Hunter x Hunter chapter 373

Chapter out + What a dumb bitch, but she has a broken ability. Benjamin and his guards just gained 1000 badass points btw.

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It's pretty broken, but it's likely one of the worst abilities when going up against Benjamin and his crew, who are all trained to completely understand the enemy before attacking. Cummy is panicking because she knows these guys are too highly trained for her to goad any of them into killing her

I wonder where the hell she learned Nen

Dumping, get in here lads.



is this Togashi trying to make Hisoka reviving less of an asspull retroactively?

Billbros where you at?

>prince Camilla


>speed reader

Where my Oito-fags at?


she could've soloed the king







>Benjamin's ability is like Chrollo's but even better, since he can use all the stolen abilities simultaneously with no restrictions
is this nen power creep? all the abilities presented in this arc are ludicrous.





>Needs to be completely loyal to him
>Need to have graduated from Kakin Royal academy
>Need to be a part of his private army
>Going by the stars he can only have three power at most at the same time
Bandits Gambit is still superior

Her ability is pretty fucking useless despite being OP at the same time. It's funny that it's only good against people that don't know shit about nen or don't realize she's a nen user.


>>Going by the stars he can only have three power at most at the same time
what? he only had 3 stars because only 3 died. from what we know he should be able to use 1000 at the same time.


It could be good if a decent fighter that don't rely too much on his Hatsu got it though

she could literally kill Mereum using it. it completely counters offensive risk-takers.

>they just arrest her

Somehow this cracks me up a lot

We don't know the conditions that Benjamin must fulfill to use the abilities he got from his guards. Plus, the fact that he can only acquire the abilities of the men who are loyal enough to die for him is 10 times more extreme than Chrollo's conditions to steal abilities. Hard conditions, high reward.


>Vincent and Muse is dead
>Two star is glowing
Who is this third guy?


>Has all the resources necessaries to fulfill all those conditions and more
Bandits gambit ain't shit

No he had the idea planned all along and Hisoka was just the first time we saw it. The master does it again.



My guess is he can only have max 3 abilities. Right now he has 2

every enhancer should have that ability, it's just too fucking OP.

End of chapter.

Except it isn't an enhancer ability, its probably specialization

Why doesn't Chrollo just create another bookmark so he could use 3 abilities at the same time? It's not like books are restricted to just one bookmark in real life. He should be able to create an unlimited amount of them.


she could literally kill all the royal guards and meruem if she was part of the palace invasion team

Exactly, both Chrollo and Leol needed somewhere to store other peoples abilities, its probably same case with Benjamin.

Is O MY RUBBER NEN still an asspull if it was in fact a set up?

Because it would probably make his abilities weaker or require more annoying conditions. You know, restrictions and all that

So what's the deal with Marayam's dragon?
Is it a pocket dimension?
Did it make everyone invisible, like Meleoron but for the whole room?
Did it make rooms 1013 and 1012 switch places?


I still dont want him to win, but Benjamin is growing a bit on me.

Togashi where is my friend Gon?


Oh fuck those city mats were cool as shit, mine is still at me parents house.

>Did it make rooms 1013 and 1012 switch places?
Yes. Why are you asking, did you not read the chapter?

Or could she? The cat still has to kill the target.
Unless she can actually fight, its not that great.
Then again, it seems the only trigger condition is that "something kills her". Even if its indirect.
I guess because its hers, she can't accidentally kill herself, she needs to have real trying intent.

Hisoka does it once again!

Nothing guarantee us that her cat is invincible. Maybe is extremely strong, strong enough to be assured to killed most human nen users but the king and the royal guards would probably be able to destroy it easily if it tried to catch them.

Either a nen made pocket dimension, Knov style, or he switched room 1013 and room 1012 with a teleport ability.


It's a powerful ability, but it only activates if she dies, so there are already heavy limitations to what she can do. The fact she is an idiot and literally got herself caught also help to show that the cat is not OP as it could look at first glance.
There are probably other limitations

>Everybody talked mad shit about my main man Vincent, calling retard and all kinds of degrading stuff.
>He's beyond the "being caught as part of your plan meme"
>His was the new and fresh "getting killed as part of your plan" meme


You know what, I thought Benjamin was a faggot but he's actually pretty cool and not as one note as I was expecting.

Didn't Kurapika steal his ability though?

The fact that she used bullets to fight instead of some nen probably means she had to sacrifice any sort of fighting ability for her hatsu.

Wait a minute, how did Cammy know how her nen beast works?

Togashi made him seem like an inane brute, but he turned out to be mature and reasonable, on top of being smart and strong. Other princes cannot compete.

Why was side-show Bob in Hunter x Hunter?

no, Kurapika pussied out because he didn't know if he'd be able to use it

She was "killed" by Benjamin's soldier.

The cat isn't her nen beast. Her nen beat is thet boob tree.

The cat is something she trained on when she learned to use nen.

Yeah, clearly no handcuffs.

he will drop his guard against tse, he gets much more mad with his cute little bro

she didn't, the cat is her own nen ability

Her whole ability is centered on dying. It's a lot different.

She literally says she doesn't need the nen beast, speedrunner-kun

I bet he has a huge cock too.

The tree will probably get her out of her cell

Based Musse completing his mission even after death.

translation error, I think. although the cat is a nen beast of sorts, but the guardian spirits are the ones from the jar.

Enough of this fuckign filler, when is /OurGuy/ Sale-Sale going to take the spotlight?

He only gets stronger as his forces get weaker. And the stars on his hand imply he might be only able to have three options at a time. Compare that to Chrollo using 5 Hatsu during the infamous fight. And another thing, Benjamin doesn't get to control which of his guards live and die, so he might have 3 that don't remotely synergize. Benjamin's is a lot more balanced than Chrollo's.

When is search for ボギッ (bogi-) I get results for バキッ (baki-) and ボキッ (boki-), which does seem to be the sound of something breaking, a twig for example. Maybe he did in fact break her arm. Can't be sure, though.

so, what category does she belong? specialization?

From an objective point of view he seems one of the most qualified princes and one of the very few fitting to rule a nation. Only Halkenburg could be on his level if it turns out he can back up his good intentions with some balls.

Right here lads

Probably, her mother tought her. Both Duazul and Camilla look suspiciously young compared to other older queens and princes

Probably Specialization yeah, it also seems to banking heavily on the fact that Nen gets stronger after death

Reminder for brainlets and speedreaders, Cammy's nen ability and intentions were forshadowed: When Cammy asked the King to clarify the interpretation of "survival" and "dropped out" she was making sure that once she died (and then revived), she was still in the game. She acted arrogant and stupid in front of Benjamin, so he could lower his guard. Duazul said that Camilla could kill Benjamin or Halkenburg on her own, hinting that she was strong. She didnt send any personal guard to join Kurapika's nen school, hinting that she already knew about nen.
Getting caught was part of her plan.

for example

of course, everyone gets to be a specialist now. Gon will also become a specialist once he recovers his nen.

Ok so the princes have

>The abilities of every one of his private soldiers, including so far the ability to know all the thoughts and plans of 3 people.
>An army of nen users with rights on tailing and "protecting" the other princes.
>unknown beast ability

>1 Million resurrections providing she gets killed by someone
>a long stay in jail
>unknown beast ability

Zhang Lei
>unknown beast ability
>a mafia under his power

>unknown nen beast ability, nen beast is scary as fuck
>a mafia under his power
>best girl Tetta under his power

>unknown nen beast ability

>unknown nen beast ability
>the power of love
>kurapica master working for her

>unknown nen beast ability
>dude weed lmao
>banjo under his power
>a mafia under his power

Sale Sale
>fuuuuuck the succession war
>party 24/7
>nen beast just throws lsd all around
>fuck dis shit man

>influence towards the younger princes who probably want him as a champion
>unknown manipulator nen beast ability
>c-can i drop dad

>melody under his power
>uggo guards
>unknown nen beast ability

>best hips
>an horrible death incoming

>a recently developed choking fetish
>a pair of soiled princess undergarments
>Hanzo The Avenger
>"hey are you free?" nen beast power

>Bisky under his power
>Big fatass dragon new dimension nen beast
>A hamster.

>Kurapika under his power.
>No one gives a shit about her so she can win for a good while.

but she didn't teach the manface and Halkenburg?

Halkenburg is the only one who can compete.


>What a dumb bitch, but she has a broken ability
Her ability isn't broken unless it's on a character who's actually powerful. Ging or Meruem with that power would be fearful. Benjamin's ability is far more OP since he can have any ability by training his soldiers to develop specific types of hatsu. If Benjamin becomes the king, he'll have an even bigger army of expandable nen soldiers which means even more hatsu for him to chose. On top of having a rather frightening nen beast, Benjamin seems to be one of the toughest characters to be introduced since CA ended. As far as "hatsu mimicry" abilities go, Benjamin seems to have the second best one with Meruem's power to attain hatsu and amplifying aura by eating other nen users being at the top.

I just hope Ben serves a bigger purpose than jobbing to Tse. It's pretty rare to have super competent, intelligent, and muscular villain characters in shounen who give off a kingly essence nowadays. He kinda reminds me of HnK's Raoh. Meanwhile, Tse seems to be another sadist, and HxH already has a memorable sadist in the form of Hisoka.

I mean, he's still DUMB.

In case you missed it, directly killing a prince is a capital offense.