Boruto thread

What will happen to them?

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Namida and Wasabi will be divided by technology, Sumire will join the tech institute, and eventually she'll get fucked up by the aliens.

>all female team
They will be irrelevant.

Namida and Wasabi are going to die a horrible, bloody death and Sumire is going to realize her dream of becoming a ninja scientist.

I hope denki joins sumire too since he's weak too.
No entirely wrong.
Too soon for that you gotta let the plot thicken.

Not* sorry

How will Sarada unlock her mangekyou, Sup Forums?

Sumire's death.

Her mother getting killed

Not enough impact from the audience. People don't care if she dies.

She watches Sasuke get killed protecting her, bonus points if she could have prevented the whole thing.

>This is what user makes himself believe.


So, Bort will get pissed at the current system and will rebel in the future under Kawaki's influence.

The "vessel" it's prolly Kawaki himself, but he'll have no idea of wtf is going on and Nardo will allow him to stay in the village. Kawaki and Bort becomes best friends and they see how much they have in common like how shit this govt system is and they'll both do something that will force them to leave the village.

Am i right?

Let's settle this once and for all

They both suck.

Let's NOT drag this here.

Sumire had breasts this episode.

Her puberty seems to have started.

It looks like they nerfed Namida´s Namidas.

Her shirt(?) Is just baggy at the sleeves.

Why? Scared you'll lose?

Bort kisses hawawa in front of her.

Another thread improved by Sumire

Fuck off

Fuck off narutards


>salad discovers sauce was a criminal
>she confronts him
>like the autist he is he just says "that's right" instead of trying to explain his reasoning back then
>he then tells her "it has nothing to do with you"
>he then leaves the village again
It's ok guys, when sauce dies protecting her he puts salad in a genjutsu showing her just how much he loved her.

Why user keep making threads with OPs that literally nobody cares. Does it really matter what happen to this team or Denki? It's like making threads about Shippuden filler.

we do care, we want to know how big their boobs get after the timeskip.

>Somehow still number one in hentai pairings in japan about crackships
>Still gets non yaoi doujins that outsell the official pairings in comic market.
>Still has the most views on sankaku channel per image
>he cucks everyone, and fans dont care
>It makes sarada look like a naruto sex slave and sasuke a bad parent
>NaruSaku and Naruanygirl gets more attention than any cannon pairings
>Poor cucked sasuke, shikamaru, even jiraiya

Whats wrong with this character user?

I really like how they are making Sumires breasts bigger and bigger every time she's shown on screen. My favorite type of character development.

Wasabi was amazing in the last episode but
when she was spying, I thought that she could use a cat-like jutsu.

Wait until the timeskip before demanding bigger breasts.

through love

How Sasuke hasnt killed himself in failing to Naruto in goals set out and having failed to raise his own possible successor like aspired in the introduction arc, is beyond me.

What if bort dies and sarada doesn't unlock it until she finds out he's actually alive that would be great.

Shit meant for:

I-Is this edgy Sumire???

Hawawa and Nue making a selfie together

Why is she such a best?


Because she's best.

How big will her hawawa's get?

Since the thread is derailed anyway, let me jump in and add salt to the wound.
We know Boruto looks up to Sasuke, and that Sasuke has his sick switch-teleportation. Is this is a hint that the Namikaze hairline will use Flying Thunder God again?

>feudal lords shitting up everything as usual while the Hokage gets blamed

Why the fuck doesn't Kawaki go after the feudal lords?

I hope Boruto learns the Flying Thunder God tele technique, and maybe even advances far enough to learn the chidori.

Not too big, but nice and shapely. Moderate motherly breeding busom.

Naruto's death

retire, get married, and run a pet store

Because the daimyos are useless, unless the Naruto franchise wishes to seriously resume the societal critique theme it had going on

The big quadruple whammy of destruction of civilization, Naruto’s and most of her friends’ death, her inability to become Hokage anymore, and finding out that Boruto, a person whom she known all her life and places great trust in, is at least responsible in some form for all of it

So cute

Boruto's Eng VA ships BoruMitsu

> Old clothes are back in SD too

How is everyone excusing this?

Boruto is doomed

I hope she looks like this on the timeskip.

I also hope she dies, so the plot can thicken.

SD-kun doesn't seem to like the slut clothes.

Come again? if she dies and sarada awakens her dojutsu she officially became relevant.

you know what I wasd hoping she and boruto would find out the truth about the past and the clans sooner than later to prevent another edgelord.

Go be retarded somewhere else


didnt take long for these threads to get worse than super threads.
So anyway, I've slacked a little bit. What CAN Boruto's dojutsu/eye do?

It looks cool

sure does smell like sumericuck in here.

Are we really doing this again?

>a sumire hater posting sumire pic created by sumirefags.
you are the most retarded person that i seen here and that is saying a lot.

Unfortunately. Honestly, I think it's just the same guy replying to himself over and over again at this point.

that's why we call he retard-kun.

i perfer that sarada dies instead so we don't have to deal with her annoying bitching.


well that's SP's doing. I prefer chapter 700 sarada who is younger than current sarada.


Nope not him. but let me say sumire is cancer.

What will be the reactions of Naruto's and Sasuke's family when they die?

i also find it funny that she is basically sakura 2.0 now or a street whore blowing after everyone though she was going to be sakura done right, glad she is turning out to be as useless as her mother.

you say she is cancer yet you keep posting her.


Will Sarada’s inevitable rampage be justified, if those events do permanently occur?