Saki: Tanoshii

Saki 185 translation is out.
Ritz is generous enough to put the score on the 1st page.

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Kyouko contemplating on Himeko's dealership.

Usuzan hype.

Scary Sawaya.

Self-motivational speech.

>Himeko: 129,100 (+22,100)
>Kyouko: 104,600 ( -11,300)
>Ryuuka: 101,100 ( -11,300)
>Sawaya: 65,200 (+500)
Good job, Sawaya.

>tfw you realize your opponent has a tulpa feeding her spoilers

Could it be that Toki is just invisible because the chapter is not told from Ryuuka's perspective?

Not really, it's anime's Predator Vision in action. Why would you call it "Limitless Heaven" is anyone's guess.

Kyouko using Ako's tactics.

Or not.

Himeko's sad wives.

Four is death.

Man, imagine if Zenkoku S2 air together with Golden Kamuy, that'd be so rad.

Also toki thread toki series toki doki.

0 0

Nice assist by Ryuuka

Kyouko did nothing wrong. Like that one time when she got ronned by fedora 4 times in a row. Totally not her fault.

You just had to raise the deathflag, Himeko, didn't you?
Next chapter, February 16.

Toki or no toki?

No toki allowed until user sees the error of his ways.

W-what? I thought all Sakifags were cute lesbians!

Kyouko will slay monsters.

These captains bore me. Here, have an actually good character.



There's an alternative sakiverse where Koromo didn't play with her food and went to the finals.
What did Ritz mean by this?

More importantly, what did Ritz mean by this?

The Suzu said "No, Kyouko, you are the monsters". And then Kyouko slayed herself.

I like to think Toyone somehow dragged her into doing the same mistake over and over with her grim aura

I'm rooting for you Sawaya! Even though I know it's impossible for you to win. Ritz should make the undeniable last place win once in a while though.

How do you guys think the finals will go?
>Vanguard match
Teru dominates. Samurai Girl does some flashy shit and gains some points, but Kuro and Yuki are destroyed.
>Sergeant match
I think Mako will shine in here. The others will do good too though.
>Lieutenant match
Does Ako have any chance?
>Vice captain match
Nodoka will probably BTFO Megan after her new style fails. Fisher will suffer. Arata will play good for sure.
>Captain match
I'm sure everyone will do flashy shit but I think Nelly will end up winning

Actually Kyoko's luck most of the time is not normal at all, so she has that at least

That some sakis are such hardasses that they don't deform when sitting down, or that their antigravity doesn't turn off properly when bathing.

i fucking hate mahjong

>one part is wobbling
Two parts, even. Boing-chan~

Is the Saki metal AMV gone? I can't find it anymore. Please save me.

Was it on YT? That's normal. They purge stuff automatically. Sometimes the algorithms get a bit enthusiastic.

I'm so tired of these second rate match. Come on go to final, and even then saki won't fight teru until individual (never ever).


Yes, and I can't find it anywhere even though it was always posted everywhere.

It's so fucking obvious Kyouko's winning the loserbowl it's not even funny.

Did you forget Himeko still has keys left?

So? Kyouko has this shit figured out.

Sup Sakisan.

I would like to see what happens when Kyouko truly becomes a lesbian.