Darling in the stuff

How can a single character have over 20 daily threads?

I mean, the anime is plain shit and the only reason is popular is this whore

Is she the Rei or Asuka proxy?

Sup Forumsedditors and ironic weebs

Asuka with none of the negatives.

Ichigo is Rei with all of the pretention.

>Main character's soulmate whose also some weirdo alien

She's Kaworu

There's nothing to talk about except shitty metaphors and forced seasonal waifus.

>not liking fun
What is wrong with you

>ITT: stop liking what I don't like

Must be nice to live off NEETbux so you can just complain all day about things that trigger you.

Prostitution beastility doujins when?

Calling a women whore just because you can't get a girlfriend/are uncomfortable around strong females is not very nice, user.

>those greentexts
Sasuga Sup Forumstards, so easy to spot you faggots these days.
At least pretend you browse this board for more than a week.

The only fun to be had would be making fun of it but you can't because the threads are 90% waifu spam and the only replies you get are "VEG shill".


make more threads faggot

>stuff happens
>secondaries are fucked up
>pink slut saves the day
>repeat forever


that whore was perfectly hacked off DagashiKashi´s Hotaru just with mediocre tits and pink hair.

based trigger doing what does best

Is that even allowed?

Asuka was not human or had horns?

Right, because clearly no one could possibly actually like the show.

So she's Asuka but she doesn't have a shitty personality, is actually competent, is better looking, has different coloured eyes, horns and isn't a complete cunt to the mc?
How are they alike or comparable again?
Why does this show have to be compared to Eva when they're nothing alike?

Shippers are like locusts.

The correct term is waifufags.

Both of them exists and shit up the threads equally.

I see 0 beast features on her

Literally how can shippers be a thing when the main couple is already established?

She's the Lum / Asuka hybrid.

It's salty ichigo fags

I'm not sure if shippers and waifufags are better than the pissfags who repost those torture pastas every fucking thread.

>Blank eyes
This explains why they need two people, girl dedicates her entire brain capacity to control the internal systems acting as a control unit for the internal systems and body goes limp, so guy has to control the girl’s body with joysticks on her ass to move the Mech.

Abe-sama and Dr. Franxx are "geniuses."

There is only like 10 post of them over a 500 posts thread and they almost never start threads about their ship. Nothing compared to waifufags.

It isn't God's gift to anime, the plot itself is fairly generic after all, but even that is competent with some mysteries to uncover and some reasonable setup and foreshadowing for things down the line. However, the characterization specifically has been consistently excellent, both well written and animated with lots if subtle touches and both a major arc between Hiro and 02 and some minor arcs among the supporting cast already. Anime is so character centric these days its not hard to see why the main heroine is so popular as a result.

>ironic weebs
What makes a person this? I don't understand.

One reason she's popular is probably that she randomly shows up and saves the mc from being a loser by hopping on his dick.


you're not wrong,
she's a character with a GOAT design stuck in a shitty anime.

here is a lot to be said here. Hiro was the alpha of their pack. He named them. He’s basically big daddy. He also trains obsessively.

Now basically He was the pinnacle of their social order, he’s broken a girl already.

Enter Oni, a veteran, and a legend on top of that. She’s on top of the order automatically, but also an outsider. Making her position shaky. Including her is up to her finding a place in the tribe. Of course being Tip top she only wants prime partners. Of course she chooses Hiro, jumpskipping all the established positions. Old and busted tip top tries to reclaim the top but simply can’t handle the Hiro, he’s too big, too practiced, too disciplined, and has his own way of doing things.
Enter cockibastid, thinks he’s hot shit, “she devoured my heart mind soul, my everythang”

This leads me to believe she,Oni. is an insatiable submissive. Which is a difficult position to be in, because she’s got big holes, and big appetites. anyone less than will be put in cockibastid’s position.

Which leads us to the shmile. Oni finally gets to ride tha beast again, having had partners in common with ichigo, and it being publically known that ichigo is the most submissive partner in the group, Oni is a little jealous of ichigo in that she has an array of suitable partners. As it happens Hiro is a bridge too far for Ichigo. The smile conveys a big, I win. You see women hate social obscurity. Oni has simultaneously won: biggest dick in the group, baddest bitch of the group, and is the new top girl of the social order, by virtue of conquest. Its saying this is how you submit to a mastersword like Hiro.
Ichigo, having been the prime subject of this upheaval now knows her limits and her place in the pecking order, so the order is now stable again and as mother hen Ichigo is happy, but as an individual she has confronted serious limitations that were easily surmounted by Oni. Thus respect and deference to the differences Oni possesses.

is this the new

Faggots who've watched 15 anime max. They only watch the most popular shit off rec charts.
They have anime icons on game shit like steam and >discord.
They post anime on Sup Forums, /r9k/ and Sup Forums and paste trump hats on 2hus. They are complete cancer and should be rangebanned immediately if spotted on Sup Forums by mods. Popular shows like this are unfortunately irresistible to them because they want to force their memes and be in some epik screenshot. All are closet redditors and some are actually open about it.

>They post anime on Sup Forums, /r9k/ and Sup Forums
Anime was posted on these boards from the moment of their birth though.

The chad Hiro
>crushing mad pussy, get kisses from multiple girls
>best girl as second best girl are both thirsty for the dick
>can only use the best FranXX, shit tier mechs arn't even comparable
>Uses hoes only to achieve his goals
>Lucky as hell, regularly stumbles upon naked horny onis in the woods

The virgin 002
>No friends, all co-parasites die after three times
>falls for pervert immediately, no self esteem
>takes her angst out by intentionally harming children
>Can go anywhere with S clearance but chooses to follow underage boys around
>Not confident enough to tall anyone she hates her life and wants to run away, says just kidding when it is brought up

Sorry I should clarify. Those boards are their home boards which they post actively on.

Different thing though there's often a good deal of overlapping.

>Posts fujoshit
>that writing style

Hello whore

>he doesn't know the definition for shipper

Go back to where you came from.


Thanks OP
I think I'll watch it now

I tried.

Crossboarders spam because they think it makes the show they like look popular
Happened with Reddit Zero too

Pathetic self inserting subhumans going insane over how great of a surrogate girlfriend they have for the next couple of months.

>I mean, the anime is plain shit and the only reason is popular is [the only reason why it exists]
What the hell do you think this show is about?

it's definitely over hyped

>contrarian thread that proves im an anime genius no. 4358237498572389

Yeah, self inserting incels are mad their love interest isn't a pure, quiet maiden.
/r9k/ newfags should fuck off and these threads would improve dramatically.


Episode 3 would kill self-inserters though.

I think it's really good, but there's definitely some threads that don't need to be made.

Why do you think episode 3 caused such a commotion and episode 4 was unanimously declared as the best one yet by every motuhbreahter that actually watches this pure garbage?

both Ichigo/Naomi can’t handle Hiros's skills and the men with 002 can’t handle her energy. It fits the Hiro being a child prodigy during training and 002 by killing his partners too, just that none of the partner candidates could reach the same potential as both Hiro and Zero Two.

It killed some, but not all of them. Some people are actually fine settling up with sloppy seconds like zero two, they might as well be keks since before the episode aired..

Why do you hate fun, user

Episode 3 caused all this crossboarding "cuck" shit and self inserters are still complaining about Hiro.

Please fuck off you crossboarding newscum.

>meme buzzwords

fuck /vg/tard


Stick a gun in your mouths and pull the trigger, you fucking faggots.

Why are you so desperate, gachafag?

Only retards were annoyed by episode 3. It showed us new stuff and it was clearly building up to something.

>only retards were invested in the "characters" long enough to give a shit about what happens by episode 3

Can you imagine being this mad on the internet?

>The correct term is waifufags.
Those are two completely different word you dumb newfag. If you don't know what either mean why are you talking about them?

>literally called 02, wears red and is a bitch
Gee I wonder


>Is she the Rei or Asuka proxy?

02 is neither one you eva-tard.

Literally what did you understood of my post fagtron? user said that the "shippers" were the ones making threads and I corrected him saying that it was the waifufags.

Watch the show, shitposter-kun.

Why can't we have nice threads for once?

It's a simple reason for me.

the anime itself isnt good or bad, but she makes it great tier on her own.

Unironically the best taste, my man.

>is a bitch
t. ichigo

How does 02 not have diabetes?

Not wrong, we want to bang women but if they have too much sex we call them sluts. Its counter productive.
Fuck I hate my life, I'm going go do some push ups. Start fixing this situation.

That level of auto select

Because its a mecha anime, its doomed to this kind of discussion.

Instead of sperging in one of those threads you make another.

>How can a single character have over 20 daily thread?
I don't know. How can a faggot be this salty over a Japanese cartoon?

That's what killing bites is.

Dunno but you're contributing to it

desire... to protec smile...

Fly like an eagle to the sea
Fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me
I want to flyyyyyyyyyy

No if it was just a mecha anime it wouldn't be this bad. It only attracts this much shitposting purely because Trigger slapped it's name on the advertising.

How shit is this?
I loved the cockpit stuff.
I loved the full hetero way of the thing.
It's one of the best /m/ anime I saw for a long time.

>This pic.
You are at wrong thread, pukelf.


Then, fish me up.
Turn me into a sushi and eat me

I love hetero stuff as same as yurifag loves yuri and fujoshits loves BL.

What would sex with Naomi be like?

Picked up

Your question got answered in the other thread.