Is it gay if you ignore the junk?

Is it gay if you ignore the junk?

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If you like traps you are gay. Because if you weren't gay you would just like actual girls. But to like a trap is to like the idea of a penis which makes you gay,

But you still know it's a guy dressed as a girl. It's a little gay.

Depends what you mean by "ignore." If they're rule 69d in your head or porn, it's not gay.

Its only gay if you want to be a trap or be fucked in the ass by the trap. Traps are mathematically proven to be heterosexual.

Yes, it's still pretty gay.

Is it suicide if I ignore the bullet?

Perhaps not, but be honest here, you don't want ignore the junk. It's the part of the package you're really interested in. That makes it gay.

Why would you ignore the best part?

though she was a reverse trap.

Picked the fuck up.

Look all that matter is if the ass is smashable.


Is this gay?

The next page is gay.

Flying saucer?

Dude, Google, yandex and saucenao work on this one.

It's gay if you know they have a dick. If you're unaware if they have a dick then it's not gay.

What if you want to be the trap who fucks girls?

Why do you lie?


Use second image instead it was upload on gook website.

Good taste, user.

It only links to desuarchive for me. But I found sauce after searching around a bit more.

That's not gay it's just rude

Man, Your country's google is incompetent as hell.

Ancient Greeks got this right. It was not gay as long as you were the penetrator.

It’s simple: if you know he’s a guy, then it’s gay.

what if he's a cute guy?

>searching for thumbnails
sasuga Sup Forums

just fucking be gay

it definitely isn't gay if one says "no homo" within the first 6 months since they had sexual intercourse involving feminine dicks

>Ignore the bulge
Why would you do that??

But what if you think you like a girl, but it turns out to be a trap?

What if you think you like a trap, but is actually a girl cosplaying a boy dressed like a girl?

Welcome Hell

Is it gay if you like to see girl (male)´s flat chest?

The junk is the best part you fag.

Sauce, Boss?

>If you like lolis you are pedo. Because if you weren't pedo you would just like actual girls. But to like a loli is to like the idea of a underb& which makes you pedo,
im glad we agree then


>If you like traps you are gay.
This is false and I am beginning to wonder if there's some organization behind these posts. It's getting pushed so hard.

Yes, it's an organisation called basic understanding of human sexuality. You're fucking gay.

It's not a basic understanding of human sexuality and I never said or implied I am gay. Who do you work for? Why are you doing this?

definitely not gay user

Having sex with men is homosexual.

I'm just helping anons embrace their sexuality. If you're on here you're most likely going to go to hell anyway, so why not enjoy some forbidden fruits before you're burnt to death over and over?

>ignoring the best part (feminine penis)

Did you mean to reply to someone else?

you can still kill yourself via blunt force trauma

Your fine as long as you say no Homo before you stick it in

It's not gay regardless.
How fucking long did it take you to make that?


can it get any worse?

As long as you're the pitcher and not the catcher.

This is totally straight though hmn?

>Fuck boipussy is the ultimate form of masculinity
Thanks! I fell better now.

What's wrong with him, again?

If you continue to date them after learning that then maybe you're not really a homosexual but a pansexual. You like them for them and everyone is gonna still call you a fag.

It's gay if you do

The penis can't be feminine if it ain't on a futa.

I've seen this mage forever, what IS it from?
Have a nice Kaname

Unless the girl looks like a guy that's straight

Literally ONE click away from the source.

This fucking doujins singlehandedly created my fetish for maid crossdressers, and my cock has been beat the fuck out. How will I EVER recover?

shishunki no adam

Is it gay to do any of these with a trap?
>fiddle with the balls
>lick inside the foreskin for built up smegma
>spreading your cheeks and getting pegged


yes and I still would


It's only gay if you're on the receiving end

If you know that the person is a transexual and decide to go ahead with it while focusing on the female parts, then you're bi or horribly horribly thirsty and only see them as easy mouth ass and tits..

If you only focus on the dick and how it's a dude playing pretend then you're gay.

If you don't know and you fuck them. You're straight...and a rape victim.

As for trans"men"
If you don't know that they are women and you try to fuck them. You're gay or bi. Obviously

If you fuck them while knowing but focus on what makes them male in apperance. See above.

If you do know that they are women playing pretend and focus on the pussy only. Then you're bi or horribly horribly thirsty and see them only as easy pussy.

If you don't know that they are trans and fuck them. Then you are gay...and a rape victim.

>Is it healthy if you ignore the calories?

healthy food is a meme, as long as you've a varied diet and exercise you can get away with practically anything without it showing in the bloodwork or having any detrimental effects
sauce: old fart who needs to get his bloodwork checked regularly

>browses anime imageboard and goes into threads about traps
Are you also a priest by any chance?

it was on the front page you dumbass

You're wrong.
You can get away with almost anything as long as you eat very little of it and very little overall.
Body mass, too much consumption, lack of activity, various forms of stress, and environmental social and mental toxins all contribute to your health.

But you can continue to eat like crap. It's just a few days off of the end of your life. That's all.

>he uses the index

I do
there's really not much to disagree with here. Yeah, they all contribute. But you won't lack for anything as long as you keep a decently varied diet. Some nutrient-devoid calories won't hurt you as long as that's not what your diet's made up of. Really, the only way there could even be "bad foods" is if you're diabetic or borderline, and that's still pretty much just sugars. Aside from that it really doesn't matter if you're eating good or bad food on a sunday as long as your overall diet is in check. It's only making a habit out of it that's ever bad. Even the worst of foods won't have an impact if it's just every now and then.

At that point he may as well be a flatty that's into anal

Everything we eat has an impact on us user.
Everything, the body isn't an invincible machine that can bounce back from everything.
Sometimes something that we think is harmless is doing the most damage.
A lot of people can't have too much sugar
A lot of people have a problem with grains
Good chunk of people don't know that tuna is now filled with heavy metal and it can eventually lead to heavy metal poisoning.
Most people don't even fully understand how bad GMO foods are for them and how nutrient devoid most foods are.
That's just how things are now.

again I really can't find much to disagree with, I don't think grains are very good and sugars are definitely a problem. I just think you're overestimating the human body. It's not some fighter jet that needs to be kept in pristine condition to take off. It's a fucking hunk of junk made to live off of whatever and deal with all the seasons. You can store a vitamin or two, filter out a bit of heavy metals. A bad meal won't cut your time short, it's only when you make it into a diet it's a problem. It's all about habits, a handful of exotic south american berries won't salvage a garbage diet nor will a sundae ruin a good and varied one.

Hi that's me
too bad my younger trappish features are going away

Unironically this

Nagisa got me into traps fuck

You're gay either way stupid ass

>used to be able to get off girls
>can't anymore

what went wrong

It's not gay, this is a great explanation why

>Had a waifu with a vagina for 3 whole years
>Astoldo comes into my life and steals me from her


I'm a big guy and I like the idea of dominating little guys. Make them my bitches. They shouldn't breed and spread their little genes to begin with. They are better off sexually pleasuring big guys like me when real bitches don't feel like it.

Yes. Straight people go straight for the junk.

And you can still get off with just masturbation.

>straight men can’t have gay sex
What did he mean by this?

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru 3rd VN is coming out in 14 day, Hopefully It will be followed by manga adaption and full cours anime adaption later since Futari wa elder was a mistake. Age of trap will rise again.

This traps in real life are disgusting. None of them pass

That actual heterosexual men cannot participate in homosex activities

>false equivalency fallacy
Healthy is bullshit and a loaded marketing term. I would not advise heavy starch vegetables or high sugar fruits to people with diabetes or diabetes history in their family. Marathon runners who make vegetable juice for breakfast have gotten diabetes thanks to the years of insulin spikes slowly destroying their system. These fuckers are 6% bodyfat and run many miles per day.

This can be extended with water and lack of sodium, or people with liver issues eating too much protein etc balance is important in living creatures. 1 serving of ice cream might not kill you but one everday has consequences depending on genetics and the rest of diet/exercise habits. Homeostasis is the closest you can get to "healthy" and it is achieved through moderation and understanding biological limits relative to the individual.

Healthy is a meme but carb loading on chips/candy/soda and having your glucose spike daily is going to cause diabetes. You cant out run that shit.

Even if your pancreas doesnt crap out on you, all the insulin spikes are like needles slowly destroying your circulatory system.

oh shit, I recognize this art

Its only gay if balls touch.