Anime conventions

What can one expect from an anime convention?

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Anime fans.

What kind of hopeless loser would you even go to one?

overpriced merch, autists, shitty panels, video games
it's pretty fun ngl

Depends a lot on what type of convention it is. Some are fan conventions only and some have people in the industry attending, you should just look at what you are going to, how big it is etc. Do they give a lot of attention to cosplay? You should probably expect to see cosplayers.
The anime content may also not be great, a lot of anime conventions have mostly people who don't watch anime and only go to meet the Steven Universe or Doctor Who fans.

I just wanted to go to one for a good time and some merch but after further research, it looks like hot topic teenagers and furries are the norm

gundam plamo

Lots of people, lots of fat people, lots of stank, swamp ass people, lots of orgies on the downlow, never having any money

You should still look at your specific convention. If it's a major one it may have a thread on /cgl/ where you can ask.
And there is nothing wrong with hot topic teenagers, they can be cool people to hang around with.

How do you get in on the orgies?

They're pretty fun if you get drunk before going. Some good cosplay, lots of terrible cosplay. Everything is overpriced. I always have a good time, though.

Know someone


I've become a regular at Naka-kon, my local convention. It's a pretty fun time, though it's weird running into people you know.

lots of faggots and 3D shitty visuals

Depends on the convention, but in addition to what has already been posted, you will have extremely high levels of cringe. Like when the worst of the worst cosplayers try to do musical numbers, for example.


Just don't go in the first place. Stay safe and 2D.


You need to know the password.

Not be an autist and look good. Go to /fit/ for further instructions.

Sometimes you get discount mangas, cute cosplayers and good concerts.