Tfw Vagabond is cancelled and will never be finished

>Tfw Vagabond is cancelled and will never be finished
>tfw will never know if musashi and otsu fug

Make this the new sakurafish

Going by the ending that Inoue displayed at the exhibit years ago, him and Otsu don’t end up together.

>finally finished it yesterday

I'd rather not know that but ig it shouldn't matter now that this shit won't be finished

Is it dead for sure? Truly tragic :(

Why don't you read the source material?

Or is the manga original in many aspects?

I dont like it yet...
Im not ready for Sakura fish to end

Btw by source i mean Eiji Yoshikawa's Musashi and i understand that it may not be correct to name it as source since there may be many versions of Musashi's life

The manga really just uses the name and the fact that musashi was a great warrior.
What is sakura fish?

they did not
read the fucking book

Is it actually?

What happened?
I remember buying the newest volume of vagabond at a bookstore in kyoto when I was a teenager and being hyped as fuck at the art.
Then it just slowly fizzled out. Why isnt he finishing it?

Inoue lost his passion for manga

He really must hated to draw it.

only basketball now

How will he get it back?

Wasn't a huge fan of the book to be honest. Musashi is painted as a saint throughout and just about everyone else is scum.

The manga did a great job humanizing other characters and improved a lot of scenes from the book.

That being said Musashi Killing dozens of men in the manga in one fight was retarded though.

dropped it after he loses to a monk. it's completely devoid of meaning, content, or entertainment.

Just play the game if you want to learn about musashi.

>manga series with FUCKING 37 VOLUMES
>dropped by the author
what the fuck

He only needs a few volume to finish it. I don't get it