Height Difference

What is it that people find cute about this?

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Where is the 1m option?


Standing blowjob.


>10cm difference with waifu
Yes! I want her to headbutt me!

Short girls ARE cute! 10/10 would protect and make her happy.

20 centimetre is best.


>22cm difference between me and wifey
I cannot understate how ideal it is.
We fit extremely well in bed, when she's sitting on my lap, when we hug, she can wear her power heels and still not overtake me, etc..

You're talking about 2D, r-right?

Wait. I think the word I was looking for here was overstate.
Fucking english, why can't the rest of the world use my native language?

Oh user, I am not.

It gives the couple an oniichan-imouto vibe. Usually guys paired with small girls will instinctively feel protective of her and dote on her even if they usually aren't the type to do so. Even better if the girl is a loli.

It's just very heartwarming.

English is a clusterfuck. What's your native language, user?

I'm not saying it's necessarily better, but at least I have a better grasp of it, which already makes it a better language from my point of view.


>23cm between me and my waifu
smol is perfect


>normalfaggots LITERALLY think people are jealous of their 3DPD whores
Go help her clean up her cunt blood, fag.

Italian is such a beautiful language. I'm not sure how much better it is in terms of clusterfuck. Is it easy to learn?


>Is it easy to learn?
Complexity wise I'd put it about the same level as french. Easier than german or latin, but harder than english.

Liking 3D-whores is a heavy deviation. You don't need to eat shit to understand that it's disgusting, son.

>Is it easy to learn?
Congiuntivo is a great mindfuck, but once you master it you're basically a PhD in Italian.
t. Russian learning Italian

Only happens if you didn't raise her right;

I actually went and tried this it's creepy and cute at the same time.


Blowjob on tiptoes


Make sure to report back 2 years from now!

Will do

It's a hetero thing so you OP wouldn't understand.

Backwards is better.

>tfw you're 197cm
None of these apply.

50+ cm category I see


The very fact you're aware congiuntivo is a thing means you speak a better italian than 50% of the population. Granted, the roughly fifteen billions dialects we used to speak before switching over to a single language might be a factor.
One of the main issues is that italian has a fuckton of tenses. Quite a few of those are only found in literature. You'll never hear someone using fucking trapassato remoto in everyday speech.

My waifu is a dragonloli.
While 50+ is technically correct, we're reaching a 70~cm difference.

what about 55cm

>find short girls really cute, also like tall girls, but don't want manlet sons
So maybe a 10cm difference in reverse

When they have to stand on their tip-toes to kissu.


>None of these apply.
Why would you even want an extreme womanlet under 157cm? Do you hate legs?

italians don't use the subjunctive?

are they retarded?

hat regions have trouble?

user, trapassato remoto is not that unused in everyday speech.

"fossi stato" è un verbo piuttosto comune

Kill me
I hate it
Im a literal midget

Italian language does use subjunctive.

Your average italian doesn't know how to use it correctly. For reference see 99% of politicians, current and former prime ministers included.

>are they retarded?
You do realize that the average anglophone can't distinguish between your/you're and can't differentiate between plurals and genitives right?
People failing at their own language is pretty much the reason why languages change at all.

The entire south. You know how an obvious ESL sounds to a native speaker or to someone even remotely proficient in it? Same thing.
To be fair, the language that became the currently spoken italian was a northern dialect so they had a harder time adjusting.
user... That's congiuntivo. Trapassato is fui stato.

> can't differentiate between plurals and genitives
I thought English doesn't have cases. Am impressed.

there is debate about that. the most parsimonious theories posit that elites drive language change, i.e. recieved pronunciation, turkic language in semitic area, india

retards that can't speak properly tend to be considered retards and not replicated

I don't speak italian, hence I had to ask

can you happen to tell me the areas that seem to have trouble? I am curious


This is me.
My dad is 161cm. My mom is 149cm. According to their passports anyway.
Genetics are bullshit.

around 20 seems best, still smol enough for that moe- but not too small

180cm for europeans and 170cm for nips is where its at

Not the guy you replied to, but my father is 145, my mom 141.
I'm 173, and unfortunately still at the manlet end of the height spectrum

they didn't choose a roman dialect?


tbf though the lects fracture as you go south, right? choosing a southern dialect is impossible in almost every country on the planet

Genders should be swapped.

>I thought English doesn't have cases.
Well, it does. In a very limited form, mind you.
Basically just singular/plural nominative and genitive (the 's).

A tuscan dialect, with moderate northern influences. Linguistically speaking modern italian is closer to southern dialect than noethern ones tho, so he's bullshitting.


>tfw 216cm
Fuck, just kill me. I can't stand being a manlet. Why couldn't I be 240cm+? Why does God hate me?


>said the freak of nature no one wants

Why get upset then?

tuscany is pretty far north. its only closer to southern italians bc northern italians are basically german

Height difference is only cute if the girl is bigger

Sacred "Height Difference" Seven


the art in the anime is so ugly

my fetish

It's complicated. The territories that would end up being current Italy were constantly dominated by whatever great power was around at the time, so most dialects are bastardizations of various languages.
Short version is that Renaissance happened, therefore Florence, therefore Florence dialect.
Subhuman please.

Linguistically speaking, it's pretty clearly south.
And if anything northern italians are french, at least linguistically. Genetically it's all the same italian from the upper north all the way down to Naples, after which you're basically in Greece.

Dude, it's not an opinion. Gallo romance languages are separate from italo dalmatian languages.

But he is her legal guardian. Guardians are not supposed to lewd their daughters, Finé.

Its the dominance angle. A tall guy with wide frame is just more dominant physically over a cute girl. And remember, girls saying "cute" translates to aesthetically pleasing, of which the contrast is so between a big guy and petite girl.

Is it wrong to like little taller girls? Well, the median height here for women is about 171 cm anyways so its not that tall

We'd be able to do this in public.

I'm with you here. I'm 6'4" and my gf is 5'6" and shit is unironically pretty tight, both ways.

it just is

You're adopted user

>not raising your perfect daughterwife

french that dont speak occitan are basically german and a bit celt

>it's not an opinion
Indeed, it's a fact. As is most illiterates being southerners. Care to explain?

>187 cm
>wife is 150cm

I love my wife, but i think if we have a son, he'll be a manlet.

6'2" here, I'm thinking around 5'0" to 4'11" is the perfect matchup.

is that an actual manga or just 1-2 pages from an artist?

My dad is 6 foot and I'm 6'3", but genetics are not so black and white retard. You can be taller or shorter than parents and still be their kids.

Now, in your case, its a *bit* too extreme to still be reasonable. Youre either adopted or mom fucked the mailman.

But what if you have a daughter?

Bit too much IMO. At that point its like youre fucking a 3rd grader

>inb4 2013 redditfags start being epicly edgy

Genes don't work that way. Its a higher chance, but not a guarantee.

>tall men breeding with cute womanlets
That's how you create manlets.

To get proper lanklet offspring the breeding has to be done with brutish, square-faced Germanic women.

I don't mind if my daughter is small or tall. They'll suffer less of the height stigma.

>My dad is 161cm

Spoken like a man. Nobody likes taller girls, but if a girl's too short she won't be taken seriously.

I hate it when the male mc is smaller than the female mc.

As long as they're not taller than me I don't mind
I'm 186

Applies IRL. Don't you just get that surge of disgust when you see a short guy. And that aesthetic pleasure when seeing a tall (non lanky) one?

why is she angry

i was aiming for the broad shouldered Nordic shieldmaiden.