It's not too late


it is

its over

Except it is.

>go outside
>shit myself from anxiety
>tfw it'll be another 2 years before i go outside


Maybe if a wild Misaki appeared at my doorstep tomorrow, it wouldn't be too late. But sadly that will never be the case.

>tfw you realize you were literally with your misaki and pushed her away like an idiot

you don't know what pain is

>go outside today
>go to rite aid
>see cute asian girl browsing the makeup section
>walk past her, buy a large plastic jug of vodka and leave
guess she wasnt my misaki

The epic normalfags blogging thread!!!!!!!

>le tfw feel when le no 3d gf...............

hol me brah

>26 years old
yeah, it's pretty late

anafranil and luvox are mine Misaki

>tfw you realize Satou was 22
He seemed so old when it aired

>was a leeching NEET
>want to be self-sustained NEET
>work for a bit to earn money to become self-sustained
>get stuck working because it allows me to laze around and watch anime 80% of the time while earning money
>no longer a NEET
I'm cured!

>tfw Satou was not that old....

santa claus is also real

Purupururin pururiu

I got a gf recently
lost my virginity to her and everything (24)
still a hopeless neet
I thought she'd help save me but now I know that is a selfish duty to push on someone else
She avoids seeing me as much as she can and is upset that I'm "sad all the time" and says that she doesn't see a future with me and is kind of dating another guy

upvote my blog

Fuck off and kill yourself.

get out of Sup Forums

Nope it's fucked

There's always heaven.

Real life can never live up to what you dream of I guess. I had a gf when I was 19. It lasted about two weeks. I'm pretty good at pretending to be a normal so everything was going fine but after the first week whenever I was around her I felt completely sick and worthless. After years of building up romantic love in my head I literally couldn't bear the reality, I thought I liked her, I guess I don't know what anything is supposed to feel like. I suppose now I cant honestly say I remember what I felt. I narrativize my life and everyday existence so much I have trouble distinguishing between my memories and what story I was trying to act out, or what I want those memories to mean now. What did I expect? When we finally had sex I threw my guts up in the shower afterwards. I thought I would kill myself when I realized that sex was basically the only thing other than love I had been wanting since I stopped dreaming I could be someone who did something. I avoided her for a few days and she didn't care, then I quit the job I met her at and blocked her number.

I sincerely doubt that there is anything in this fucking gay world. Though if there were it certainly would be too late for me. All I dream of now is something finally fucking happening. Why wont this earth move, the summers just keep rolling past, nothing ever changes. The nukes cant fall a day too soon. Imagining that glorious day when I will see something happen is the only thing that keeps me from committing suicide.

Another epic blog post!!!!!!!


Thanks for the (you), that whole post was a lie of course. I sometimes get a strange feeling and try to move my memories around and convince myself that im not actually a virgin and have had a job and things have actually happened to me in my life. I think if I could just half believe it that would be enough. But the effort just makes the feeling of emptiness more acute and I try to cope by pretending that I believe I would be just as miserable if I had all the things I wish I did.

Nah. It's dead, Jim.

Stop bumping your fucking thread OP.

>tfw you realize Onizuka was 22 and still virgin
> you thought it was kinda absurd
>and now you are 26 KHV

>not we're dead, Jim