he literally cast off all of his evil and it became a separate creature

Dude, 19 was there
it was the one we knew

Are you talking about shonenshit threads?

That was present timeline 17 and 18

They all came back to life and had their memories of Buu erased

I'd make him my ally no matter what

DBZ your first shonen?

That form was a mistake.

Its not like there isn't a precedent, Vegeta has wiped out countless planets and murdered, an entire city on eart, killed a few hundred Namekians and sold out his friends for more power and never felt even a twinge of gult or regret for his actions and he got rewarded for it by fucking second best girl Bulma.

>butt vored by Cell.

Hmm. Now I want to see a picture of that Sup Forums meme with Cell and Android 17.

The Good Doctor killed the original Demon King Piccolo at the end of Dragon Ball and hasent done anything like his father

You can say the same about Vegeta

>insane kirby on steroids
Buu can't destroy a planet with a single punch and can't survive a planetary explosion without being blown to pieces.

Considering he did all that before Hercule gave him a moral compass, yeah

Yes they did
You're forgetting the future versions
If they weren't stopped they would eventually go and start killing people like they did in the future. And the only reason they didn't kill people was because they didn't feel like it at the time with 17 wanting to have fun finding Goku to kill him

Now imagine if that brazil/argentina clone hitler turns out to be the next Bob Ross.

What if Bob Ross was actually Hitler's clone?

Well yeah, you know how many people joined the clan in the 10's- 30's hell President Truman was a member for a while. People will join the most reprehensible organisations if it means they can either network with powerful or influential people or further their own goals.

>Yes they did
They didn't. When 18 was shopping they just left.

>You're forgetting the future versions
Literally follow the conversation.

>If they weren't stopped they would eventually go and start killing people like they did in the future.
No proof of this.

What would the Z Sword have actually done against Buu? Wouldn't he just have regenerated from being cut?

Unless that sword was anti-magic, probably fuck all

No, it was future 17 and 18. Because present 17 and 18 just left while the shop owner called the police on them.

They survived but 18 clearly gave no shit if they would be dead or not and just busted their car

>No proof of this.
See 18 clearly gave no fucks if they survived or not

So spare me the whole "Androids dindu nuffin" bullshit

It was most people's first

Vegeta was the one killing everyone. 18 just didn't care enough to move the fight elsewhere.

The drivers when fighting Vegeta.

See you retarded apologist

They are on friendly terms with a destroyer god. Do you think that they give a fuck about morals? Only Piccolo, Krillin, and now 17 seem to have any kind of a conscious.

Yamcha did nothing wrong

all is forgiven beacuse dragonballs

He was a highwayman.

Vegeta killed those people, not 18


>second best girl Bulma.
nice bait

Most evil thing Krillin ever did was cheat in the early days of Roshi's training.