Deflowering sex with a 14 (fourteen) year old hime outdoors in a moonlight garden at night

>deflowering sex with a 14 (fourteen) year old hime outdoors in a moonlight garden at night.
So this is what they meant by saving anime.

Is it worth picking up just for them?


Yes. This is the best episode by far.

Did someone actually have sex in the piece of shit? It's kyoani so I have to believe it's impossible.

Darling in the FranXX thread is the next over, in cased you missed it.

This...anime-shaped object is a Valvrave/Mayoiga-tier parody, right?

Anime is saved yet again.

This is shoujo shit, right?


So it's true.

You can watch this and the first episode and wouldn't miss much. You can also watch episode 3

Maybe, chad proposes to loli at night in some romantic garden
The next day she mentions that she's now an adult.


baw I can't write letters with these bloody hands

Better than a crew of trained men being unable to face a malnourished 13 years old girl.

It's a Yamada episode, what did you expect?

Says she's 14, looks the same age as the rest of the cast. Doctors hate her!

Everyone else besides cowtits-sama is probably about that age as well tho.



Shut up violet, you know nothing.

>he doesnt deflower 14 year old girls

How the fuck is Violet around 14? She looks close to 20.

She looks like Saber and Saber is physically 14.

Is violet, dare I say it, /ourgirl/?

She's not, she got told she was about 14 once and hasn't factored in her own aging cuz autism

that didn't happen - it just meas that in their world they become adults with 14 years.

She's had a hard life.

Nice headcanon, speed watcher. She was considered a woman at 10, ready for marriage, and it got hold off due to the war.

Prince's voice is pure sex.

>tfw just like episode 3 the most interesting characters are side characters we're never going to see again and not baioretto


Just noticed the shadows of her bangs make her eyebrows disappear. Also Archer>Tamamo>>>>>Nero

Baioretto is by far the most interesting character.

autistic mcs suck

Picked up.

> didn't happen
sure thing speed watcher

No because these characters are vapid and serve no real purpose their story, issues, lives and experience stop and end the same episode they are introduced.

She woke up early that day because her cunny was still hurting from the pounding she got last night that it made sleeping difficult.

Shoujoshit doesn't exist. Yes, shoujo anime and manga exist, but "shoujoshit" is completely fictional.

Is this Abe trying to ween peados off young girls by telling us 20 something girls are 14?

And what the fuck do you know about love Violet?

You suck.

>you will never marry a 14 (fourteen) year old princess who is head over heels in love with you

So why the fuck do they refuse to adapt the LN? Does the LN not have enough content for a 12 episode season? Like I'm digging the aesthetic and all, but this 'girl of the episode' type of serialization is killing this show's potential.

Pretty sure the LN is even worse than those stand alone episode.

It's not so much an LN as it is a suggest N.

If I want to read the LN, I'll read the LN. I much prefer to have new original content to expand the story over an adaptation, or in other words a repetitive unimaginative rehash of what's already been done.

I'll never understand Sup Forumsnons who have a tantrum the moment an anime is anything other than a 1:1 xerox of the source material. Paying twice for the exact same thing is fraud, and if you want painstaking accuracy you end up with turgid, interminable, pedestrian rubbish like the Monster anime. Give us new details for a new medium, and more anime-original episodes.

I'm pretty sure it's rare for KyoAni to properly adapt LNs. They always take the basic premise and go anime original.


Unless you're buying BDs then you aren't paying for shit. If you have a CR subscription then you're a colossal retard.

I genuinely felt sorry for Violet here.

She made it though.
Until Dietfried showed up, that is.

I'm sorry but I'll much rather have a much more coherent and well paced story over 'the problem girl of the day' episodes we've been having. Not adapting the source material 1:1 is an option and won't necessarily mean it'll be bad, but doing episodes like these, in my eyes, makes it boring and repetitive. Choosing not to directly adapt the source material doesn't make it automatically good.


This episode would've been better if Violet would've sperged out in the letters as usual and ruined the marriage drawing the two nations in a new war.

People want to see the story they loved reading come to life, don't be an asshole.
On a side note, the anime episodes are far too happy and joyful compared to the LN.


Not really. Out of 5 episodes so far, only the 3rd and the 5th were decent.

it would've been funnier if everyone thought the princess' letters were shit until violetto convinced the princess to start writing her letters herself. really, making BOTH of the ghost writer's jobs entirely fucking pointless what the shit were those kingdoms paying Claudia for?

It's almost as if dolls can't solve everything.

They sent Cattleya to write for Damian, she would have prevent that from happening.
Violet has been a Doll for months now, if anything she's good enough to get the job done.

You need superior autists.

royal cunny

This capture is so cute.


What's it like?

Is this bitch fucking serious

She doesn't even know jack shit.


Falling in love with 10 year olds. What does Kyoani want to tell us?


The show's going down in flames, so they figured they might as well go out with a blaze over glory and piss as many people off as possible.

No one is pissed at that.

>piss off
The last episode jumped VEG up to on of the best shows this season for me. They know how to get you, what's weird is them not doing this sooner. Little girls are a miracle of the universe. I was so hard while watching the episode.

fucking love these insane japs

She just wants Gilbert's old shriveled cock.

When it comes to love, Age is not a barrier.

>not paving the way for a future marriage during childhood
This is why you’ll never be king user

>pedo in Kyoani
>ahh it's so cute it's love guys
How did they do this? If it's another anime people would flip their shit and gave you that scum look

>love isn't allowed in real life

>Crusader kings 2 in a nuttshell
that game is lewder that it should be

Fuck off MAL

Just wait 2-4 years to consummate your love. Problem solved.

this, stupid user
gotta protect her from this world's degeneracy

>having sex with your wife is degenerate
user, you can't just claim everything you don't like is degenerate.

I admit, watching this show actually crash and burn would be fun, but this was a nice episode too.

>Socially speaking, age is no barrier.
Based GodAni.

incredibly trad

a far have WE STRAYED from this law that was GODS WILL on earth

Letting women make laws was a mistake.

Non-arranged marriages were a mistake

shes around 17-18, she just doesnt keep track of how old she is

The flow of time was a mistake

>come to a 10 year olds birthday party in hopes of marrying her
>deflower her 4 years later in the garden
is the Prince a pedo?

He's /ourguy/


those eyes fucking suck

>'girl of the episode' type of serialization
thats exactly how the LN is, theres no difference between this episode and a chapter out of the LN

Wasn't Violet watching the whole ordeal?
I don't want the horny prince exposing my daughteru to things like that this early.

Why do you think she was smiling later?